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    Brain Awareness Day! Bronx NY; LavonneHunter@gmail.com

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    Brain Awareness Day! SYNAPTIK FOUNDATION. Come out to The Learning Tree at 801 Bartholdi Street in the Bronx this Saturday from 1-5pm for Pi and Brain Awareness Day.
    Listen and learn more about Brain Awareness Day on The Gist of Freedom

    Saturday March 14th

    SYNAPTIK FOUNDATION. Come out to The Learning Tree at 801 Bartholdi Street in the Bronx this Saturday from 1-5pm for Pi and Brain Awareness Day.


    The most complex object in the known universe, the brain, only uses 20 watts of power.
    It would require a nuclear power plant to energize a computer the size of a cit block to mimic
    your brain.  Brain Awareness Day! LavonneHunter@gmail.com

    Lavonne Hunter earned a dual BA in Psychology and Special Honors Curriculum, and MS in Secondary Adolescent Education in Biological Sciences from Hunter College. Trained as a research scholar in neurobiology, Ms. Hunter served as the Science Learning Coordinator of the Minority Access to Career (MARC) program coaching MARC scholars, and taught the fundamentals of biomedical research to undergraduates for two years before teaching adolescents. Celebrating her 11th year in New York City classrooms, Ms. Hunter currently teaches 8th Grade Science in the Bronx

    O Ms. Hunter actively shares her work presenting workshops on student-led and place-based learning for the World Maker Faire, Alternative Education Resource Organization, and Math for America. Ms. Hunter garners inspiration from two quotes:

    1. “Start where you are, with what you have, make something of it, and never be satisfied” – George Washington Carver
    2. “The problem with the US educational system is that it rewards students for answering questions they never asked”.


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    Letting your fingers do the talking a melange of old and new: Wanjiku wa Ngugi

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    Wanjiku wa Ngugi is a writer, editor and film enthusiast.Her book 'The Fall of Saints' was released in February and has gotten raving reviews.A director of  the Helsinki African Film Festival (HAFF).  HAFF is an annual event that has been running for 5 years. When talking of expression, apart from being a writer Wanjiku is a playwright. Her first co-written play in Finland-- Love & Revolution with Miriam Makeba debuts at this years HAFF festival on 17th May. 

    Let's get to know Wanjiku and her art of expression.

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    Travelling is all about the experience: Food and Wine with Martin Ward

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    It's nice to indulge in the finer things in life whether it's going on a cruise, celebration and food. Wine is a great accompaniment for those who indulge in alcohol. Martin Ward is the Managing Direcor of Wine Educators International. He is based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He is passionate about  wine and gastronomy. Interested in wine, food and wine tours? Considering on where to go for a wine tour? Martin has the details for you. Let's learn about wine and travel.

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    SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlights Jenise LaVonne

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    Hailing from Norcross, GA by way of East Elmhurst, NY Jenise was born and raised in church under the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecostal experience. With parents active in ministry, her father a bishop, and mother a missionary and teacher, the word of God was planted in her soul at an early age. Jenise began singing on the children’s choir at the age of 2 and at the age of 11 she began writing her own songs. From the wise advice of her father, Jenise continued in writing music and included a vocal coach, which helped develop her craft of singing and opened several doors for her to minister through song.

    In 2007, Jenise joined forces with Rahim Beyah of Czar Entertainment and produced a 3 song demo which was released locally under the title "The Call". In 2009 Jenise competed in the 1st annual Gospel Star Search at the Greater Refuge Temple Church of Our Lord jesus Christ, where she came in second place. In December of 2010, Jenise toured Europe with J. David Bratton, and the New York State Mass Choir. Given the opportunity to see the world and its desire to be ministered to, the fire began to burn again in Jenise’s heart to produce music that will do just that; minister.

    As God would have it, Jenise met and began to work with Tarence Farrell of Levite Music mid 2011. Since then, the two have begun production on her forth coming album, "The Call". With musical influences ranging from Dorothy Dandridge, and Tina Turner, to Vickie Winans, and John P. Kee, her album is expected to inspire, uplift, influence, and most of all minister. With powerful vocals and enlightening lyrics there is no doubt that Jenise La Vonne is and will continue to be a trail blazer in the music industry. 

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    Jumping Ship: When its time to move on from the anchor that's pulling you down?

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    All of us at one point our lives have thought of changing our lives. Be it a career, jobs, studies, paths and relationships. Are you stuck in a hamster wheel and losing hope and trying to figure our your life? Nothing we really want is simple but when our heart tells us its time to jump ship-- are you counting on a boat to take you safely to shore? Or will you take the plunge and have faith that things will work out. Throwing all caution to the wind. Today's show will talk about tips on how to jump ship in a way that may get you a little wet but to the shores all the same. 

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    Beauty Talk with Mua LaVonne Anthony

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    Join us tonight at 9pm EST as we chat with Mua and Hairstylist LaVonne Anthony. Anthony will share her story of doing makeup from coast to coast and around the world. The call in number for questions and comments is 914.803.4399.

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    Tech Series: Human Computer Interaction- Kagonya Awori

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    Some people do things just because they can, without thinking that there are bareers involved. Such people are very few and far between. Meet Kagonya, the first African with a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. CMU (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is the top university in HCI globally. She recently received the Google Anita Borg Scholarship. As an African woman in tech she takes us through her journey of HCI and let's us know the importance of the field. Join me on this tech series as we get acquainted with this ambitioius and talented lady!

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    Going it Alone and Building a Business Out of Your Talent

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    All of us have a talent or something we are really good at. Friend's and people ask you for advice and your ideas have actually helped. Hmmm...thinking of making money out of your talent? Is entrepreneurship for you? Who should you turn to for advice? All the mistakes I and people I know have made when embarking on entrepreneurship.Could this be you? Let's get all motivational and learn the basics of entrepreneurship. Persistence, quality, learning and unlearning. All this and more on Donnasmelange.

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    Ibyahishuwe 3 :14-22 // Ezayi 29 :9-14 // Abanyakolosi 4 :16 // Abanyakolosi 2 :8 // 2 Abanyakorinti 6 :14-18 // Daniyeli 2 :43 // Ibyakozwe n’intumwa 6 :9 // 1 Abanyakorinto 15 :33



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    Lesbian Hip-Hop Artist Melange Lavonne on SistersTalk Radio

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    Melange Lavonne is an actress and hip-hop artist whose music addresses issues like gay bashing, domestic violence, AIDS, gay parenting and discrimination. Her music has been featured on LOGO and at numerous film festivals worldwide. Melange was recently named in BET's Who's Who in the Black LGBT Community - an honor she shares with numerous politicians, actors, musicians and authors.
    Hear Melange discuss: her music, racism in the gay community, hypocritical gay rights organizations and her own coming out story.

    *Please note: This show was pre-recorded on Tuesday, 9/08/2009. This is not a call-in show.

    Listen to more SistersTalk Radio. Follow SistersTalk on Twitter. Add SistersTalk on Facebook. Contact Genia with comments.

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    Health & Wellness taking care of your body and mind: CJ Hankar

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    This show will feature CJ Hankar a yoga instructor who is a global citizen and talks of her journey towards yoga. Have you been searching for a way to unwind and at the same time gain strength? As time goes by I have discovered that health truly is wealth. Not having a healthy body or mind, hinders us from fully functioning and giving our best. Do you have trouble sleeping? Relaxing?  You've come to the right place.