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  • 02:05

    The Healing and Metaphysics of the Drum with Raphael Sanders

    in Health

    Welcome to Dimensional Healing! On our upcoming program on Red Crystal Skywalker,  Tuesday May 1 in the gregorian calendar, we feauture Sankofa Collective's Raphael Sanders.  As he shares with us about the melanin and chakra activation principles of the Ashiko drum. 
    Raphel shares, "In the spirit of Sankofa, we are reaching back to the wisdom of our ancestors to bring forward the gifts & teachings they left to empower & uplift us in these times and beyond. Through the African Performing Arts and formula of the rhythms, I utilize the Ashiko Drum. The Ashiko was introduced to the African American community by one of my mentors, Chief Bey. Each rhythm is a gift of the Ancestors that must be researched and preserved. These rhythms, sound vibrations and frequencies have an affinity with our melanin and the chakra system and moves energy to facilitate healing, the rise of our consciousness and the ability to receive energy and divine information that streams to us from the cosmos. 

  • 01:00

    Travel In Real Time with Brother Wanique Shabazz

    in Health

    Welcome to Dimensional Healing Internet Radio. On Tuesday, January 4 you are invited to Time Travel with Brother Wanique Shabazz. Learn more about Dreamspell and why it is a part of prophetic time release. Learn why this information is coming to the forefront at this time. Learn why “time” is “magic.”

    Listen as Brother Wanique shares his insights about words and how they help weave the spell. Inner/over/understanding of these concepts helps free us from the illusion of time. Learn why synchronicity is the only true time.

  • 01:30

    More Time Travel with Wanique Shabazz

    in Health

    Welcome to Dimensional Healing! On Tuesday, January 11, 2011(gr)at 11:00am join us as we continue our journey through time. Baba Wanique Shabazz of Melanin6, producer of MAPTIME jazz on WRFG radio in Atlanta, Time Travel Classes, Cosmic People Time Network and much more will be continuing our journey through galactic time. Learn about the DreamSpell and how linear mechanical time keeps us in the dream. Begin or continue your journey into galactic time! Don't miss this powerful, transformative program.