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    Finding answers with guests Dr Rajendra Sharma / Naomi Mead

    in Health

    DR RAJENDRA SHARMA, is a private practitioner and an Integrated (Orthodox and Complementary medicine) practitioner. He has a special interest in Anti-ageing medicine and the treatment of chronic disease. Dr Sharma is the Secretary of the British Society of Ecological Medicine. The BSEM is a group of doctors, scientists and advanced practitioners in nutritional, allergy and environmental medicine in the UK with associated groups through-out the world. He has wrote a family book on health as well. http://www.drsharmadiagnostics.com http://www.theinfusionclinic.co.uk   Based in the U.K., Geeta Sidhu-Robb is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational mentor and founder of Nosh Detox – a highly successful well-being company that delivers delicious, nutritionally balanced menus straight to customers’ doors. Nosh Detox creates custom health packages and unique, natural health solutions to achieve optimal well-being, from promoting healthy eating, treating problem skin and working with weight issues to solving digestive problems, coping with stress, fighting infections and more.   Naomi Mead is a Nutritional Therapist trained and accredited at the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition. She is passionate about the role of nutrition in health and the therapeutic power of good food. Her approach is both supportive and practical, and she will provide you with nutritional advice tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. She has a particular interest in the areas of weight management, female health, stress, low energy, and digestive disorders. Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better.   http://www.noshdetox.com/

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    Postscript Margaret Mead and the Family Tree

    in Culture

    Change Agents Hall of Fame; Margaret Mead & the Cultural Anthropology Movement

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    Magaret Mead & the Cultural Anthropology Movement

    in Culture

    Today anthropology is something to stay away from in university-- a curriculum that leads to no job, no money, no future. Today the word anthropology has become an upscale clothing boutique, for those who can afford to leave a small carbon footprint. Tonight we discuss Margaret Mead and the future that has come, built by a group of anthropologists who decided they had all the answers, and pointed their weapon directly at our heads, and how  tacitly surrender by how we think about ourselves,

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    Alyson Mead- Claudette Chenevert

    in Spirituality

    Psychic since childhood, Alyson Mead has been reading people since the age of 19, and has since become certified at the highest levels in astrology, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and sound healing. She has had more than 25 years' experience clearing homes, offices and other spaces from ghosts, spirits, and waywards, and helped more than 50 clients sell homes that had been on the market for over a year as a result. These days, she provides humorous and forthright readings and intuitive healing sessions as the Sassy Psychic (http://www.sassypsychic.com), serving celebrities, sports figures, and people from all walks of life.
    Claudette Chenevert, known as The Stepmom Coach (www.stepmomcoach.com) to many, knows what it's like to build a strong family for the 21st century. In 2006, Claudette started coaching women who find themselves falling in love and marrying a man with children from a previous relationship. She has helped them figure out how to build a strong family in today's society. After being a single parent for close to 4 years, she met the man of her dreams who also came with two daughters. Through their roller coaster relationship, Claudette developed some valuable tools to help others shorten the learning curve and start having some peace and harmony in the home. Claudette is dedicated to making life for stepfamilies more fulfilling and enriching by providing education and inspiration one step at a time!

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    Late Night with Hero Chris Hansen and Host yvonne Smith

    in Current Events

    Chris Hansen hails from New Zealand. Her chief qualification for this work is her own lived experience of being diagnosed, treated, locked up and coerced in the mental health system. Before her official and very public promotion to this certified status, Chris worked as a manager of a Community Mental Health Service. As a result she lost her job, home, custody of a child, all her friends and much of her personal dignity and self-respect (this was a small town, and a source of much gossip). She discovered, in the process, that the real impetus and inspiration for her journey forward did not come from the people who were paid to be there, it came from the peers who sat beside her in the smoking room, where the most life-giving conversations happened. . Over the last fifteen years she has been involved in local, regional, national and international peer support and advocacy initiatives, and in mental health sector planning and politics from a service user perspective. Other roles have included leadership within the “Like Minds, Like Mine” project (NZ’s award-winning project to counter stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness), research for the NZ Mental Health Commission, and involvement in the development of the NZ national mental health workforce development strategy. Chris was a member of the New Zealand delegation to the United Nations for the development of the Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and has served on the board of the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. She played a key role in the conception and development of a peer-run crisis alternative. Chris became interested in Intentional Peer Support then years ago when looking for non-coercive ways to support one another through difficult times and crisis. She is married to Shery Mead, the founder and developer of Intentional Peer Support, and is now the director of IPS.

