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    Empowered Women of Social Media presents - Teresita Carrasco

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    Tonights guest is Teresita Carrasco of West Jupiter, Florida, and she will be talking with Carla Wynn Hall about the power of Social Media.

    More on Empowered Women of Social Media - www.empoweredwomenofsocialmedia.com

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    Carline Bejin-Dye Empowered Women of Social Media

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    Welcome to Empowered Women Radio. Tonight's guest is Carline Bejin-Dye who is not only an amazing life coach for women, but is a Co-Author in Empowered Women of Social Media. 

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    Empowered Women of Social Media - A Casual Talk with Carla

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    You are invited to attend. A Casual talk with Carla Wynn Hall about Empowered Women of Social Media: 44 Women found their Voices using the Power of Social Networking, a book compilation that launches on October 5th (Kindle) and October 15th in Paperback. Hear about the book's beginnings, the Amazing Co-Authors and more. 

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    Carla Hall Speaks with Sammy Davis about Empowered Women of Social Media,

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    Don't miss this amazing talk with the energetic Samantha "Sammy D" Davis! She will be talking with Carla about her part in Empowered Women of Social Media as well as her new ebook, "Love Your Life" now on Amazon. 12 PM Central, don't miss it!

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    Empowered Women of Social Media - Co-Author KL Taylor

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    Tonight at 7:30 Carla Wynn Hall, compiler of the Best-Selling new book EmPowered Women of Social Media will be speaking with one of the co-authors who offers her story of how she battled with domestic violence as well as breast cancer, to become the best selling author she is today. 

    Learn more about KL http://www.empoweredwomenofsocialmedia.com/co-author-kl-taylor/

    Order Empowered Women of Social Media - www.EmpoweredWomenOfSocialMedia.com 

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    Empowered Women of Social Media Global Book Launch and Praise Reports

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    Will you join me at 12:00 Center on Blogtalk Radio for a Celebration of our Global Book Launch for Empowered Women of Social Media? This show will go on for 2 hours on Blogtalk so make your plans. We will be having guest speakers all day long talking about how this book is transforming lives. http://www.empoweredwomenofsocialmedia.com Our stories are no longer untold. As Maya Angelou states "There is no greater agony than an untold story" this is true. Learn about the women who are making history by speaking about how social media gave them the strength to reach out, make new friends and find freedom. Through the day you will be hearing stories of triumph from women who are breast cancer survivors and empowered business women. 

    JOIN US at 12:00 Central this Sunday October 5th for the Global Launch of Empowered Women of Social Media. 

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    Empowered Women of Social Media - Patricia M. Castellanos, LMHC, C.Ht

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    Tonight's guest is Patricia Castellanos, LMHC, C.Ht. She is one of our Co-Authors in the book, Empowered Women of Social Media, 44 Women Found Their Voices Using The Power of Social Networking. 


    Ms. Patricia Castellanos is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  She earned her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis through the International Association for Counselors and Therapists.  She has worked in the Miami-Dade and Broward County areas for over 8 years. Ms. Castellanos was the founder of The Expression Center in Broward County. She has presented at professional conferences in Miami-Dade and Broward counties on the topics of ADHD and Behavioral skills and has published articles on holistic treatments to ADHD. She has facilitated several parenting and personal growth workshops and seminars to children, adolescents and adults.

    - See more at: http://www.empoweredwomenofsocialmedia.com/co-author-patty-castelannos/

    Learn more about Empowered Women of Social Media and our other co-authors here. 

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    Stereotypes of Women in the Media

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    This blog talk will analyze the findings in media regarding women and how they are stereotyped due to television, music videos and other media.  How do these affect women?  How does society view them?

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    Empowered Women of Social Media presents Danielle Coulter

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    If Dan can Shred - You can Too is a book written by a young lady who I consider to be my virtual daughter. Born with Cerebral Palsy Danielle has defied the odds more than once. She is the world's first adaptive snow boarder and shreds the slopes of Aspen, Colorado. You will love her story. Because of speech issues, she will be joined by Win Kelly Charles, author of I, Win. 

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    Empowered Women of Social Media Presents - Susan Orehowsky

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    Tonight's Guest is Susan Orehowsky, she is a co-author in Carla Wynn Hall's collaborative anthology, Empowered Women of Social Media. Susan Orehowsky is a Certified Christian Life-Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified AromaTouch with DoTerra essential oils. She is the founder of Living Life Holistic. 

    Bio: A Certified Christian Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach Susan Orehowsky is the Founder & CEO of Living Life Holistic, who has helped both men and women to adopt healthy life choices and achieve their life goals. Utilizing a holistic approach for the mind, body and spirit, Susan is also a team leader with DoTerra and Melaleuca, and Certified in DoTerra Essential oils and Aromatouch technique in essential oils. She is the co-author of the book “Empowered Women of Social Media” and in 2014, released her co-written second narrative, “Living a Holistic Life: Embracing Change and Loving It!” Learn more about Susan! Click HERE

    Learn more about Empowered Women of Social Media and sign up for launch party notifications, CLICK HERE

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    Empowered Women of Social Media - Shameka Andrews

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    Tonights Guest is Shameka Andrews, one of our lovely endorsers. 

    "Im a disability consultant, advocate and motivational speaker I was born with spina bifida I am the wellness coordinator of the Independent living center of the Hudson valley and the state coordinator for the Ms Wheelchair NY program an empowerment and advocacy program for women who use wheelchairs" - Shameka

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