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    America In Crisis A Prophetic Warning To The Nation By Jordan Wells Part 1

    in Christianity

    In this special teaching Dr. Jordan Wells felt lead of the spirit, to speak to the deep roots of the Christian heritage concerning America. To issue a prophetic call to the nation to turn back to God, before judgment strikes our once great nation. Many do not understand just how special America is in the eyes of God, as a new Israel in the earth. This will be a series, were we will travel through the ups, and downs of this nation that is called the greatest Christian nation to ever walk the earth. However, I believe that if we do not listen to God's warnings we will face national judgment, as God will continue to remove his prophetic hedge of protection from our nation. Tune into this series, and be sure to send this sermon series to everyone you know, I believe that there is hope, and his name is Jesus Christ. He is the only hope for our once great nation, I am believeing that this teaching will bless, and change your life. 


    .Proverbs 14:34

    Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people

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    The Sherry Wells on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

    Today on Tell Me a Story we welcome the dynamic co-creator of her personal Universe, Law of Attraction Coach, Sherry Wells!  Some people know Sherry as a wife and mom to 3 awesome young men and everyone who knows her will tell you that she is an up-lifter, a teacher of all things positive and a practitioner of Massive Gratitude! Find her at www.facebook.com/thesherrywells Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network www.themagichappens.com

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    CUTV News Radio Spotlights Melisa Gillis of Gillis Consulting

    in Business

    In business as in life, success begins with passion and a vision, while the implementation is dependent upon a combination of behaviors: grit, hard work and setting goals. Some people struggle with the implementation and execution of their plan directed at achieving their goals. While others may have simply lost the vision or the clarity in the objectives that they strive for. Since 2003, Melisa Gillis and Gillis Consulting have partnered with many individuals and organizations to develop effective strategies built for success.

    Prior to founding Gillis Consulting, Melisa spent years as an organizational consultant eventually earning the role of VP Organizational Growth and Development at Danvers Savings Bank. Utilizing an extensive professional and educational background, Melisa started the Boston-based firm, Gillis Consulting, realizing her dream of transforming how people and organizations learn and achieve their desired success.

    The incredible services provided by Gillis Consulting range from leadership coaching, team development, organizational development and change management. The primary objective of Gillis Consulting is to enhance leadership skills, unite the organization and develop employee adaptability in order to maximize results. Presence-based coaching, experiential learning, a systemic approach, conversational sessions and team workshops are some of the most effective methods incorporated by Gillis Consulting.

    From its inception, Gillis Consulting has built an impressive client list that includes MIT, Harvard University, GE, Allstate and the United States Army to name a few. The success Gillis Consulting brings to clients is truly evident in the fact that they’ve been able to expand their clientele internationally simply through word-of-mouth.

    For more information about Gillis Consulting visit www.gillisconsulting.com.

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    Wells Report and NFL Draft Reaction - Next Fan Up - 5/9/15

    in Football

    PodVader tears up the Wells Report.  The SuperFans try to talk him down and react to Dante Fowler Jr.'s injury with the Jaguars, the Cowboys' draft and undrafted signees, and the Chiefs and Lions draft moves. 

    Pod goes off on the "more probable than not" Wells Report but admits if Roger Goodell wants to suspend Tom Brady for not fully cooperating with an investigation, that's fair.  But basing a punishment on the subjective evidence presented as "more probable than not" is completely ludicrous.  

    Dante Fowler Jr. tears his ACL and is gone for the year in Jacksonville.  Ryan, the Jaguars SuperFan, emails his reaction.

    Bryan talks about a surprising week for the Cowboys that includes a draft and a post-draft signee to bring 3 first round level players to Dallas, no matter what the character issues they may bring.  

    Nick recaps what wasn't a super flashy draft for the Chiefs, but they filled their needs. He also goes off, ranting about the WR stat and the misuse of it by "experts". 

    Adam shares the feelings out of Detroit based on the Lions' draft picks as it appeared they zigged when they should have zagged. 

    A couple of applications sent to nextfanup@gmail.com.  

    Reach out on Twitter: @nfupodcast, @therealpodvader, @claytonnicholas, @sharpshot3ball, @bringitall2244

    Facebook: facebook.com/nfupodcast



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    Indian Wells on Passing Shots with Pete and Jared

    in Sports

    Pete Ziebron and Jared Pine both attended the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells last week.  They will discuss on Passing Shots what they witnessed in the early part of last week's action as well as what happened during the business end of the tournament, as Milos Ranonic upset Rafael Nadal in the quarters and Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer for his 21st Masters 1000 title.

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and dont miss this weeks WTA Show with Pete and Stephanie 

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    Political Spotlight- Barbara A. Taylor-Wells, Kankakee School District 111

    in Politics

    Join Cultural Conversations as I welcome political candidate, community engager, and educator, Barbara A. Taylor-Wells to the studio. Barbara A. Taylor-Wells is an incumbent vying for her seat to represent Kankakee School District 111 as school board president. Barbara will give us her perspective on the race, why she is engaged in the political process at the local levels, and why it is important for all to become aware of the role politics have on the lives of people.

    Cultural Conversations Radio Show is hosted and produced by Dr. Verona Mitchell. Verona teaching and research interest is in women issues, critical race theory and diversity. She is Founder/CEO of CulTives & Associates, LLC and Cultural Conversations Radio.

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    Nick Live with The Adams-Wells Classified Radio Show

    in Business

    Building Fortunes Radio presents The Adams-Wells Classified Radio Show.

    Nick Live with The Adams-Wells Classified Radio Show.

    This segment, to night is live with Nick and Travis. Every Wednesday evening at 11:00 PM Eastern Time.  This supports our Adams-Wells Classified Sites advertising sponsors.  Join us often for interesting real life examples for advertising, income generation, and just a whole lot of fun!!

    For other products, look at www.adams-wells.com  Keep it Classy!!!

    Listen in to previously recorded shows on Building Fortunes Radio:

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    2016 Presidential Candidate Mr. Robby Wells

    in Current Events


    Callin#1 646 716 5495

    9:30pm to 11:30pm Est. 

    If you would like to speak with Mr. Robby Wells, press #1 on your phone and the host will bring you on shortly. 


    Your Opinion Matter

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    Radical Islam, Hillary Clinton, and presidential candidates

    in Politics Conservative

    I will be introducing myself as a brand new podcaster.  An entrepreneur out of North Carolina, USA, US Army Veteran, White, Male who would rather let a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear then adhere to political correctness. In this show I may or may not take callers (it all depends on how many is listening).  I will discuss in great detail my knowledge of Jade Helm 15, notwithstanding classified materials, Radical Islam and why you should be very afraid, our democratic presidential candidate, Hillory Rawham Clitun, and the Republican candidates, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Jweb Bushy. 

    My opinions are my own, and I am just as critical of Conservaties as I am Progressives; listen in.

    I'm limited to 30 minuites per day, so if you like what you hear, tell your friends get them listening and calling in.  One thing I love more than night time with the wife, is a debate with a liberal (because it is so easy to win).

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    The Blessing of Obscurity

    in Christianity

    Make sure you tune in to the AG Wells Show as Host AG Wells discusses "The Blessing of Obscurity" Listen as AG Wells touches on being: Humble, Hidden and Healed - You don't want to miss this!