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    Tonight 04/02/2013 at 10:30pm est. Come spend an intimate evening with us here on Delicious Talk, the segment Bringing Sexy Back. Tonight’s special guests are Megan Hussey, a feminist erotica author and journalist who is also an activist on behalf of abused women. Her co-writer Saqqarah is an energy practitioner and the publisher at Metaphysical Erotica. We will go on the journey with these two dynamic women, where they have been and where they are going. You don’t want to miss this show. Log in to create an account to chat in the chat room. I encourage audience participation, so feel free to call in with your questions and comments # 646-652-2877.

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    Author Megan Hussey on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault victims with Saqqarah

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    On today's show:

    Hot Topics - celebrity news and host Phoenix talks with Author Megan Hussey and Publisher & co-writer Saqqarah

    Megan Hussey, author: http://goldenmuse.tripod.com
    Megan's Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_7?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=megan%20hussey&sprefix=megan+h%2Cdigital-text%2C261
    Saqqarah's Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Saqqarah&search-alias=digital-text&sort=relevancerank
    Metaphysical Erotica: www.metaphysicalerotica.com

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    Singer/Songwriter Megan Golden

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    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  On the show today, we're pleased to be joined by super talented, super sweet singer/songwriter Megan Golden.  Megan stops by to talk about her career, music and anything she's working on that she can talk about.  As usual, I've got my lovely and talented co-host/sidekick Emily with me, so here we go!

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    Singer Megan Chase

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    My name is Megan Chase. I am seventeen years old and music has always been my passion. I have been home-schooled since the seventh grade and I just finished out my junior year of high school. Since a very young age, I have been singing, writing songs, and playing guitar. Growing up, it has been my dream to attend Berklee College of Music for a double major in Songwriting and Vocal Performance along with a minor in Recording and Production. After college, I would love to be able to open my own recording studio where I can help other aspiring artists make their dreams come true while I work on projects of my own.Both my mother and father have always encouraged me to work and never give up on my goals, no matter how insane they may be. Throughout my high school education, I have been working hard to keep my GPA at a 3.8. I must say that the hard work has paid off to an extent.This summer, I have been presented with the opportunity to attend the Five Week Summer Performance Program that Berklee offers. I am super excited about the opportunity, as most kids who attend the summer program gain a better chance to attend Berklee College of Music upon graduation of high school. I applied for the summer program and was accepted shortly after. Most amazing out of everything, while Berklee was reviewing my application and performance links, they decided to award me a scholarship of $1,000 dollars. Hundreds of students have applied for the summer program and scholarships, and I was one of the chosen students to be awarded. However, the scholarship only covers a fraction of the entire cost to attend the program. Unfortunately, my parents do not have the financial means to pay their expected contribution of $7,500 by the deadline of June 25th.  

    Unfortunately, my parents do not have the financial means to pay their expected contribution of $7,500 by the deadline of June 25th.Donate to the fund at:  http://www.gofundme.com/wh5y5s

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    Cynthia Swanson, Laura van den Berg, Megan Abbott & great book giveaways

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    Tune in to the Monday, June 1, Literary New England Radio Show for an hour of lively, thought-provoking book and author talk with three of today's hottest authors! Hosted by Cindy Wolfe Boynton, this episode features:

    Cynthia Swanson on The Bookseller
    Laura van den Berg on Find Me
    Megan Abbott on The Fever

    Listen and Tweet or email us to win each of these titles!

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    TRUNEWS 05/26/15: Megan Heimer (@MegLivingWhole) & Dr David Jockers (@djockers5)

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    As three Jim Bakker Show interviews are televised nationally in America, Rick issues a somber warning today that world war is imminent. Prepare your hearts for a consuming fire. In Part 2, Megan Heimer tells Rick why she thinks Focus on the Family is remiss in promoting the safety of vaccines and by not exposing the presence of aborted baby tissue in vaccines. In Part 3, Dr. David Jockers and Rick discuss the physical and spiritual implications of being out of alignment.

    Tuesday May 26, 2015

    Megan Heimer | Living Whole

    Dr. David Jockers | Maximized Living

  • Clinton vs Cosby-The Real War on Women? And The Death of Bobbie Kristina

    in Politics

    Megan Barth-Founder of Reagan Baby.com asks, "Who has more victims, Cosby or Clinton? And is Clinton the real war on women?"

    Liz Curtis Higgs-Her goal is to help women embrace the grace of God with joy and abandon.  She writes, "It's Good To Be Queen."

    James Hirsen-The Entertainment attorney, best selling author talks about the death of Bobbi Kristina, The Movie Hollywood doesn't want you to see, "An Open Secret," and China Goes Hollywood.

