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    Amy Bloustine, Boni Oian, Faith McCune on Money For Lunch

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    Amy Bloustine Certified Life and Career Coach. She created a non-profit organization (Project Teen Talk: Giving our Youth a Voice), worked with the DEA Educational Foundation and The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. She has extensive experience in all facets with non-profits, specifically in strategic planning, program development and implementation of community-based programs. She is an NYU Certified Life Coach, a Certified Career Coach with The Five O’Clock Club and a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation)

    Boni Oian is a Life Navigator. She is the Author and Instructor of Claim Your Life – Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs into an Exhilarating Source of Power. She also trains teachers to instruct her Claim Your Life process worldwide. She is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist Association and she’s certified as a Catalyst Coach by the Ace Success Center and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Boni’s certifications as an Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant are from Akashic Records Consultants International and Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She has been published and/or featured in many publications including Enjoy Whole Heath, Sassy, Focus on Women as well as business magazines and has her own radio program on Raven International Positive programing network

    Faith McCune - The Pawsitive Change Coach. Author of Duffy's World: Seeing the World through a Dog's Eyes

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    Show #37- Healing Mind, Heart, Body and Soul!!

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    Tammy is a Metatron Channel & Scribe and serves as a link with the Divine Universal Light. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist, Quantum Healer and the Founder of Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). Her work at this current time is involved in mankind’s light evolutionary process, assisting those who are on their Ascension Journey and to know and feel for themselves, the divine truth itself through the light of the One Source and Universal Coding.

    Metatronia Therapy is the latest in Quantum, Electro-medicine Healing and Ascension Alignment. The attunement received from Archangel Metatron aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. 

    2nd Guest: Elio Pagliarulo, Composer / Musician.


    "A composer that inspires, empowers and captivates. Music to heal your heart and soul."

    Elio's music is infused with intention and each piece is created to evoke specific emotions to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to healing. The relaxing, and peaceful sounds of Elio's music, including the Healing Codes Music have been described as "glorious, pure, soul reaching, deeply loving and divinely inspired".

    3rd Guest: Faith McCune, Pawsitive Change Coach.


    I am an author and certified action coach.  I assist people who are struggling with life situations and are having difficulty emerging from their challenges by utilizing the strength, wisdom, comfort, and love of a dog.

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    African American Medical Pioneers: James McCune Smith

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    November 17, 1865 - James McCune Smith, physician, abolitionist, and author. Smith was born April 18, 1813 in New York City. After graduating from the African Free School, he attempted to attend several American colleges, but was denied admission because of his race. Therefore, he attended the University of Glasgow in Scotland where he graduated at the top of his class with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1835, his Master of Arts degree in 1836, and a medical degree in 1837. Upon his return to the United States in 1837, Smith became the first African American professionally trained physician in the country. In 1846, Smith was appointed the only doctor for the Free Negro Orphan Asylum where he worked for more than 20 years.

     He also opened what is believed the first black pharmacy in the U.S. Smith was a member of the American Anti-Slavery Society and in 1850 was one of the key organizers of New York’s resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act. Also during the mid-1850s, he helped Frederick Douglass establish the National Council of Colored People.

    Smith was a prolific writer whose works include “The Destiny of the People of Color” (1843) and “Ira Aldridge” (1860). He also wrote the introduction to Frederick Douglass’ second autobiography, “My Bondage and My Freedom” (1855), in which he stated “the worst of our institutions, in its worst aspect, cannot keep down energy, truthfulness, and earnest struggle for the right.” In 1863, Smith was appointed professor of anthropology at Wilberforce College, but was too ill to take the position. James McCune Smith School in New York City is named in his honor.

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    Author Faith McCune on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Faith McCune! 

    Faith McCune is the author of Duffy's World: Seeing the World through a Dog's Eyes.

    Duffy’s World is part memoir, part dog owner’s manual, narrated primarily from a dog’s point of view. As Duffy’s owner chimes in with her own perspective, readers will recognize their own joys and challenges that mark the territory of the human/canine relationship.

    From eating anything and everything, to a profound fear of needles and bee stings, to being “released” from dog training school, Duffy’s never-ending zest for new experiences is the source of his owner’s greatest frustration and most profound life lessons.


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    Dr. James McCune 1813 ~Abolitionist and first Black M.D>

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    Tonight Click and listen to The Gist of Freedom podcast WWW.LesleyPodcast.com 
    with guest,historian, author Professor Haroon Kharem and host, Preston Washington. Get your pencil and pad ready as Dr.Kharem lectures on James McCune, MD~ Dr. McCune the first african American to earn a Medical License used his pharmacy in New York as an Underground Railroad safe house. Youtube.com/LesleyNuTube

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    Dr. Dianne McCune-New Learning Standards/Common Core "Why it's NOT Working"

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    Who is Dr. Dianne?

    As many districts adopt the New Learning Standards/Common Core they will find Dianne McCune’s materials to be an effective tool.  It provides the missing piece of “How” to teach the “What”—the rigorous content and processes now required.

    Dr. McCune’s expertise developed out of thirty years in public education.  Her students have spanned all grades from pre-school through college, and ranged from inclusive classrooms to special areas of gifted and special education to professional development for teachers.

