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    John Carver Show - Lessons from a Mental Hospital (Glennon Doyle Melton)

    in Self Help

    I was introduced to TED TALKS (http://www.ted.com/) by a life long friend many years ago and I have been hooked since that day.  Glennon Doyle Melton shares her painful journey with addiction and pretending to be what she was supposed to be for others in her life.  She says, "we make our own little world and that is called, for some, addiction."

    Here is some more of what she said:

    "Acting — pretending was a matter of survival. High school is kind of like the real-world sometimes. But in the mental hospital, there was no pretending. The zig was up. We had classes about how to express how we really felt through music and art and writing. We had classes about how to be a good listener and how to be brave enough to tell our own story, while being kind enough not to tell anybody else’s. We held each other’s hands sometimes just because we felt like we needed to.

    Nobody was ever allowed to be left out. Everybody was worthy. That was the rule just because she existed and so in there, we were brave enough to take off our capes. All I ever needed to now I learned in the mental hospital.

    And so I’ve learned that if I honor my feelings as my own personal profits and instead of running I just be still but there are prizes to be won and those prizes are peace and dignity and friendship.

    So I received an email last week and let’s now take to my computer at home.

    And it just said, “Dear Glennonm, it’s braver to be Clark Kent than it is to be Superman. Carry on Warrior”.

    And so today I would say to you that we don’t anymore superheroes. We just need awkward, oily, honest human beings out in the bright, big, messy world. And I will see you there."

    You can watch her speech at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qynxlhuYF0g

    She understood that even in her situation she was still special.

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    Augustin Arellano from Monterrey, Laura in Vallarta and Joel Melton talks music

    in Self Help

    Sunday, May 10, Mother's Day, we have another line-up of AWESOME guests and topics!

    Agustin Arellano, who will be joining us from Monterey, MEXICO.  He is a Gestalt therapist working with Medical Biomagnetism and author of the book, "Celebrando El Cuerpo De Luz,"“Celebrating the Body of Light.”  This is a book that Dr. Mara came across in her hotel while in Puerto Vallarta a few weeks ago, making YouTube videos.   It turns out that Agustin Arellando is currently in the process of translating this amazing book into English! We are excited to have him join us on the show!

    Also, we will joined by musician, Joel Melton, and we’ll be playing some of his original music.
    AND Laura Gelezunas, also in Mexico, will be back to report in from the retirement paradise, Puerto Vallarta, MX!

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    Sacredheart Gospel Old Time Gospel Hour with your host Dr. Butch Melton

    in Religion

     Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour with your host Dr. Butch Melton;

    Tonight at 8pm usa est..he will bring on what he promised on his past shows about the
    REAL ROMAN CHURCH and it's ethics..its REAL PURPOSE..by the very words of their
    most HIGH..the POPE by Order(s) by the Pope for the Pope..this show will be about
    the Jesuit(s)...the innter most CORE of the said church. The very foundation of its core,
    about it's REAL MISSION & FAITH...not in the LORD JESUS or GOD OF ALL CREATION but 
    in that of the most HIGH...the POPE...!!!  Butch will bring and read the OATH of the Jesuit
     ( Which the POPE is one) on AIR. It will chill your SOUL to the BONE..if you are of the faith
     to follow the POPE you need to tune in and fine out what the church really does behind
     their closed doors...what they are really are shooting for....what they will DO to get it...!!!
     This will put you on the edge of your seat..!! This should wake up those that worship the 
    Pope as Jesus on Earth,,this is proof once and for all, their REAL meaning of Taking total 
    CONTROL of everything and EVERYONE, is there NO difference between ISIS and the
     Roman Church..? Tune in tonight and find out for your self...!!!

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    Life In The Word w/ Evangelist Jacquelyn Melton Jenkins

    in Religion

    Join Pastor La Russia Cain for another POWERFUL segment of Life In The Word w/ Guest Speaker Evangelist Jacquelyn Melton Jenkins. She will be ministering on the topic " Go Get Your Life Back".

