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    Living With Mood Disorders: Treatment and medications

    in Relationships

    I candidly discuss my visit with my new Doctor and how the visit went and the medications and treatment that we decided on. 


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    TOPS LIVE - education on man made medications

    in Spirituality

    TOPS LIVE - education on man made medications

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    Innovative Efforts toward Affordable Medications

    in Health

    Jon-Michael Rosmann of the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation joins Joyce to talk about their efforts to provide affortable prescription drugs to the people of Iowa.

    The Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation is a non-profit organization established in 2001 to provide affordable medication access to Iowans in need of assistance. Its initial programs focused on providing affordable medications to Medicare eligible Iowans. Since then their mission has expanded to include their state's safety-net patients. Today they focus on creating innovative solutions that provide low-cost pharmaceutical access to the most vulnerable populations while generating significant cost savings across health systems.

    We will talk about some of these programs, and how they might be extended to people in other states.

    For more information, see <a href="http://www.iowapdc.org">http://www.iowapdc.org</a>

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    Medications and Food addictions

    in Energy

    Medications over the counter and given by Doctors has become the number one killer for people. We will discuss this at length.

    We will also be addressing what's in your food that keeps you addicted. Do not miss this program.

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    Medications that feminize

    in Education

    Hormone-mimicking materials have capacity to alter all life forms. Inadequate hormones produce atrophy or overgrowth  eg,  cancer.  Hormones in Soy are causing femizing effects in boys,  eg:  breast tissues. What can be done with hormones in our food and medications? 

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    Diabetic Medications, Including Insulin Increase Risk of Death!

    in Health

    Many anti-diabetes medications have been removed from the market because of increased risk of side efffects, such as organ damage and death. A new study now includes insulin in the list of death dealing drugs. Double the risk of fatal heart attacks have been observed in Type 2 diabetics as opposed to those not taking insulin. We will also discuss the use of Hydrogen Gas to reverse diabetes without drugs. Please share this broadcast with everyone you know and love who is suffering with diabetes or has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you may save their lives!

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    Pharmacist Helping People to Better Understand and Manage their Medications

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori Wilk interviews Consulting Pharmacist,  Antonela Martino,Ph.D, about what we need to understand when it comes to taking medications and managing the use of  what we are taking. In this interview Antionela will discuss what some of our biggest concerns should be and how  make changes in our lives . She'll talk about how we get started and some key steps to managing our health and use of medications. Live call-in show and you'r e invited to speak to our host and guest at 347.237.5648 . Follow Successipes on Twitter@Successipes You can connect with our guest, Antoinela Martino about how to hire a consulting pharmacist to evaluate medications taken by you or a loved one. 

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    Its a Family Affair - The use of Psychotropic Medications

    in Self Help

    Tonight Trish will be joined by our special co-host A-Author/Researcher/Survivor, Ms. Lynn C. Tolson, 'Beyond the Tears-A true survivors story.' 

    Ms. Tolson has researched the use of Psychotropic Medications and even begins her memoir with her attempted suicide from the years of dark nightmares and emotions from her years of incest and violence. She's shared with us many great writings from waking up in a psych ward to the various side effects of medications.

    Many of who have suffered depression or anxiety from life's many up's and down's know the psychiatric pharmaceutical companies thrive at our risk. The side effects of these types of drugs are extreme and some come with no longterm reasearch on how it impacts the developing brain of children. 

    Join in with Lynn and Trish tonight beginning at 9pm eastern for an indepth look at some of the more commonly used medications which are often prescribed as if it were a daily chocolate bar. Know the risk of what drugs are being used on your children and if they are actually needed, Perhaps there is something bothering them lately which results in their over active behavior or maybe they are just being teenagers, children who have their own thoughts & personalities. 

    This is sure to be an intense conversation as we look at how we expect our children to conform to appropriate societal behaviors, and will even take the risk of permanent twitches & nerve dysfunctions, simply because they are not listening.

    Call in with your thoughts or shares at 347-215-7754 or connect with our amazing Butterfly Helpers in the chatroom. Learning; It's a Family Affair. A community outreach broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. 'Trish McKnight' Owner/CEO

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    Healing with Dr Daniels -Why Medications Can Never Be Safe

    in Health

    Please join Dr. Jennifer Daniels 6pm EST on Tuesday, April 1 for the Healing with Dr Daniels Show. The show's title is Why Medications Can Never Be Safe.

    Dr.  Daniels discusses the scientific methods used to determine drug safety, the information needed to recommend and use a substance safely and how this information is systematically withheld from the Doctor and the patient. Learn how to make sure your therapies, natural or otherwise, are safe.Tune in to find out. 

    To dial in to listen:or ask questions call 914-338-0695 or online click  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blakeradio or go to



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    Are Medications for Mental Health Needed at all?

    in Spirituality

    Join me for this live show as we discuss the medications for mental health.
    Are you or someone you know taking a medication and you are not really sure whether you need to?
    Maybe you have been taking a medication and you have decided that you want to stop it but you are unsure how?
    What about medications for children and teenagers?
    What may be the implications for your body and energy system with long term use?
    Are any medications for psychological health needed at all?!
    We will discuss this and possible alternatives.
    Perhaps you have had an experience with a medication for mental health and you would like to share this with our listeners?
    (Charity is trained regarding medications for mental health, although is not able to prescribe. You should always check with your doctor before changing or stopping a medication).

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    Anxious & Can't Sleep? Toxic Medications are NOT the Answer!

    in Health

    Today Nick & Dr. Joanna will talk about some natrual ways you can decrease anxiety and get some sleep! 

    If bad nutrition is the Mother of all disease, Insomnia is the Father.  Our bodies need sleep in order to restore, rebalance, and heal itself.  When we are not getting enough sleep, it can actually contribute to insomnia, depression, various other diseases and even weight gain.  

    Did you know that toxic medications can actually cause that which they are designed to treat?  And don't forget about the long list of  side effects at the end of those ads on TV! Scary, right?  And yet people who are desparate for relief take them anyway. 

    Did you also know that there are no blood tests to check for "seratonin deficiency".  These are cocepts promoted by the pharmaceutical industry to convince you that you need to take medications that will raise seratonin levels or other chemicals in the body that will alleviate anxiety, insomnia and depression.  

    Learn how hypnosis, meditation, and yoga can help to raise our "feel good" chemicals in the body natrually as well as use the body-mind connection to achieve better health overall in body,mind, heart and spirit. 

    Kalyana Means Wellbeing... physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, naturally...

    Find us always at www.thekalyanacentre.com / www.drjoannacarmichael.com or 484-412-8815

    Info@thekalyanacentre.com for more infomration or to scheudle an appointment with Joanna Carmichael or Nick Colasanti 

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