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    PTRN~ Raise The Horns Radio (Anne Newkirk Niven)/PVS (Earth Day Earth Worm City)

    in Spirituality

    Wednesdays are Great Rite Radio Night on PTRN as Jason Mankey moves to Wednesdays and swaps the 7pm slot with Dr Susan and Michael.  

    It's Horns and Humpday here on Wednesday.  Jason Mankey's "Raise the Horns Radio" and Dr Susan and Michael Greywolf discuss sex and relationships on "All Acts of Love and Pleasure" at 7pm Central on Wednesdays

    Followed each week at 8pm Central by Pop Culture Pagan Trends, Music, Books, etc.   "The Pagan Variety Show" with Pamela Kelly.Join Pamela and guests as we talk about music, books, festivals, conventions, tattoos, mead... 

    7pm Central Jason Mankey will be talking with Anne Newkirk Niven, publisher of Sage Woman and Witches and Pagans magazine. It should be fun.

    8pm Central  Pamela Kelly invites Ed Hubbard of Nature's Little Recyclers as we discuss the green solutions worms provide and the possiblity of no more landfills.


    Humpday just got more interesting on Pagans Tonight!




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    PTRN ~ All Acts Of Love And Pleasure (Bonding Rituals)/PVS (Taylor Ellwood )

    in Spirituality

    Great Rite Radio Wednesdays ~

    Wedensdays 7pm Central: Please join Michael and Dr. Susan Harper for All Acts Of Love And Pleasure

    PTRN~Great Rite Radio Wednesdays ~All Acts of Love And Pleasure ~Pleasure, a show focusing on Pagan Sexuality. Join us live at 7pm Central or catch the archived episodes at your leisure. 

    Tonight Dr. Susan and Michael Greywolf discuss Rituals of Bonding and Joining (Handfasting)

    Wednesdays are Great Rite Radio Night on PTRN as Jason Makney shares alternating Wednesdays 7pm slot with Dr Susan and Michael.  It's Horns and Humpday here on Wednesday.  Jason Mankey's "Raise the Horns Radio" and Dr Susan and Michael Greywolf discuss sex and relationships on "All Acts of Love and Pleasure" at 7pm Central on Wednesdays

    Followed each week at 8pm Central by Pop Culture Pagan Trends, Music, Books, etc.   "The Pagan Variety Show" with Pamela Kelly.Join Pamela and guests as we talk about music, books, festivals, conventions, tattoos, mead... 

    Wedensdays 8pm Central  Pamela welcomes Taylor Ellwood.  We will discuss Taylor's book, Inner Alchemy: Energy Work and the Magic of the Body

    Humpday just got more interesting on Pagans Tonight!

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    THE HELIOS BIBLIOS( book of the Sun) HOUR :Operation Jade Helm

    in Current Events

    Two month long WW3 -martial law exercises to be held in 7 southern states from July 15 to September 15 of 2015. 

    Thomas Mead, operations planner for the U.S. Army’s Jade Helm realistic military training, spoke to the court during its Dec. 8 meeting and told the commissioners that 60 to 65 military personnel will be involved in the exercises, which will be conducted between July 15 and Sept. 15, 2015, at privately owned land.

    “This allows our soldiers to get a better training environment,” Mead said. “You can only do so much in a military environment. You don’t really get a true interaction with the public.”

