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    Intimate Realness with Meka and Renair: The Flirtationship Convo

    in LGBT

    Hi all!!! 

    Welcome to the fourth episode of the year for Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair?. 

    This episode we are focusing on Flirting in Lesbian and Gay Relationship. How far is too far? Is flirting considered infidelity? Why or why not? Can two women and two men who are attracted to each other really become friends without crossing the lines? 

    Do you have flirtationships? Are you constantly flirting with other women or men outside of your relationship? Do you find it wrong,or exciting... you looking for validation?

    Let’s talk!

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    The G-spot w. Meka Rae Live

    in Relationships

    This is the live test show for the G-spot w/ Meka Rae Live. We are here to have a great time, learn some things, sip some wine, and chat. Javonne will join me as we talk all things sexy! I will tell you all about the show, the segments, and how we will make this show one of the sexiest Blog Talk shows out there. We look forward to you joining us!


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    Relationship Q&A: Intimate Realness with Meka Rae & Renair

    in Relationships

    Welcome to third episode of the year of Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair. This has been a great year so far but not without it's pits falls and challenges when it comes to relationships. Even though Valentines Day was just last month many couples are experiencing issues and concerns that we would love to help with! Even if you are single but have relationship concerns please don't hesitate to seen your questions to us so we may address your concerns.

    You may send your questions to mekanrae@gmail.com and we'll answer your questions on air.

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    Intimate Realness w Meka Rae and Renair: Illness In Relationships

    in Relationships


    On this episode of Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair we are discussing "Illness in Relationships." 

    There is a level of grief that the "healthy" partner may experience because of the loss of "activity" that may result if their partner is experiencing an illness (physical or mental) and this can be a breeding place for resentment or disconnection. How do you maintain a sense of self while understanding your partner's current situation? How do you maintain a healthy relationship when your partner is suffering from a certain illness? Do you leave because they are sick? Do you stay and become the "care taker?" Do your responsibilities change? If so, in what way and how may you adjust?

    We are going to discuss self-care, boundaries, love, and attitude during this show. 

    Make sure to join in!



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    Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair-Relationship/Dating Goals

    in LGBT

    Hi All!

    This is the first show of the year for Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair. Do you have New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are they? What do you plan to do differently this year to make your relationships or dating dreams and goals come true? Do you need some motivation on finally working on your goals and plans? Are you currently in a relationship and want to see it go in a different direction? Have you thought about setting goals and actually making plans for a better relationship? How often are you "working your relationship?" 

    Let’s have an open and candid discussion regarding the importance of putting energy into ourselves and accomplishing our dreams (in or out of a relationships) and how to navigate changes in ourselves as well as our partners. 

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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: Dying to Be Beautiful

    in Women

    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    Come play with us in the bedroom as we discuss the need for a big butt, big tits etc. What's the price of beauty? Why is it necessary? Why don't women feel they are enough with booty, tits, and face that were given to them during birth? What drives a woman to "hate" or dislike themselves so much that they must spend thousands or millions to look "beautiful?" Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder or is it in the hands of the plastic surgeon or the so called "butt injector?" 

    Lets talk booty pills, black market butt injections, and the need for bigger breast. What's driving our society to value beauty over brains? Is this all worth it? Women are literally dying to have bigger asses...

    Do you want a bigger booty? If so why? What's driving you and/or what's stopping you if you haven't received it. 

    We have a lot to talk about! 

    Let’s talk!

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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: Relationships/love/Music

    in Women

    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    Take a break as we play music, discuss sex, relationships, and the likes on this evening's show. 


    Thank you

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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae-The Side Piece Syndrome

    in Relationships

    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    Are you in a relationship (lesbian or heterosexual) and you find yourself with a side piece? What led to this circumstance? Were you not happy in the bedroom? Is your husband/wife on the road a lot? Do you feel that you don't have enough sex? What happen if you fall in love with your side piece? Do you leave your partner to be with that individual? Is it more acceptable for a man to have a "side-piece" than it is for a woman? Why or why not? I've heard the saying that "I have to have a lover on the side to stay happy." 

    On the flip side...are you the side piece to a man or woman in a relationship? If so, is this your preference? If it is...why don't you want to be in a committed relationship with someone who is not attached? What attracts us to those that are taken? Do we feel we missed out on something? Or is it the thrill of the moment? 

    This is going to be an excellent discussion! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. 


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    Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair: LGBT, Family, and the Holidays

    in LGBT


    On this episode of Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair we are discussing introducing your new partner to your family, how to address your partner in front of your family, and if you break up with your partner does that mean your family break up with him/her too? Should your family allow your ex over during the holidays? Why or Why not? 

    This is our last show of the year. We hope you join us during this great discussion!

    Talk to you soon

  • 01:11

    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: The "trouble" with Friends (Frenemies)

    in Women

    Do you have a friend that seems jealous of you? Do you find it difficult to discuss issues/concerns with your friends? Are you a female who says “I can’t be friends with other women?” Why is it “difficult” for women to support each other as they grow? What are we competing for and why? Are you the friend that finds it hard to celebrate the success of others? Why can’t women just all “get along?” What are your thoughts surrounding frenemies? Is this a true phenomenon, why or why not? Where do you think the thought of “women not being able to get along” come from? Is it really easier to be friends with men?

    Let’s have an open discussion surrounding women, friendships, envy, and competition

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    The G-Spot With Meka Rae: Kinky Sexual Play

    in Relationships

    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    Lets talk about the kink in sex play.

    Are you wanting to try something new in the bedroom? Are you already a freaky kind of lover? Do you want to share your stories and how others can enjoy a "kinkier" form of sex? How do you ask your lover to try something new in the bedroom? Will you become offended if your lover suggests you do something new in the bedroom? How would you respond if your partner wants to try something new in the bedroom? Are you open to new things in the bedroom... why or why not? We are talking about the ins and outs of anal sex, vampire sex, and we will explore other forms of kinky play such as golden showers, bondage, submissive/dominatrix, sex outside, bringing food/toys in the bedroom, etc. We will explore how to practice these forms of sex safely if you want to, how to respond to your lover's request if you are not interested, and how to ask your lover to try something new in the bedroom.