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  • DEANNA J Cartea with Mellow Pop Music for Your Enjoyment

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    DEANNA J Cartea will make your ears relax and slow the hectic pace of your life.  To all my friends across the oceans this is for you.

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    The S.O.N. Zone hosted by S.O.N.

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    S.O.N. Zone is the Shining Over Negativity Zone bringing you that Positive and Uplifting Element of the Hip Hop Culture. Hosted by Mr. S.O.N. ( @TheSONZone on Instagram and Twitter) join him as he helps you mellow out your weekend with some great conversation and great tunes. Every First and Third Sunday.7pm-9pm. 347 857 4302 Powered by PreGame Radio( Instagram: @PreGameRadio Twitter: @PreGame_Radio

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Women Fight Back/Issues of the Day

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    America!  The Land of the Brave and the Free!  We don't need new mottos.  We have enough old mottos throughout history to remind us who we are and where we should be going and who should be kicked out of office for failing to uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitutiona and Sovereignty.  Public Servants who gain access to positions of power to feel empowered and pilfer our tax dollars and create chaos and crisis and change the face of this great nation and remove our laws for foreign laws by creating a pre-planned invasion need to be held accountable and stripped of life time benefits and removed from office, period.  How did we get so many wimps into positions of lawmakers and law enforcers in D.C. who behave as if they don't have the authority to impeach or address these issues.  This is mellow Monday and today on the Justice Club from 9am-10:30am pst is Rosie's Rants.....a buffet of issues that affect our welfare and safety.

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    22 - MELLOW

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    Nikki, Phil and Anya discuss the pronunciation of "compass" and immediately dive headfirst into such hot topics as Ray Rice, leaked celebrity nudes, Nikki's blossoming relationship with her therapist, broken genitalia, and the side effects of antidepressants. Nikki has the perfect solution to the nude photo leak scandal. Phil is in a mellow thing. Anya reveres people who meditate.

    Call in with your questions at 347-467-1240

    Follow @nikkiglaser @philmhanley @anyamarina @standupnylabs.
    Visitwww.StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Nikki are performing live at Stand Up NY. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

    Check out all of our shows at standupnylabs.com

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    Growing up - Ensom meant that as we got older there were serious decisions to be made towards getting ahead in a ever changing culture who’s time had come for new faces in different places- 1981-1992 When visiting visas flooded the Reagan administration opened the gates even wider than ever - Ensom saw a disproportionate exit rate to the States- That being said many who were on the sidelines waiting to rise to prominence in Football, TT,NNetball and Cricket grabbed a spot held almost too long by the more established crew who although could have lived elsewhere stuck around - Thank got for small mercies as a core group maintained and guarded the flame …..moving no further than Eltham Park in a true show of Spanish Town Roots and Ensom PRIDE


    When my time came in 1994 to migrate I had secured quarters near Sydnyham and I reluctantly exited the scene ..Long Live Ensom Past Present and Online

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    Transparency In Music Pt. 2

    in Radio

    Tonight Transparent The Band will grace the studio talking about its much anticipated Tour, Keeping It Live.  Tonight we will focus on the New Year and how Transparency In Music is happening in the Gospel Industries.   Looking for something to mellow you out, while preparing for your upcoming week, tune into The Beyond The Walls Of Jericho Show with some good inspirational music for your soul.  

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Mellow Monday Issues of the Day /6/8/2015

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    Listen Live - Rose Colombo N The Justice Club - MWF - 9a-10:30a - pst - and 12-1:30p est - Mellow Monday - the Issues of the Day -Grab a Cup o Coffee - political and social issues that affect your life - 

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    Worst Gifts

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    Welcome to M.A.D Radio 420 Detroit, the official podcast of "Blaque Gemini" and the good folks over there at Medicated and Dedicated Entertainment. In this first mellowed out podcast,DJ Young$moke speaks on the best and worst gifts ever recieved, while mixing in some mellow jams for your entertainment. M.A.D. Entertainment and Blaque Gemini Presents "M.A.D. Radio 420 Detroit"

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    Mellow Mushroom Meets with Franchise Interviews

    in Entrepreneur

    We are meeting with Meredith Hillman, VP and Account Director, ePrize and Annica Kreider, VP of brand development, Mellow Mushroom.
    For 39 years, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers has been serving up fresh stone baked pizzas to order in an eclectic, art filled and family friendly environment. Each Mellow is locally owned and operated with a unique vibe focused around great customer service and high quality food.
    We are speaking with Meredith and Annica on how mobile marketing has made a positive impact on their franchise. 

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    Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Holiday Show

    in Social Networking

    What's Up #Diamonds,

    Welcome to another episode of the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show, this ismy last live show of the year. Monday’s show will be all about the holiday’s this will be my 2nd year having a holiday show and I am so excited! I am appreciative & thankful for your listening participation.

    Holiday shows are always such #fun we receive calls from past guest interviews they call-in to say hello and share their holiday plans or traditions with us, I love finding out how people spend the holidays some have the same traditions as you and I. You'd be surprise to see what you have in common with others, some folks don't really do anything for the holidays Christmas is just another day of relaxation, others are getting together with friends and family exchanging gifts having big fun!  Christmas morning is not so special in my house especially now that there is no little kids, we get up exchange gifts and relax the rest of the day, go out to dinner and that’s pretty much it.

    December I will be playing podcasts from 3 of my most listened to shows. I will be on vacay there is always so much going on leading up to Xmas even if Xmas day is mellow the days leading up to it can get crazy! It's a little difficult to try to plan a show properly and this is a good example my show’s write-up is late today. Be prepared cause you might hear some mishaps but make no mistakes I never claimed that my show is perfect maybe that's what makes it special to my listeners. Stay listening  for the month of December to check out my podcasts then join me in  January 2016.For new interviews and a few more surprises remember the show will be change from 2 hrs to 1 hr starting 7:00 - 8pm EST make sure to note the new time. Have Merry Xmas and a Blessed New Year, don’t forget to check out the December updates on the shows website at LJDNShow.

  • R&B Slow Jams/w the King & Queen

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    Hey Hey, now that Halloween is done and over, and you've spent time taking the little ones trick or treating, or just winding down form all those fun parties you've attended this weekend, I was thinking that you should visit the Red Carpet Room tonight, and allow the King and his Queen to mellow your souls, by playing some of your favorite slow jams, right from the comfort of your home. We have just the right music that will take that edge off. Join us for R&B Slow Jams. Presented by, Diversity Of The Minds. PS, If you have a song request, or you'd like to get a special message over to that beautiful someone in your life, then please dail 516-531-9334, and we'll make it happen....