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    eRepublik Meet the Press #16

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    The return for Meet the Press to the radio. We start by outling all that has happened for me in the new year, the future as I see it, the current Congress, including a detailed outlook on my platform for this month's election run.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #14

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    A show that again was not planned. I'll talk about my Congressional run, and speak briefly about my opinions for the tax changes and so much more. Stay with us here at Meet the Press, the show for the people.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #13

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    I kick of my run for a 3rd term in Congress, and host a show I didn't expect to host. Sorry in advance for the extremely short notice, but we know how these things work. I'll speak with Jude Connors and Cody Caine about the issue at hand regarding Pizza the Hut and the NCP PP elections. Also, hear our panel speak about the upcoming Congressional elections and the state of the nation and what we expect for the future. All this and more on Meet the Press.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #6

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    Today on Meet the Press, we talk with Ghost Killah about his thoughts on Pizza the Hut, Pierce Vaughn, and much more. We're sure to have a great show, and also we get to hear from Josh Whitehead.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #7

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    We're expecting eUS Presidential Candidate Paul Proteus to come in studio with us and answer some questions. Hopefully we get some old friends together for a great talk. I'll also speak for a short moment on Hurricane Irene. Call in number is 626-213-5635 for the 7th edition of eRepublik Meet the Press, hosted by Portcolumbus.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #3

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    A show that I really wasn't expecting to have, but we'll talk anyway. I'll be giving my opinion on the way the government is going, Cerb's opening 10 days in office, and my Congressional Campaign and why I'm planning to run for the 4th time. Make sure to stay with us on the IRC channel #meet-the-press as well as calling in to voice your thoughts.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #1

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    The first episode for the Meet the Press by Portcolumbus with eRepublik political issues and hopefully some figures to jump in and speak with us. You can find me on the IRC channel for #meet-the-press, as well as #usa-chat and #uswpchat. I'll keep in touch with all of you during the episode, and please don't forget to call in with any concerns you might have regarding the eRepublik politics of the day.

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    eRepublik Meet the Press #2

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    The second episode of the show. Presidential Candidate Cerb will join us again if he can make it, along with hopefully Josh Whitehead. I'll be explaining why Cerb gets the Meet the Press endorsement for eUS President, and also some plans I have for the paper I run, and much more. This edtion starts an hour later than the first one, to try and accomdate the West Coast audience better, as well as to allow people the chance to get home and unwind first before making them come to the computer screen.

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    Pundit Press Radio with Dan Butcher

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    Dan Butcher is the Editor in Chief of Pundit Press and Program Director for the Pundit Press Radio Network.

    Pundit Press is one of the leading and most well respected news and information websites on the internet today. Pundit Press offers breaking news, in-depth reporting, and opinion writing.

    The Pundit Press Radio Network has quickly become one of the leading internet broadcasters with some of the top conservative hosts and shows on the web today.

    Dan is available for print, radio, and television interviews, as well public speaking engagements. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an interview.

    You may contact Dan at thepunditpress@gmail.com.

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    Meet The Band Buck sixx

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    Country/Southern Rock band Buck Sixx

    Chris Lovett Vocals, Guitar;Marc Craig vocals, guitars;Jeff Dillehay lead guitar,vocals,banjo; Morris Dillehay bass guitar,vocals;Chris Gibson drums,percussion.. http://www.reverbnation.com/bucksixx

    Buck Sixx is a country/rock band that stems from generations of family musicians. They all started at an early age playing along with their dads, grandfathers, cousins and uncles. As musicians, they have played with lots of other bands, but the strong family bond has brought them back together to form Buck Sixx. They play original songs written by the band with a blend of Country/Rock. The combination of lyric and music continues to grow the band’s fan base. Brothers, cousins, and Friends they hail from Columbia, Tennessee, just forty miles south of Nashville.. “Buck Sixx’s debut record is one of the strongest freshmen records I’ve ever heard. There truly isn’t a bad song on the record and there isn’t a song that would turn fans off. Buck Sixx successfully showcases who they are as individuals, as a group, as musicians, as vocalists, and as songwriters and it’s a showcase that is uniquely fresh. It’s a package that will allow them to be recognized on many different avenues in the country music industry.” – Thatsmusictome.com

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    Meet And Greet Season 1

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    Model meet and greet

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