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    Episode 2: Breneman, Bynum, Birds, and McGloin

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    Topics will include:
    The Penn State football program, the new recruiting class, this upcoming season, and Bill O'Brien.  We will discuss the Sixers acquisition of Andrew Bynum. The Eagles struggled big time in the preseason opener. Are you worried? We might get into some fantasy football if we have time.  Guests will include:
    Penn State top 2013 recruit, TE Adam Breneman Penn State starting QB, Matt McGloin Spike Eskin of Sportsradio 94WIP

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    Matt McGloin Leading 4-2 Nittany Lions into Bye Week

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    Topics include:
    1. Penn State's great comeback win over Northwestern and the success of QB, Matt McGloin
    2. The Eagles disappointing 16-14 loss to the Steelers
    Guests include:
    1. Matt McGloin (@McGloinQB11) at 7:15pm
    2. Kyle Scott (@CrossingBroad) at 7:45pm

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    Episode 12: McGloin or Pryor? Raiders-Texans Recap

    in Football

    After the Raiders 28-23 win over the Houston Texans, Just Blog Baby editor Chase Ruttig and cohost Rory Anderson break down Matt McGloin's win in his first NFL start and what the Raiders should do at quarterback heading into Sunday's Week 12 clash with the Titans. Chase and Rory also break down the Raiders win and look ahead to the upcoming schedule of the Silver and Black. Run time: 90 minutes 

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    Playoffs?! Playoffs???

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    New expectations? 
    Foles, MVP?

    Matt McGloin


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    The Spirit Seeker Hour w/ Sharon McGloin

    in Spirituality

    March 20: Sharon McGloin and speakers at her Ignite Your Life Conference(see ad on back cover). “One of the joys in my life is to help others have those "aha" moments when it all comes together in the flow of life”.   Sharon McGloin MSOD, MS, CTRS Experiential Alternatives
    Cynde Meyer is a gifted International Clairvoyant, Feng Shui Consultant, Rebirther, Nurse, and Reiki Master Teacher who combines her many gifts through coaching sessions, readings and classes that help you get on track with your life purpose and go for the joy andpassion of life!   Please contact us for more information about Spirit Seeker or to receives publications in our store contact Cynde at info@spiritseeker or call 636-530-7579.   Helping others step into the life they want with joy and freedom.   Feng Shui Consultations, Space Clearings, Psychic Readings and parties. Breathwork, Body Syngery, Reiki Treatments and training.   http://www.cyndemeyer.com

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    Football Preview Show

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    Question: More regular season wins for the Eagles or PSU?
    Penn State Football Preview
    Ben Jones (statecollege.com) Matt McGloin (former PSU QB, now Raiders QB) Eagles Preview
    Elliot-Shorr Parks (Nj.com) Fantasy Football 

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    Just win once baby!

    in Sports

    1.Did Dennis Allen make the right move going back to Terrelle Pryor? Should he have stayed with Matt McGloin. Witht that being said does will this game have any impact going into the off season.

    2. We will be talking NFL Playoffs, Calling out ALL NFL fans to call in 49ers,Seahawks,Bears etc why should your team be feared going into the playoffs? Call in I want to hear from YOU!

    3.Final game of the year has Dennis Allen shown you enough to bring him back? Is there any anti Allens that have turned pro Allen since the Jets game? If Allen were to be fired what head coaches do you have on your radar? Can Dennis Allen do anything at all this Sunday to change any ones opinion no matter your stance?

     Should Reggie Mckenzie be on the same hot seat as Dennis Allen?

    Last Word- [This part of the program I let my co hosts discuss what ever they want to talk about anything at all nothing is off limits]. My last word is going to be how Twitter culture affects us. There are two people I am going to be discussing on twitter and why I have no respect for them 1. Ricky Bobby and 2. @newballpark aka Marine Layer (Anti Oakland sports guy blatantly Pro San Jose A's guy). I'm going to tell you why you should be careful of these people and any one like them.

