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    Author Towanda McEachern ~ Speaker, Author, Life Coach

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    Join us Thursday, July 25, 2012, to hear our interview with Author Towanda McEachern on July 25, 2012.  She is sharing her book titled A Recycled Life The Transformation

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    SheEO's Rock! Guest Jennifer McEachern

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    15 minutes with the most impressive women entrepreneurs. Today's guest is Jennifer McEachern, Unit Manager for Lia Sophia.

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    Talk to Donna with Munir Talib and Ashley McEachern

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    Join Donna Messer as she talks to Munir Talib and Ashley McEachern.
    Munir has worked as a Management Consultant in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He was responsible for new business development, marketing strategies and finance for several international companies like Halma Group, HSBC, and Arthur Andersen. He is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant from London, UK. He is the Marketing Director (North America) for The Travel Circuit
    Munir Talib is also a Director & Partner of Other Things. Other Things is a consignment distributor of  home furnishing, jewelry, clothing, body lotion/perfumes to The Bay, Home Outiftters & Sears (outlet) stores across Canada.
    Ashley is a yoga teacher, a globetrotter, an academic, an activist, a writer and a creator. Ashley believes in living for the moment, whether that means dancing in the city streets or floating into downward dog in the middle of a parking lot. She trained with Inbound Yoga in 2011. Ashley teaches Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin Yoga. She is the Assistant Manager of Lululemon on Queen Street West and a proud teacher at Misfit Studio with an MA in Development Studies. Her dream? Own a yoga retreat in the jungles of Colombia. Learn more at www.yogayuda.com
    If you would like to connect with Donna, visit her Website or her Facebook Page.  You can also follow Donna on Twitter

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    Law of Attraction - What Makes You Glow?!

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    Join Anna K. as she interviews....Korey Harris!

    There aren’t many who understand hard work and overcoming obstacles the way Korey does. Korey never was the most athletic or gifted player growing up. Standing only 5’2 tall through middle school and without much growth in high school, Korey was constantly looked over for bigger players. At the young age of 15, after getting cut during freshman tryouts at McEachern High, Korey began running basketball “clinics” and practices in his backyard with a group of ball players from his community. He then began to notice that he and many of his peers lacked the skill not of their own fault, but they never had the opportunity to be trained and taught the fundamentals like some others.

    Still focused on playing even after four years of getting cut, Korey attempted what seems impossible for someone like him. His freshman year of college at Hofstra University, Korey attempted to walk-on to the Division-1 program. Korey was then offered the opportunity to become a practice player and earn a spot on the team’s roster, but couldn’t stay in school because of his family’s financial struggles. Korey then had to return home and refocus.

    After spending a lot of time in prayer and devoting himself to increasing his relationship with Jesus Christ, Korey decided to start a business to give players more opportunities to become great. From then on, Korey became a “student of the game” and devoted his focus to learning and studying the sport so that he loves so much. Korey now plays college basketball and offers world class training to athletes of all ages, sizes, skill levels, and sports so that they might have the opportunities that so many never experience.  Check him out here.

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    The Ruth Bradford Show Encore Interview "Keith McEachern

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    What do you want to accomplish this month. Join us on "The Ruth Bradford Show" for inspiring information. Whether you are striving for success in your career or your personal life, our goal is to bring you  guests who will lead you directly to the source of all of life’s riches. Today is a encore presetation of a powerful interview hosted by Kenneth Robinson of Team Positive Force. Ken interviews Keith McEachern a man who lives the book "As A Man Thinketh".  For more information visit http://keithmceachern.com  This is a prerecorded show and no live comments will be taken today. Enjoy! 

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    The Ruth Bradford Show~Keith McEachern interviewed by Ken Robinson

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    Join us each weekday in March for education and information to help you achieve Personal and Business Success! My Co-Host for March is the founder of Team Positive Force, Ken Robinson.

