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    Episode 34: Healing diabetes with the power of raw foods testimonial!

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    On today’s show we have a special guest testimonial from a woman who has healed multiple ailments severely changing her diet from SAD processed foods to raw living foods.She eliminated type 2 diabetes, IBS, rheumatoid arthritis, weight loss, acne, anxiety, sleeplessness, tumor shrinking and melanoma. This transformation has taken her to new avenues in life and health, inspiring family and friends being able to do more physically than ever before. You won’t want to miss it on Its Detox Time radio. Check her out on her website http://www.raw4life.net .

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    Tannings beds - Linked to Melanoma Skin Cancer? True!

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    Delegate Kirill Reznik has introduced House Bill 310 into the Maryland State Legislature.. he is asking his fellow delegates to help protect our teens from the deadly impact of tanning beds...  The bill will block the use of tanning beds by anyone under 18...  a move that advocates for Melanoma skin cancer assures us will make a difference in the increasing rate of Melanoma skin cancers...

    Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer... studies estimate someone dies of melanoma skin cancer every day in the USA... and more throughout the world.   IN Maryland, the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise... the incidence of melanoma is on the rise...

    MORE needs to be done to protect all Marylanders from this horrific side effect of indoor tanning -  tannign beds, sun lamps, etc...

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    May is Melanoma Awareness -Let's talk to MedStar Health about this deadly cancer

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    Sandy Beam, RN, Nurse Clinician/Navigator and Research Coordinator,

    Maryland Melanoma Center at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center in Rosedale... east Baltimore County.

    Are you aware of how serious Melanoma can be?

    Do you know anyone who has had skin cancer? Do you know what kind and how they got it?

    Do you know some prevention tips??

    Join Anna's Journey to share some answers to these questions.

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    Know The Facts About Melanoma with guest Michael Brown

    in Self Help

    During this heartfelt, yet informative show you will learn what Melanoma did to the lives of sax player for the band Sha Na Na, Michael Brown and his wife Amanda. Tune in and get informed!
    "Downtown" Michael Brown, originally from Newport Beach in Orange County Ca., now hails from Brigantine, New Jersey. The son of renowned jazz pianist, Ronnie Brown, Michael has played the saxophone since the age of nine.
    A regular on the Las Vegas and national touring scene, he has performed with the likes of, Buckwheat Zydeco, The Platters, Lil' Elmo and the Cosmos, Shake Rattle and Roll, Launi Kristopher, Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88's, the classic show at Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly inside Revel Casino Atlantic City, and now Sha Na Na.
    When not rocking, he is the Coola Suncare Education Ambassador, the Executive Director for the Melanoma Education Foundation Nevada chapter and part time Racecar driver. Michael has a solo CD entitled, WITH ALL MY HEART, an original eclectic blend of music from Pop-rock to Jazz-funk, punctuated by a ballad dedicated to melanoma awareness and the memory of his wife Amanda. It is available on the CD Baby website.
    Michael's book "FINDING N-E-D: NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE" is now available from Tate Publishing. It is a heartfelt true story of love, loss, and hope. Diagnosed with malignant melanoma, Amanda Faye Brown started on a long, difficult journey through the disease, and had the wisdom and foresight to gather her thoughts into a journal. Compiling these journal entries and interspersing them with his own thoughts, telling their story from first meeting through marriage to tearful days at the hospital, Michael Brown shares the struggles and sorrows that came with his wife's cancer.
    Learn more at http://www.amandasmessage.com/

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    This Week in Healthcare: Exelixis Nets a Win and Colorado Takes Aim at Health Insurers

    in Finance

    Exelixis has a newly approved melanoma drug hitting the market soon and Colorado voters will weigh in on universal healthcare in 2016.