    If you woud like to personally contact me you can follow me on twitter @26drdeath facebook.com/26dr.death or dr.death26@hotmail.com

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    Just Wait Baby!

    in Sports

    1.At this point does it matter who starts for the Raiders the last two games? If so who should start and should this decision impact Dennis Allen? Should he stick to his guns and go with McGloin or should he go back with Terrelle Pryor because Mcgloin did enough to lose his job?

    2.BREAKING-At 6:20 Oakland Mayor Jean Quan will be joining us to talk about coliseum city and what is the reality of it coming to fruition in terms of the funding gap.

    3.MAIN TOPIC- As what every one has been discussing- What should happen to Dennis Allen does he deserve to be back? should he be fired. Do you as a fan have any standards or expectations for him to meet? I want to hear from you!

    4.If the reality is Dennis Allen doesn't come back which coach would you realistically want to go out to get to replace? What would be your standard?

    5. Keys to the game vs San Diego

    The Last Word- Part of the show where my hosts can talk about what ever they want to talk to about nothing is off limits,if its politics, religions, sports, hockey etc (has to stay pg13)

    MY LAST WORD- how should you embrace opinions with completely opposite views? how can opinions that are completely opposite of yours make you a better person. If you have kids PLEASE KEEP them in the room. I would like all kids to hear this.


    FURTHER MORE- I am open to all points of view and constructive criticism if there is anything you'd like to tell me about my show please feel free to contact me @26drdeath or facebook.com/26dr.death

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    BROADCASTING LIVE!! FROM PETER DILLONS SPORTS BAR IN MANHATTAN NEW YORK HOME OF THE RAIDER GROUP SILVER AND BLACK EMPIRE. We are going to be live infront of a live audience, Raider Nation coming from all over the world! 

    Cohosting with me Adam Syno of New Jersey, and Captain Jack Rackem Levy of the Florida Bay Area Raider booster club.

    The main topics what Raider Nation has been clamoring over the last few weeks all over social media is

    1. Who should Dennis Allen start the remaining of the season. Now that Terrelle Pryor is back should he go back to Pryor? or should he stick with McGloin?

    [Gues call in to be determined}

    2. What is the current state of the Raiders and what would it take for Dennis Allen to keep his job and what would it take to lose his job? Is he on the hot seat? Is he secure for next season? What do you actually want?

    I will be discussing last meeting of coliseum city, where do the talks currently stand? what is my opinion of the future of coliseum city? How do we the people in social media affect the out come? You are going to want to hear this.

    [another guest call in to be deternined]

    Last word- Last word is where hosts can talk about what ever they want, it can be anything from politics, to sports, religions, anything they want( has to remain pg-13)

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    Episode 13: Raiders-Titans Preview

    in Football

    Heading into the Oakland Raiders home meeting with the Tennessee Titans, Just Blog Baby editor Chase Ruttig joins cohost Rory Anderson to break down everything Week 12 for the Silver and Black and whether the Raiders made the right call in starting Matt McGloin over Terrelle Pryor. Run time: 90 minutes

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    Shoulda Coulda Woulda

    in Sports

    Co hosting with me today will be @cobbwebbsports

     We will be recapping the Raiders Titans game

      Put your self in Dennis Allen's shoes,what exactly went wrong in that game that you make sure you fix? what went right  in the game that you would definitely carry over into Thursdays Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas against the Cowboys?

    Game by game evaluation NOT looking towards the future what is your analysis of Matt McGloin?

    Is it fair to criticize Janikowski, or should we be criticizing Marquette King?

    COLISEUM CITY UPDATE- I do not have anything specific to report other than what's been in the news how ever I will give you my opinion of what I think will go on from here on out.

    How much do you miss Carson Palmer if at all? how different would this team be?

    Going forward what is your confidence level in Dennis Allen?


    Last word-This part of the show I give my host the opportunity to talk about what ever they want to talk about. Even if its politics, sports, religion, if there is a rant that they want to get off their chest by all means


    My Last Word- Who pissed me off in the stands at the O.co? and what should you do in life when there is an injustice done to you or people that you know how should you handle this type of adversity. You're going to want to hear this