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    Diane McEachern - Going Green for More Green

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    Gina and Kathleen will be covering the latest money tips and news from our regular experts:
    Featuring Our Dream Team Expert Contributor: Diane McEachern, Author of "The Big Green Purse"

    And Our Regular Featured Segments:
    Tips for the Utterly Confused with Paul Petillo, Editor of The Blue Collar Dollar and author of several best-selling books on money and investing;

    Your Weekly Gratitude Adjustment with Janice Marie Wilson, author of The Goodness Experience.

    Moms Making a Million Internet Savings Tips
    Join us live as we will take caller's questions.

    Thank you to our corporate advertising partners in helping us promote this show to over 100,000 email subscribers:
    Team DoubleClick (www.teamdoubleclick.com)
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    Racing Diva Radio - Teen Drivers

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    Welcome back to Racing Diva Radio ... Racing from the girls point of view. 
    This weeks show revolves around our teens in the racing world. Bubba McEachern, Terry Takewell, Brandon Hightower, and Kaitlyn Brice. Tune in to find out why these drivers are so special to us! Listen in to their many accomplishments in just a few short years.    Log on and strap in because you never know what a girl is gonna do out on the dirt!   To advertise with us contact Advertise@RacingAddix.com  

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    The Ms. Boss Show Towanda McEachern Starting A Non-Profit

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    Towanda is devoted wife and mother of 2 girls, she was born and raised in Newark, NJ.  SOS is a vision that was given to her by the Creator, It is her purpose, her passion, her life.  During her journey to discovering purpose for her life and supporting and encouraging many women over the years, she has discovered purpose in life; helping people to see the raodway of life and walk down the path they were destined for and help them discover purpose, live their dreams and fulfill their destiny.

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    Online with Young Masterminds of Atlanta!!

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    Welcome the Directors of Young Masterminds of Atlanta, Inc, Ms. Achie Hare-McEachern and Ms. Shatavia Amey.  Kevin Vaughan will be talking to these dynamic women who are changing the lives of our youth.
    Young Masterminds of Atlanta, Inc. -- a premier youth empowerment organization was co-founded by Achie Hare-McEachern and Shatavia Amey. Our focus is to uplift and empower the youth of today to become the Mastermind thinkers and doers of tomorrow. We have created a dynamic and life-changing program that is designed for kids’ ages 6-14.
    Our youth are in a critical situation. Due to lack of stability, proper guidance, poor standards in education, and a sincere fragmented perception of reality, sadly they are suffering at an increasing rate. However, because of a stronger foundation, continued supporting resources, and a divinely created team that nurtures the skills, motivation and confidence within our youth; this program has excelled on multiple levels and seeks to expand its territory to cultivate our youth to flourish to unprecedented levels.
    Our program consists of, but is not limited to, financial literacy, young entrepreneurial concepts, mentoring, communicative protocol, self-esteem, etc., all while strengthening their educational experiences (such as math, reading, writing, CRCT preparation, healthy study habits and test taking skills). Young Masterminds of Atlanta, Inc. serves the youth in numerous capacities such as mentoring programs, summer enrichment day camps, after school programs, weekend workshops, retreats and more.
    This divinely created duo will nurture the skills, motivation and confidence that is much needed within our youth. Young masterminds are on the rise!  Web Sites: http://www.ymatlanta.org/

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    The Forgotten Commandment!

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    For centuries the church has argued within itself about the weight of New Testament grace in light of the strength of the Law that God himself yielded in the Ten Commandments. The reality is that EVERY commandment in the Old Testament is regarded as viable and relevant in New Testament scripture. Why is it then that many believers cast off or belittle the relevance of the Sabbath; under the belief that Jesus in his sacrifice of life did away with this commandment solely. Our conversation turns to the scripture, as Shawn and Friends join Pastor Jerry Davis and Mother Valerie McEachern to explore this very versatile but necessary discussion on the forgotten Fourth Commandment: “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.”

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