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    Weedsday Wednesday-A Live Cannabis Radio Show-Megan Stone!

    in Education

    Welcome to Weedsday Wednesday! Everything you ever wanted to know about medical marijuana, cbd, thc, cannabis, hash, weed, pot and anything else you want to call this beautiful plant!

    Join us as we welcome Women Grow & Megan Stone of The High Road Design Studio!

    Call or blog and join us as we chat live with Megan Stone!

    Cannabis Interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news and information about anything and everything medical marijuana related in Tucson, Arizona and the world at large!

    Get up to date, live information about what's happening with all of the marijuana laws of our state, the dispensary process, clubs, education centers and everything happening in our exciting little trail dust town!

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    Carolina Blacc, Ciera Browne, Lovey Scott, Megan Mejia and Felisha Bradshaw

    in Culture

    Join TUR Radio and Stacy Darlene tonight when she meets with the one and only Carolina Blacc!!!! His manager and CEO of Big Boss Media, also contributing writer for The Urban Release, Ciera Browne will be in the studio as well.  We will check out some of his new music and learn more about his movement! The incredibly talented Lovey Scott will be in the studio to give us a live performance and discuss her love for poetry while the amazing Megan Mejia will be live to discuss epilepsy awareness.  Felisha Bradshaw will be in the studio to talk about her Radio Show and love for writing!  Make sure to tune in!

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    MLB Mania with Tyler Spence and Megan Whiteaker

    in Sports

    Join Tyler Spence and Megan Whiteaker tonight at 7 PM Pacific as they will review the opening week of the 2015 MLB season! On tap for tonight is the state of the San Francisco Giants with their injury issues, the hot start of Adrian Gonzales, the Yankees first win yesterday, and who we think is going to surprise us later on in the year. The show begins at 7 PM California time so call in with any questions or comments you might have. Or call in to rep your favorite team! See you tonight! Baseball is back! 

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    Spiritually Speaking with Special Guest Author Megan Mottley

    in Books

    Join Ta'Mara Nicole and Jae Henderson as they discuss Blessings and Beauty with Megan Mottley Author of Glamour Girl: How to Get the Ultimate Makeover.



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    Wounded Warrior Caregivers: Unsung Heroes

    in Self Help

    The Wounded Warrior Caregivers: Unsung Heroes

    Our American Soldiers protect the nation without hesitation.  They make the ultimate sacrifice daily in order to uphold the constitution.   But when a service member is wounded, ill, or injured, these changes place tremendous stress on family members. As the Wounded Warrior Project states “injuries from the battlefield last a lifetime.” The Caregivers of Wounded Warriors are an integral part of a warrior's successful recovery.  However, they are often times forgotten.  The Wounded Warriors Caregivers Facebook Group extends a helping hand. Join us as Megan Morseth, Administrative Officer share moments of hope and perseverance.  

    So, Let’s Talk!

    Knowledge Always Empowers

    TONIGHT, Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 2015 @ 10PM EST

    CALL IN LIVE (347) 838-8992




    LEARN MORE ABOUT:  Wounded Warrior Caregivers (FACEBOOK)

    Admin: Megan Morseth


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    Soulfullpreneur Talk Radio Guest Violet Aura Discusses Paranormal Aura Reading

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we talk to Violet Aura about her work doing paranormal aura readings.  Violet is a psychic services advisor and has been providing Lightwork and holistic healing therapy services for over 10 years. She is referred to as an empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, paranormal aura reader. She describes her primary ability to experience the human aura as being able to see and translate messages that arrive in the form of colors and light.

    Soulfullpreneur Radio - Inspiration, expression, abundance.  Spiritual business specialists Rachel Archelaus and Megan Crandlemire will bring you inspiring conversations with people who are living their soul purpose. Frequent guests include  psychic mediums, channelers, coaches, artists and authors. We end every show with psychic readings and business coaching – we welcome your questions about your spiritual business or life purpose journey. 

    Website: www.soulfullpreneur.com  
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/soulfullpreneur
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/soulfullpreneur-talk-radio/id931721117?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFIND9wvrgzwFQbk6s9Y95Q

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    Whats with Fox News

    in Current Events

    I have been an fan of Fox news for a long time.  However, lately, I am disappointed.  Today, let's spend so time talking about it.  Ok? 

