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    Facial Hyperpigmentation /Melasma

    in Health

    LET’S TALK SKIN   with Dr. Sherri Peace

    Today’s topic is

    What causes of Facial Hyperpigmentation or Melasma

     Melasma is caused by the overproduction or packaging of melanin
    Most people who suffer from Facial Hyperpigmentation are women
    Overproduction of melanin is caused by genetics, hormones, excess sun exposure, medication, and some diseases
    Excess Sun exposure causes free radicals which damage melanocytes(the pigment cells)
    Estrogens stimulate melanin production by stimulating tyrosinase, the enzyme used to make color in the skin
    Pregnancy, birth control, and hormone replacement can all cause hyperpigmentatiion
    Treatment for hyperpigmentation include exfoliating the current pigment, inhibiting new color, and sun protection

    My name is Dr. Sherri Peace 

    I am a board certified Dermatologist. I have been in practice for 20 years specializing in medical,  cosmetic, and surgical dermatology.  I am a Botox and Juvederm Preferred Provider and a Certified Laser Specialist. I would love to meet.

    Lets enhance your inner beauty.

    Contact me at www.peacemd.com



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    Get Glowing Skin: Chemical Peels What You Should Know

    in Lifestyle

    Did you notice Meryl Streep's beautiful skin at the Golden Globes and on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

    She most likely has had chemical peels. Do you want to know her secret for flawless skin?

    Join us as we discuss the various types of Chemical Peels with New York Master Medical Esethician, Claudio Pinto.

    Claudio Pinto is a recognized expert with over 10 years experience in the cosmetic industry and partnerships with leading plastic surgeons, his use of advanced techniques and skill at treating difficult cases has made him the ‘go-to’ aesthetician in New York. He has advanced experience in corrective skin care of the face and body, ethnic skin care, and both pre-operative and post-operative skin care. Heis one the board of directors of SPSSCS serving as a Vice-President for the 2013-14 year. He is also a contributor and Beauty Expert for NewBeauty Magazine and Glow Magazines.  He is also on the board of ASAPS Servicing as SPSSCS Representative to Project Beauty.



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    The Myths and Truths about Problem Skin - Renee Dimick

    in Business

    Renee Dimick is a Avon Ind. Sales Representative, Presidents Club & Unit Leader!  
    Tonight Renee will be sharing the myths and truths about skin care for those who struggle with skin conditions such as acne & melasma. 
    Renee can testify herself a  testimonial  from the use of her AVON products to share as well.
      Renee is also a Makeup Maven for her District and Division is Missouri Emerald Division.  Listen in to hear more Live August 22nd @ 6:30 PM Est.  

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    How to Get Rid of Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone

    in Women

    Dark spots, age spots, liver spots, sun spots, pregnancy mask, melasma- it doesn’t matter what you call them; these discolorations are downright frustrating. Find out what products to use to get rid dark spots and even out your skin tone. Call with questions for any of your beauty or skin-care concerns, and WIN Paula's Choice products when we take your call!
    Click here for more information about Paula's Choice.

  • Advanced Skin Care Using Curcumin

    in Health

    Good skin is considered the cornerstone of youth and health, yet so many people experience problematic skin issues such as acne, melasma, eczema and sun damage. As the search for natural ingredients in skin care products continues, this interview with Siana Cutter, Director of Operations at OmniCure explains the use of a Curcumin, a powerful natural ingredient derived from Turmeric, and how the naturally based active ingredients in Psoria-Gold® are dramatically changing the skin care industry. Psoria-Gold® is intended for cosmetic and topical use and only uses curcumin from naturally grown turmeric, rather than synthetically derived sources. For this reason, the color of curcumin gel in OmniCure products can range from a bright yellow to a deep gold, and an even deeper gold due to its higher concentration of curcumin extract in the products. It spreads invisibly on the skin, and works well under other skincare products. Psoria-Gold® also offers white curcumin moisture gel, part of the Sensitive Skin line, which is a soothing breathable humectant that does not clog the pores. For more information: www.psoria-gold.com

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    All About Skin Care

    in Health

    Join us as we welcome renowned Hollywood make-up artist Tracey Taylor. Miss Taylor has been applying make-up to some of Hollywood's hottest stars for over two decades. In addition she is a world expert on a technique called air-brush make-up. Our hostess Lehya Bailey, will also discuss skin care matters with Master Aesthetician Stephanie Bazner, and dermatologist Arnold Oppenheim. There has been an exciting breakthough in the treatment of metastatic melanoma. Be one of the first to learn about it. Dr. Oppenheim will discuss melasma; what it is, what are its causes and what you can do about it. Stephanie and Tracey will dispense some valuable make-up tricks. What is the best way to wash your face? What ingredients are found in cleansers? Listen to some brand name recommendations. Tumeric: how can this curry ingredient help your skin? What are those troublesome white spots so many women have on their legs. Learn of a new treatment for them. Tracey Taylor will enlighten us as to air-brush makeup. What do you do if you get a big ugly honker (zit) just before prom or your wedding. In our last show, Dr. Oppenheim told us how he would treat such a patient. Listen to what Tracey Taylor would do. We will analyze these topics and many more. We will be open for calls and as usual the chatroom will be open.

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    What's New In Skin Care

    in Health

    Join us as famed print model Sonia Fitch, hosts an informative hour of talk about skin care and dermatology. Seasoned but not weathered dermatologist Arnold Oppenheim, M.D. and Master Esthetician Stephanie Bazner will discuss such topics as the skin and smoking, psoriasis, black pepper, melasma and more on peptides. As usual you can count on Dr. Oppenheim to give you the low down on what works and what doesn't work. Dr. Oppenheim gives advice as to when a skin disease should keep your child out of school. We will tell you how you could win an all expenses paid trip for two to New York City and the opportunity to participate in a fashion show hosted by Tim Gunn. Once again, we will ask our dermatology question of the week (and give the eagerly anticipated answer to last week's questions). A correct answer may garner you $200 worth of skin care products. Dr. Oppenheim and Stephanie will field queries from the listeners, be they screeching liners or softly hit ground balls.