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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Fertility and Conception/Osteomyelitis/Melanoma

    in Health

    Fertility ... the ability to make a baby ... is affected by a host of factors. From diet and stress ... to age and genetics ... they all play a role in success or failure when trying to conceive. On this week's program, Dr. Jani Jensen, a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, discusses her […]

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    Safety Elements of Cancer Immunotherapies: Immune Related Adverse Events

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    In this episode of Pharma Talk Radio, we feature medical oncologist, Dr Anna Pavlick, Director of the Melanoma Program at the NYU Cancer Institute on Safety Elements of Cancer Immunotherapies. Dr Pavlick originally gave this presentation in June 2015 at the IO360 conference.  Her talk focuses on immune related adverse affects of immuno therapy. More specifically, she covers:

    •    Identifying warning signs and low threshold for workup and treatment
    •    Understanding “pseudoprogression” before response, delayed toxicities
    •    Reporting and assessing adverse effects during clinical trial phases
    •    How to predict safety concerns when moving from animal models to human trials

    We are pleased to bring this session to the public to help researchers, doctors, patients and care givers with some information on immune related adverse affects of immuno therapy. Please note that Dr Pavlick does occassionally refer to slides which are not included in the recording of this session.

    Anna Pavlick, DO, MD is the Director of the NYU Cancer Institute Melanoma Research Program. After finishing her studies at University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr Pavlick completed her residency in internal medicine and her fellowship in hematology/oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In 1999, she went on to become the Director of Clinical Oncology at UMDNJ in New Jersey before coming to NYU.

    The next IO360 conference will take place February 2-3, 2016 at the New York Academy of Medicine in NYC. For more information, visit www.theconferenceforum.org. 


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    Healthy Matters: The Radio show-Cancer, causes and Cures

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    It's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nothing is more fitting than, a cancer talk. Cancer cells live inside of each and every one of us but, what sets them into action? Cancer is a trillion dollar a year industry. Can some cancers be averted? Are there less caustic treatments than 'CPR' (Cut, Poison, Radiate)? Annually, charities collect into the millions for cancer research yet seem no closer to a cure. Is there something that they're overlooking? Are there natural remedies that someone doesn't want us to know about and is there a conspiracy to keep this information from you? What are the most prevalent types of cancers? If you get cancer, what next?  What feeds cancer and, how can you increase chances of overcoming it if you get it? These are just a few questions that we'll be discussing in this weeks installment of Healthy Matters: The Radio Show.
    Join myself, Dennis Jefferson and my co-hosts, 'The ever knowledgeable' Verna Hair-Brown and the lovely Dana Pitts as we discuss this and other issues. 
    Here at Healthy Matters, we discuss the issues that affect your lives. Join us each week at 8:00 central time and bring a friend to start your week with... A Healthy Matter




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    I'm Chelsea Szabo, and I battled death three times before reaching the age of twenty. I survived two different types of cancer (Melanoma and Hodgkin's lymphoma) and a serious automobile accident.

    These experiences gave me a sense of urgency to embrace life to the fullest, and provided the personal motto:  Keep going until you get what you want, and then repeat.

    And that's just what I did after graduating with a B.S. in Marketing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania—I went after what I thought I wanted. I moved to Los Angeles and quickly jumped into the local advertising scene and immersed myself in a variety of professional and philanthropic opportunities. 

    So, I left what was familiar to find what was authentic. I finally found it when I became a Certified Professional Coach. The one thing that stayed consistent during this transition was my voice. In order to get what I wanted, I had to voice it again, and again, and again, even when it sounded crazy to others.  

    That's the root of my private coaching practice, Verbal Courage. As a Coach, I blend my passion for helping others with the strong belief that change can't happen without a confident voice. I now wake up completely fulfilled as my days are dedicated to guiding others to speak with Verbal Courage. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing them learn to trust their intuition, and successfully initiate even the most difficult conversations to keep them on track to get what they truly want. 

    For more on me, and what Verbal Courage can mean for you, visit VerbalCourage.com

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    Young Adult Survivor, Melanoma

    Assistant Professor
    Associate Director of Pigmented Lesion Services
    Department of Dermatology
    NYU Dermatologic, Skin and Cancer Associates

    Bereaved Young Adult Siblling
    National Patient Advocate
    AIM At Melanoma

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    Reaching a Targeted Young Audience Via Instagram

    in Business

    Amazing Social Media Campaign or Creepy Spam?

    Pharmaguy interviews Jonathan Richman, founder of Dose and Expound. You might remember Jonathan as the creator of the blog Dose of Digital, which provided insights on the use of digital technology in healthcare marketing. We discuss the Melanoma Likes Me social media campaign, which won a Silver Award at the 2015 Lions Health Festival. Jonathan called this the "best healthcare social media campaign [he's] ever seen." Pharmaguy called it the "creepiest healthcare social media campaign [he's] ever seen." Can't we all just get along?