    She is the CEO of Elevate Ministries with Jackie Jenkins, she is blessed to be sought after as a speaker, revivalist and workshop clinician. Many have described her as a lady with a sweet disposition, but when she opens her mouth, the very power of God hits like a tornado. Evangelist Jenkins is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Jordan and Joshua. For more information about Evangelist Jenkins...
    Go to https://facebook.com/evangelistjackiejenkins or visit her ministry page on facebook Elevate Ministries w/ Jackie Jenkins

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    Doctrine Matter P4 Derick Melton

    in Religion

    Join us as we continue our study of the idea of Doctrine! The teaching is from Derick Melton and is P4 of The Doctrine Matters series. Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com

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    Doctrine Matters P1 Derek Melton

    in Religion

    Have you ever heard the phrase doctine divides? It's true it divides sheep from goats, wheat from tare - Join us as we air a teaching series by Derek Melton entittled, "Doctrine Matters." Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com!

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    Doctrine Matters P3 - Derek Melton

    in Religion

    Derek Melton speaks powerfully on the subject of the need of doctrinal truth and purity in the last days we live in. There is a great need for glorifying God in all things including the scriptures of God. There needs to be a re-capturing of this urgency to understand spiritual doctrine no matter what theological persuasion we come from, we must meet at the general powerful truths of the Scripture. Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com

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    Interview with Shawn Melton: A Creative Giver

    in Lifestyle

    Shawn Melton is an all around nice man. He has charisma, charm, sensitivity and he is a creative giver of gifts to people. Shawn makes a huge difference in the lives of the people he touches.
    Shawn will share with us some of the modalities he uses to be who he is and some of his creative gifts to those who touch his world.

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    in Current Events

    Remember friends...The only thing that is constant in life is CHANGE!!!
     Be prepared fpr it.

    The same ol'hosts presents tonght a new 40 minute gabfest of "TomONTheRadio" at 11:00pm/eastern on #BlogTalkRadio:. Join me and Steve "The Baxman" Baxley as we digest the following a la cartes:

    Is there really a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

    My birthday is in 18 days...never too early to celebrate!!!Happy 

    How's your Plan A going?

    Happy 35th birthday to CNN.

    Bruce Jenner released his/her first photo to Vanity Fair as a the woman Caitlyn...Kris turned him out that much?

    Kimye announces the arrival of their second child...will this one be called "South West?"

    Job well done Bob Schieffer!!!

    Party and fireworks on my Riverfront this weekend...it's the 40th anniversary of HarborFest.

    Two NFL players got to experience homelissness on the street first hand. For them, it was a one day experiment...for me it was 241 days of real life.

    The homeless shelter I stayed at gets a brand new home this Saturday.

    My friend Sharron Melton (1993 Miss New Mexico) was a beauty pageant judge this past weekend...IN HAWAII!!!

    Stanley Cup and NBA Finals start this week. I like the 'Ning and Cavs...WHAT SAY YOU?

    Join us on the InTown Suites CallLine at (347)850-8891. Remember. the internet talk show party starts tonight at 11pm "OnTheRadio!!!"

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    Carolina Wrestling LIVE

    in Wrestling

    James Shaver and Jeff Melton do a sneak preview of the series.

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    Personal Growth Also Builds Wealth - Nadya Melton

    in Spirituality

    Can you come from a life of complete lack & yet develop a prosperity consciousness?  What if there wasn't even bread to eat & the store shelves were mostly empty? 
    Nadya made Personal Growth a way of life & prospered personally & professionally. 
    In this episode of Create Your Life on Purpose, my guest Nadya Melton gives you her secret to creating a life of plenty. 
    Nadya arrived in the US alone from Russia at the age of 16. Learn how this tiny powerhouse manages a happy marriage, 2 children & a number of successful businesses including one that trains others to make money - her specialty. 
    More Nadya Melton here: Website     email   facebook  twitter
    More Lorane Gordon    Website     facebook  twitter@LoraneGordon
    Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane is a teacher of Infinite Possibilities".