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    Conversation With George Tandy Jr.

    in Entertainment

    To say I enjoyed my interview with R&B artist, producer and writer George Tandy Jr., is an understatement.  It was really cool talking with such a unique talent that didn't mind sharing or answering some of my off the wall the questions.  During our brief conversation, Tandy and I talk about his new CD (The Foundation) and the current single Jaded.  He also explains how some might still consider him the new kid on the block, even though he has been on the musical grind for about ten years.  As for those that didn't always believe in or support #TeamTandy, we talked about them too.   I also made sure I asked Tandy to sing live.  His response before singing a little bit of single March was to invite me to join in ... that didn't go so well.  Curious?  Want to know more?  Press play now and to learn what happend when Tandy sat down with me inside a small radio studio in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

    Follow Tandy on Twitter and Instagram @TeamTandy 

    *Listen, comment, subcribe and share this one with your friends and family, they will thank you! Thanks for sharing your time with me. To connect withe me hit me up on Twitter and Instagram @AlysseStewart.





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    Lay HOLD It's Time to Contend on A Voice for Our Time with Charlana Kelly

    in Christianity

    Tune in today for an NDP Update, an open letter from ambassador in chains Pastor Saeed Abedini, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn with a riveting heart shaking message on Washington Man of Prayer, Anne Graham Lotz giving a Mayday Call, and an inspiring message about sharing the Gospel in awkward moments that produce Divine appointments. Also introducing two new segments; This Day in Christian History & Wellness for Today God's Way. All on A Voice for Our Time TODAY Thursday, May 14 with host Charlana Kelly. Don't miss it!

    Special Music with Megan Vino, "El Shaddai" off her debut EP You Have My Heart available at meganvino.com or itunes.

    Join author, speaker, pastor, and radio host, Charlana Kelly as she shares wisdom you need for the coming days. We live in perilous times, but we need not fear. The good news is, the Holy Spirit will help us and empower us to overcome every obstacle. The times call for a hearing heart and reverential obedience. God wants to speak directly to us, but we have to have an ear to hear and a heart to follow.

    Charlana Kelly is teaching and inspiring listeners to refresh themselves in the Word and in Spirit as she gives a clarion call to all of God's people to wake up and stand up for faith, family, and freedom in Christ. Don't miss an episode as she imparts wisdom from God's Word and teaches the listener to live and walk in the Spirit. We are provisional people, but we will never know it unless we get out off the bank and out of the boat to do the will of God. YOU are called for such a time as this! You are graced with God's power... it's time to occupy and apprehend until Christ comes!

    Connect with Charlana on Facebook and Twitter at either @charlanakelly or @avoice4ourtime, also on the web at avoiceforoutime.net. A Voice for Our Time is the flagship program on Voices of Truth Radio Network, a SpeakTruth Media production © 2015.

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    Soulfullpreneur Talk Radio - Can a Career Totally Fulfill You

    in Spirituality

    Megan and Rachel talk about careers and can a career totally fulfill a person?

    Soulfullpreneur Radio - Inspiration, expression, abundance.  Spiritual business specialists Rachel Archelaus and Megan Crandlemire will bring you inspiring conversations with people who are living their soul purpose. Frequent guests include  psychic mediums, channelers, coaches, artists and authors. We end every show with psychic readings and business coaching – we welcome your questions about your spiritual business or life purpose journey. 

    Website: www.soulfullpreneur.com  
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/soulfullpreneur
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/soulfullpreneur-talk-radio/id931721117?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFIND9wvrgzwFQbk6s9Y95Q

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    Sunday on the Front Stoop, Pope Francis - climate change is a crime against God

    in Energy

    Pope Francis is preparing to deliver an encyclical this summer on environmental degradation and the effects of human - caused climate change on the poor.  He is urging world leaders to enact sweeping UN climate change accords in Paris in December.  He wants to commit every nation to enact tough laws to cut emissions that are causeing climate change.  Hurrah Pope!!    Pope Francis chose the name of St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment.  And he tweets!  'We need to care for the earth so that it may continue as God willed, to be a source of life for the entire human family."  Also we will update you on sister Megan Rice, the 'Nuclear Nun'.  Good news!