    Jade Helm is an eight-week joint military and interagency unconventional warfare exercise that will be conducted in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The exercises will also be conducted in 15 other Texas

    locations, including Victoria County.“We have Army Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Special Operations Command, the 82nd Airborne Division and we also have some of our interagency partners such as the DEA, FBI and the joint personnel recovery agency that will be working with us.” The operational elements and impact of Jade Helm 15 cannot be considered in isolation. A careful analysis reveals how this drill is connected to Army policies associated with the confinement of detainees in what is commonly called FEMA camps! This drill is undoubtedly the most frightening thing to occur on American soil since the Civil War.

  • “Double Measure of Spiritual Perfection"... Deliverance; Salvation ...part 3

    in Religion

    In Matthew 1:17, the number 14 is found three times over, connected with Christ coming into the world. There are 14 generations from Abraham to David. Fourteen generations from David to the Babylonian captivity. Then another 14 generations from the Babylonian captivity to the birth of Jesus, Who came to "save His people from their sins". Fourteen stands for deliverance. Every fourteenth generation was a pivitol point in God's dealings with His people. Three, as you will recall, is for resurrection. With every major event of deliverance for the people of God, resurrection life--revival and restoration--was breathed into the situation by the Wind of the Spirit.

    According to 1 Chronicles 25:4-6, Heman had 14 sons and three daughters. He was the king's "seer" of the words of the Lord, a "prophetic psalmist". Under his direction, he led them in anointed song in the house of the Lord, accompanied by musical instruments.


    Israel was delivered from the plagues of Egypt on the fourteenth day. Three days later they passed through the Red Sea, a picture of the resurrection. On the other side, Miriam and the women sang, "The Lord is my strength and song, and He is become my salvation (my deliverance)". Exodus 15:1-2. In line with the Heman and the singers in the temple, they sang about salvation (14) and the hope of resurrection (three).

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    A Musing: From Grief to Grace

    in Women

    Today's Show:

    In our second episode of the Grief and The Comforter series, we are joined by author, Susan B. Mead to discuss the topic of grief and the process involved in moving forward from grief to grace.

    Susan's Website: http://www.SusanBMead.com
    Susan's Book Website: http://www.DanceWithJesus.com
    Twitter: @susanbmead
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorsusanbmead
    Amazon: http://Amazon.com/author/susanbmead

    Heather's Website: http://www.heatherrandall.com/

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    MadU with hosts Sarah Knutson and Lauren Tenney

    in Current Events

    This week on Mad U: Mad About U!  This show is about you -  What are your favorite classics in the mad movement? What are the 'must reads' for this show? What are the hot topics to address?  What authors and movement leaders should 'everyone' know about?  How should we go about the show?  What's the best way to engage the material and create a lively discussion?  How would you like to participate?  What's the best way to learn from others?  To share what you know?

    Electroshock - Guest appearance by George Ebert who will talk about the upcoming protest on May 16 and read some of his writings.  

    Bonus current events topic: Why pilots crash planes.  Bring your lived experience and what you've read about the crash.  We'll pull from our pot of  'mad wisdom' and make sense of it together.

    Some authors/ topics for future shows:  Leonard Frank/; Linda Andre (Electroshock); Robert Whitaker (Anatomy of An Epidemic), Redefining Mental Illness (TM Luhrman), Understanding Psychosis & Schizophrenia, Hearing Voices Movement, Intentional Peer Support (Shery Mead), Recovery Values (Shery Mead/ Mary Ellen Copeland) Defining Peer Roles (Western Mass RLC); Declaration of Principles (Tenth Annual Conference); Ron Bassman (being psychiatrized); Tina Minkowitz (ending force and coercion), Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; Pat Deegan (Spirit Breaking); Focault (Madness & Civilization); Goffman (Total Institutions), Thomas Szasz (Psychiatric Slavery/ Therapeutic State); William Miller (Rediscovering Fire/ empathy vs. coercion); Insane Manifesto;
    Mad In America (articles and blogs); Radical Psychiatry Manifesto