    Craig Richardson-the Executive Director of the Energy & Environment Legal Institute exposes the syndicate of 1% ers meeting the faces of 21st Century enviro-racketeers.

    Jeffrey Lord-a contributing editor to The American Spectator, and a former aide to Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan discusses "The Poison of Identity Politics."

    John Casey-President of the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), a leading independent research organization in Orlando, Florida explains the coming Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Megan Sisk of Soul Speak Integrative Life Coaching

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    Steamboat Springs, CO – We do our very best to keep the negative aspects of ourselves, our shadow, hidden and repressed. Like holding a balloon under water, you try to push it beneath the surface, but it wants to burst out of the water. Inevitably it will.

    Even though we may not appreciate our shadow, it’s one of the most important components of our being.

    Megan Sisk is the founder of Soul Speak integrative Life Coaching where she works with individuals to radically change their life through the revolutionary Breakthrough Shadow Coaching. Developed by Debbie Ford of the Ford Institute, Breakthrough Shadow Coaching allows you to face your Shadow Self and embrace the gifts and wisdom it has come to offer.

    “It’s not about getting rid of our shadows,” says Megan. “It’s about learning to love them. In order to walk into the light, you’ve got to go through the dark. When people are willing to face their shadows they realize they can love those parts of themselves too.”

    According to Megan, we build up our strengths by finding the gifts in our weaknesses. Until we confront that part of ourselves, our strength is merely a façade. Megan takes her clients deep into their shadows.

    In addition to shadow coaching, Megan also employs a modality known as “Healing Your Heart.” The program supports and guides you to bring love and peace back into your relationships - with others as well as with yourself.

    Says Megan: “The reason I call it Soul Speak Integrative Life Coaching is because it is true mind and soul work.”

    For more information on Soul Speak Integrative Life Coaching, visit http://www.soulspeak.biz/

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    Selling in a Skirt with Reaching Healthy Financial Freedom

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    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman and her guest Jim Jones & Megan Tull:

    Jim Jones is a visionary leader with an eye for emerging markets in a changing healthcare environment. Through Jim's 30 years in the insurance and healthcare business, he has developed a business model that integrates insurance products and healthcare services for individuals and small businesses to manage their costs and coverage with customized plan options. Jim is Co-Founder and President of Wellspring Benefits Group, LLC, located in Colleyville, TX.

    Megan Tull is a wife, a mother of three and an entrepreneur. She owns two companies, Silverlining Concepts, LLC and Ultimate Bodies Pilates. Megan is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, a Transformational Leader, Speaker, Author, a Certified Life Coach and a Comprehensively Trained Certified Peak Pilates Instructor.
    Megan has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has built 7 businesses from the ground up, so she knows a thing or two about business. She has also helped 100's of small business owners reach their financial goals.

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    RileyNicole Designs is featured on The Business Forum Show with Kevin Hunter

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    Host Kevin Hunter features Megan Andrew of RileyNicole Designs. Megan has an interesting story behind her trendy kid's clothing business venture. She loves dressing up her kids and she wanted to try something new and venture out of her comfort zone. Megan is able to work from home, and through collaborating with other shop owners, she is surpassing her business goals. She is one of the few business people who has written goals. If you haven't written down your goals and made a plan on how to reach them, tune in and hear how Megan has used this process to help her business grow. 

    You may see Megan Andrew's shop at: 



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    On Metaphysical Erotica with Megan and Saqqarah

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    Saqqarah is an experienced energy practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor, Akashic Record Reader and a great lover of metaphysics, sacred geometry and holographic sound healing.  She is also a nurse, musician, writer, mother and serial entrepreneur.

    Her first book, “The Root: Discovering Power,” became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and she has since released other books in the Mythrotica Series, including “Greek Mythrotica: Legends of Royalty,” which stayed in the top 100 of Kindle Free Ebooks under Erotica and Mythology for over a week.

    She can be reached at saqqarah at metaphysicalerotica dot com.

    Megan Hussey is a feminist erotica author known for writing paranormal based fantasy romances, with more than 30 titles in print, audio and e-book forms, and for her work behind the scenes in the women’s erotica industry, having written for companies such a Playgirl, Chick Media, Good Vibrations, Little Black Box Gifts and Trejix Toys.

    Megan won an Honorable Mention for her book, “Under Cover of Night: The First Book of Nuit” for Love Romances and More in Cafe’s 2007 Vampire Book of the Year award.  This book was also acknowledged among the best short fantasy works o the year by Preditors and Editors.  She was also a nominee for the Women Golden Shoe Award for Erotic Romance Reviews; and her book, “The One That Got Away” received a Recommended Read rating from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.  Many of her stories revolve around fantasy characters such as merman and strong, real female heroines.

    Visit her website at http://goldenmuse.tripod.com