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    Freezer and Meat!

    in Lifestyle

    Local group Central Oregon Patriots are raffling off a freezer full of meat. The Freezer is valued at $199 filled with $350 worth of meat.

    I'll have Tom Case from the Central Oregon Patriots on to tell us why they are doing this? Make sure you join us tfor this fun program highlighting one of the most active grassroots organzations in the state of Oregon.

  • Meat for the Masters Use

    in Religion

    There are all types of meat out there, but all meat isn't edible. All meat doesn't provide good nutrician, nevertheless it's still meat. Howver, all meat isn't good for you, some meat if eaten too much causes high blood pressure, some meat if eaten too much can cause strokes or heart attacks. So how do you know what meat is good? The same goes for the body christ. We are all people, but who are those that are "meat for the masters use"? What does it take to be considered "Meat for the masters use". Tune in tonight to hear what the spirit is saying. 

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    Don't Feed Me With Meat

    in Religion

    Prophet Hubbard releases an empowering messages to those who have trouble understanding the new revelation God is releasing on the earth in this season. In today's broadcast Don't Feed Me With Meat he deals with the way people receive and process revelation in which all revelation is not for all people but because the revelation is not received does not mean it's not God inspiried. 

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    Meat joins SGWS

    in Sports

    Pacific Northwest veteran Meat joins us on Sign Guy's Wrestling Show. He's competed all up and down the west coast from British Columbia to Oregon. He's danced to Justin Beiber music, chased opponents with an axe, won championships, and even became a Hall of Famer. He's someone that has accomplished a whole lot in his career. He's going to sit down and talk to us about... MEAT!

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    Doin It, Doin It and Doin It Well

    in Sports

    Have you ever said to yourself "what if"?  We all have, in any walk of life.  We're going to explore the biggest "what ifs" in the sports world.   What if Michael Jordan hadn't retired?  What if Barry Bonds wasn't ever accused of taking steroids?  What if Drew Bledsoe never got injured?  What would the state of the Patriots be today?  Tune in tonight at 9!

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    We're Baaccckkkk! Yes, Again

    in Sports

    Sorry about these hiatuses you guys.  We'll try to keep them to a minimum or even nil.  Anyway!  I'm sure you guys watched the NBA Finals.  If not, they happened, they're done and now we have the NBA offseason to look to and we'll do some good 'ol prognosticating about it!  Tonight at 9!

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    Man Meat, Horse Meat, and Tequila

    in Comedy

    There is a Tex/Mex-sized steak number of things going on. The annual NFL Slave Trade is taking place. The happily running for the roses horses are trying to win the Kentucky Derby, and Americans eveywhere are gleefully awaiting to don their sombreros, drink tequila, and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in honor of folks whom they refuse to let into their country. And...

    Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team break it all down for you. IWS offers NFL Draft analysis, recap the Derby, and preview the Cinco de Mayo celebration as they drink Mexican beer, and make fun of the French army.

    In addition to that, Jay and Matt discuss Supreme Court gay marriage oral arguments, the Baltimore riots, and take your phone calls at 661.244.9852 as IWS Radio presents: Man Meat, Horse Meat, and Tequila.


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    Episode 1: Meat and Potatoes Era Begins ...NOW!

    in Sports

    The show that you needed but didn't derserved has arrived. Are you ready? We are...or not. it, we're doing it anyways!

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    in Hip Hop Music

    unleash Ebola in UK: How an appetite for African delicacies at British market stalls may spread killer virus

    Ridley Road in Dalston, East London, is one example of an area with a large African community
    It has been identified as a hub for secret market in ‘bush meat’ - flesh of exotic animals such as chimpanzee, monkey and fruit bats
    7,500 tonnes of illegal meat enters Britain each year; bulk of it is bush meat
    Bush meat is one of primary sources of Ebola's transmission


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    The Best Sports Movies EVER

    in Sports

    Field of Dreams, Remember The Titans, Hoosiers, Major League......these are just SOME of the best sports movies ever.  We discuss our favorites, the bad ones, which had a great impact and so on!

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    To Hall of Fame or.........nah.

    in Sports

    So many great athletes, such a limited amount of Hall of Fame space.  Who should really be voted into the hallowed walls of legacy?  Like the way I put that, huh?