    Dianne’s experience led to doctoral studies where she developed her own interdisciplinary process based on a hybrid of The Bloom Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and The Scientific Method. Her “multi-sensory” approach, reminiscent of the Socratic format of learning through direct experience, is designed to meet the needs of diverse student populations.

    McCune’s inquiry approach to teaching is easily incorporated with a variety of curricula.  It is readily adaptable to classroom learning as well as extra-curricular activities.  As an international literacy consultant, Dr. McCune has benefited by working in international schools and from evaluating other successful teaching approaches used around the world.

    Along with theHow2doc.com, Dianne’s ventures in the digital world now include a children’s book “Where’s My Bed?” The Flamingo Said.  In addition she continues to teach university courses and literacy workshops through public universities in Ohio.  Contact Dr. Dianne: doc@thehow2doc.com

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    Thursday Night Tailgate - Matt Birk, Vince Papale, Eddie Murray, Robert McCune

    in Football

    This week our guests are: CFL free agent LB Robert McCune, former Vikings & Ravens Pro Bowl C Matt Birk, former Eagles WR Vince Papale,and former Lions & Cowboys Pro Bowl Kicker Eddie Murray.

    Join Chris Mascaro and Bob Lazzari every Thursday night from 8:00-10:00 PM EST as they talk with current and former players and coaches from around the NFL on "Thursday Night Tailgate." Chris and Bob talk football with the greats of the game 52 weeks a year so set a reminder, you don't want to miss an episode. Plus, check out the TNT web site: www.thursdaynighttailgate.com to keep track of upcoming guests, archived episodes and what players are saying about the show.

    “I want to congratulate you on your outstanding show. I’m extraordinarily impressed. I’ve been on a lot of shows over the years in various cities but this one is exceptional."  Andy Russell, Former Pittsburgh Steelers LB

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    Jeff McCune on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio

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    Interview with Jeff McCune, author of MUTUAL DESTRUCTION, the insider story of the largest bank failure in American history. This promises to be a fascinating discussion about what led to the collapse of Washington Mutual Bank and the eventual crisis facing the entire industry. You'll want to be certain to tune in!

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    Thursday Night Tailgate -McCune, Williams, Thompson, Everett

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    Join Chris Mascaro and Angelo Cane every Thursday night from 8:00-10:00 PM EST as they talk with current and former players and coaches from around the NFL on "Thursday Night Tailgate." Chris and Ang talk football with the greats of the game 52 weeks a year so set a reminder, you don't want to miss an episode. Plus, check out the TNT web site: www.thursdaynighttailgate.com to keep track of upcoming guests, archived episodes and what players are saying about the show.
    Our guests this week are: Grey Cup Champion LB of the Toronto Argonauts Robert McCune, former Pittsburgh Steelers DB Willie Williams, North Carolina A&T HOFer and former Bengals RB Craig Thompson & great friend of the show and former Rams Pro Bowl QB Jim Everett.
     “I want to congratulate you on your outstanding show. I’m extraordinarily impressed. I’ve been on a lot of shows over the years in various cities but this one is exceptional."  Andy Russell, Former Pittsburgh Steelers LB

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    Episode #16 - 6/28/2014

    in Entertainment

    On tonight's episode of Some Kind of Radio Show we will be talking all about todays top headlines and also give our take on them as well.

    The Show is Hosted by Earl McCune. Earl is joined the Co-Hosting panel of Debbie McCune, Mike Malone and Kevin Braun

    The Show is a 30 minute variety topic show with the occasional special guest. 6:30 p.m. eastern time and is LIVE with all new episodes every other Saturday during the summer months and will be weekly in the fall and winter.

    Check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/SKORadioShow

    Follow us on Twitter @SKORadioShow

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    Sudanese Boy Soldier Survivor, Emmanuel Jal

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    The full-length documentary, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN is based on the life of Emmanuel Jal. In the early 1980s, at the age of seven, Jal was swept into Sudan’s civil war, becoming one of 10,000 child soldiers conscripted on both sides of the two decades’ long conflict. The film has been touring the film festival circuit. It premiered at the Berlinale festival  and won the Cadillac audience choice award at the Tribeca film festival.  


    Join The Gist of Freedom  with host Roy Paul and Guest host, Dr. Sidney Davis www.BlackHistoryblog.com


    Emmanuel was adopted by the now legendary British aid worker Emma McCune;  Shortly after she adopted Jal, McCune died in a suspicious car crash, leaving Emmanuel “orphaned” once again. Jal rises from ruthless child soldier to refugee to rap star. He finds his own redemption and life mission through a message of peace that represents one of the 21st centuries’ most inspiring and hopeful journeys, and a metaphor for the broader African predicament.

    Emmanuel’s journey is, in many ways, just beginning. His dream of Gua, peace, in Sudan, and prosperity in Africa, is threatened by corrupt leaders, genocidal warlords, and Western indifference. Hopefully, Emmanuel’s peace – his quest to make the world a better place through his music, activism and youth education – will prove to be far more significant than Emmanuel’s former war.