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    Leben is lernen, aber was, und wie?

    in Self Help

    Wir alle lernen von diesem Lehrer, aber nur die wenigstens sind sich darüber bewusst. Darüber hinaus ist es so das wir durch unsere eignene Erfahrungen, und was wir davon gelernt haben unsere eigene Realität erschaffen. Wie das funkitioniert, und wie man lernen kann bewusst seine eigenen Realität zu erschaffen, und sich dadurch selber zu verwirklichen, das ist Kein Ding.

  • The Crowding of America's Prisons, Viral Videos & Religion, Art, Science

    in Politics

    Kevin Ring-Director of Strategic Initiatives for Families Against Mandatory Minimums, asks "Are there Too Many People in America's Prisons?"

    Samantha Mills-The Good News Girl is back with her latest report of viral videos that has America laughing, crying and being thankful.

    David White-Former staffer for Henry Kissenger, Howard Baker and Nelson Rockefeller addresses Art, Religion, Science, Spirituality, the focus of his latest book.

    Phyllis Schlafly-Obama's Iran Deal Betrays America says the long term national leader of the conservative movement, and founder of Eagleforum.org.

    Dr Sean Wheeler-Medical doctor and sports pain expert who has for the first time uncovered the cause of modern back pain, reveals WHY it is the world’s most disabling disease, and how it can be both treated and prevented.

    Sarah Carter-Columnist with the American Media Institute discusses her latest column, ISIS “Mein Kampf’ Blames Israel for Global Terrorism.

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    Die Schule des Lernens

    in Self Help

    Für die Dinge die wir lernen müssen

    bevor wir sie machen können, wir lernen

    indem wir sie machen.

  • Der Baum des Lebens

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    Die menschliche Natur ist keine Maschinem die gebaut wurde um genau die Arbeit zu verrichten die ihr vorgeschrieben wird, aber wie ein Baum der wachsen und sich entfalten muss, gemäß den inneren Kräften die ihn zu einem lebendigen Wesen machen. Kein Ding

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    Lernen? Kein Ding!

    in Self Help

    In diesem Segment der 'Jetzt Show' möchte ich sie auf die einzigartige Form des Lernens von Kein Ding aufmkerksam machen

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    ISIS plans for all-out war between Islam and infidels (Second Coming Watch #700)

    in Christianity

    1. Intelligence officials are comparing a newly discovered secret Islamic State document to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” as it blames Israel for the rise of the Islamic State and crowns U.S. President Barack Obama as the “Mule of the Jews.”

    2. Fighting flared between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels in separate parts of eastern Ukraine overnight, killing at least two Ukrainian soldiers and several civilians.

    3. Iran’s Supreme Leader said his country will remain closed to U.S. influence and continue to oppose U.S. policies in the Middle East after its nuclear deal with big powers, noting that either country can still block the accord. 

    4. The September vote on the Iran nuclear deal is billed as a titanic standoff between President Barack Obama and Congress. Yet even if lawmakers reject the agreement, it’s not game-over for the White House.

    5. The United States and Germany are pulling Patriot missile systems out of Turkey. 

    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.

    The prophetic passage of Scripture that we are looking at today is 2 Kings 9:9-10.

    Our second coming quote for today is from John Trapp. He said: "This is pinned as a badge to the sleeve of every true believer—that he looks for and longs for Christ's coming to judgement."

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    Tha KEEP IT REAL "MorningShow"

    in Radio

    Tha KEEP IT REAL "Morning Show" is LIVE an DIRECT from Las Vegas Nv !! Please join mein my MORNING RANT if you got something to say or put someone on BLAST call me at 347-884-8810 an i will let you get it off your CHEST  !! an today's Topic is : INSECURITIES !!! are WOMEN more insecure than MEN ? we all have insecurities an i wann hear from YOU about yours an i'll tell you mine !!! so Please call in a voice your thoughts at 347-884-8810 !!

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    in Paranormal

    On April 1, 1924, I entered upon my prison term in the fortress of Landsberg am Lech, as sentenced by the People's Court in Munich on that day.  Thus after years of uninterrupted work, an opportunity was for the first time offered me to embark upon a task which many had demanded and which I myself felt to be worth while for the movement.  I decided to set forth, in two volumes, the aims of our movement, and also to draw a picture of its development.  From this it will be possible to learn more than from any purely doctrinaire treatise.   At the same time I have had occasion to give an account of my own development, in so far as this is necessary for the understanding of the first as well as the second volume, and in so far as it may serve to destroy the foul legends about my person dished up in the Jewish press.  I do not address this work to strangers, but to those adherents of the movement who belong to it with their hearts, and whose intelligence is eager for a more penetrating enlightenment.  I know that men are won over less by the written than by the spoken word, that every great movement on this earth owes its growth to great orators and not to great writers.  Nevertheless, for a doctrine to be disseminated uniformly and coherently, its basic elements must be set down for all time.  To this end I wish to contribute these two volumes as foundation stones in our common edifice                                                                                      



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    INSIDEtrack: An interview with Heather Kampf

    in Sports

    After her third consecutive Ryan Shay mile win, in a time of 4:21, Heather Kampf takes some time to chat with INSIDEtrack. We want to hear more about how she see's herself as a miler, what to expect for her next race in Pittsburg, and what her experience has been running for Team USA Minnesota.

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    in Politics

    Today our show involves what our weekly show is going to be about, EDUCATION OFF THE BLACK MASSES IN AMERICA AND AFRICA ABOUT THE BLACK CODES.

     This was the first act that lets us know that there were educated Black and Brown People before America United in 1776, in fact THE ACT OF 1740. This act was put onto place after the first Continental Congress.  The Declaration of Independence, that is credited to  be written by Thomas Jefferson was in fact written by his Scribe Slave. The President over the first Continental Congress was  a Moor, and the Author of the Mayflower Pact was a Moor.  The same Black Moors Scribed and constructed the original Constitution which is locked away in Fort Knox with the Moorish flag. The Second CONTINENTAL Congress rewrote the Constitution instituting slavery and the laws against educating non whites.  Uneducated Whites did not like the idea of Black or Brown people being educated and intelligent enough to make the country unite. The laws became more server and the punishment more detrimental. So when Whites claim that all people had been slaves and reparations should not be paid, I say you are liras. Chattel Slavery was the cruelest injustice in human history. In fact you acknowledge this by saying the Jews of Germany were entitled to reparations, when Hitler himself said he got his platform for his internment camps from the American Slave System, in his book Mein Kampf. The Act of Chattel Slavery has Laws and those are laws the are still enforced to keep Black African people all over the world oppressed, and if it was so inhuman when done to the Jews it is equally as inhuman when done to African Black People if you are not liars and twisting the truth to benefit those White Jews from Germany. Hassidic's are not  Semites because it has been proven that they posses the Neanderthal Genes are not present in Black African people  West Asian+ African = Semite.

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    Keepin' It White: Fascist Ramblings of a Lemming Variety

    in Politics

    On tonight's edition of Keepin It White, Fascist Lemming covers a number of topics, ranging from the Armenian Genocide to the rise of Islamic Antisemitism in Europe, and reads a short excerpt from Mein Kampf.