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    Live With MJ! Interviews Attorney Peter Fields

    in Entertainment

    Our special guest today on Live With MJ is one of NYC's top lawyers, Peter Fields. Peter is a partner at Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields and practices in the areas of corporate, commercial and intellectual property law for clients in a host of industries and specialties including media, entertainment, technology, fashion, luxury goods, film, television, book publishing, music, sports, gaming, branded entertainment, advertising and the arts. Peter has a long list of high-profile clients and is also an active philanthropist. Be sure to tune in today at 3:00pm to hear about the great work that Peter is doing! 

    Follow Peter on Twitter: @PeterFieldsNY

    For more information about Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields, visit:  http://www.rlscf.com/ 

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    Stephanie Meghan - Tarot Hypnotherapist!

    in Spirituality

    Kosmic Koffee with Kooch! - Stephanie Meghan - Tarot Hypnotherapist! - Dax is Guest Hosting, and will be joined by Tarot Hypnotherapist Stephanie Meghan! ...be sure to "tune in" for this fascinating discussion!

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    Live With MJ! Interviews Insurance Advisor Lewis Salgado

    in Sports

    Today, MJ Pedone will interview Insurance Advisor Lewis Salgado of Lewis Salgado Consultants LLC. Lewis insures some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment and will discuss his business, his philanthropic efforts and what is going on in the sports world today. 

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    Austin Artistic Icons - Meghan Jones and Christina Barboza

    in Art

    What I love most about hanging out with Directors of RAW Artists Austin, Meghan Jones and Christina Barboza is their exquisite style and boldness as they do so.  I feel like I’m in my epitome sitting next to Meghan, sporting her new pink infused purple haircut and Christina’s distinctive side-shaved haircut, both of these creative icons turning heads as they walk into the hotel lobby.  RAW Austin is an independent arts organization for artists, by artists.  They’re a community made up of creative individuals across the nation and no one embodies this philosophy more than Meghan and Christina.  With the recent RAW Artists Austin Awards event being held and winners voted in and selected, I got a chance to catch up with Meghan and Christina.  Take a look at our radio show.  

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    Live With MJ! Welcomes Back NBA Champion Trent Tucker

    in Sports

    Tune in to Live With MJ! as she interviews NBA Champion Trent Tucker on Wednesday, November 12th at 3:30pm EST. Trent will discuss his job as the Director of District Athletics for the Minneapolis Public School District, his upcoming charity bowling event and NBA All-Star Weekend in NYC.  

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    For more information about the Trent Tucker Celebrity Bowling Event on Saturday, February 14, 2015, visit: 


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    Live With MJ! Interviews Rich "Big Daddy" Salgado

    in Sports

    Today on Live With MJ!, we will interview insurance consultant, sports enthusiast and philanthropist, Rich "Big Daddy" Salgado. Rich is the President of Coastal Advisors, LLC and insures some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Rich is also a contributor to the world of sports business. He has appeared on FOX News, Fox & Friends, and the FOX Business Network and has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Sports Business Journal, NFL Network, Sports Illustrated, Newsday, the New York Post, to name a few. Be sure to tune in to hear to him discuss his business, sports and his upcoming charity events. 

    Follow Rich on Twitter @CoastalAdvisors and on Facebook www.facebook.com/BigDaddyInsures. Also, for more information about Coastal Advisors, LLC, visit www.coastaladvisorsllc.com  

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    January Jones-Beating Holiday Depression

    in Self Help

    January Jones - Holidays & Depression

    Life is a journey and sometimes that journey can be rough. The devastation's of life can throw you into a deep valley that you can't get out of. "Finding Joy" will help you find your way out of the valley and help you find healing along the way.

    Jim Bender shares the personal story of a premature baby whose fight to survive will inspire you and lift your spirits. "Finding Joy" will encourage, uplift and guide you and will help you find healing, hope, purpose and, of course, joy


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    The Yvette W. Jones Show Welcomes Riskie Forever & Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter

    in Radio

    Yvette W. Jones talks to Riskie Forever and Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter about their success in the entertainment industry.  Tune in as Riskie Forever discusses how his gift of artistry opened the door to Tha Ink Well. Also, Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter shares his music and latest projects, including being the successful camera man behind YouTube Sensation, Cooking with Auntie Fee. Tune in Sunday, December 14th at 6pm EST and empower your mind to live well!




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    January Jones-Holiday Healing & Humor

    in Comedy

    Nick Hoesl, author  Laughter: The Drug of Choice: Definitive Doses of The Best Medicine and upcoming book, Proverbial Laughter of The World.

    Nicholas Hoesl is a community pharmacist, toastmaster, national keynote speaker, columnist, broadcaster, lecturer and global volunteer. He lives, loves, laughs and lasts in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    In his first book, “The First Humorously Medical Dictionary” Hoesl stated that “ our five senses are incomplete without the sixth, a sense of humor.” Many of those early gems can be found in all of his books and interviews.

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    January Jones-Ring EXchange-Pam Evans

    in Family

    January Jones-Ring EXchange-Pam Evans

    January Jones is pleased to welcome back for the second time around…Pam Evans.  She’s the Author of Ring EXchange – Adventures of a Multiple Marrier which is a book about Pam’s own journey and the missteps she made that led to four marriages and four divorces before her 50th birthday. 

    Pam did the hard work of self-discovery and reflection about her past choices that eventually led her to some important realizations about her relationship and marriage patterns.

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    January Jones- U R Smarter Than U Think!

    in Education

    January Jones- U R Smarter Than U Think!

    If you or your listeners have ever wondered if you were "stupid" because you were unable to keep up in school or when competing with others in learning situations, this will be an eye-opening interview...one that goes to the heart of what people feel about themselves and one that goes straight to the learning mind. That nagging doubt, I am not very smart, will disappear.

    ReneeMollan-Masters will advocate a new approach to teaching in the schools today that will embrace multiple learning talents.


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