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    Steve McAllister - Awakening The Vote

    in Current Events

    Steve McCallister, Director of Operational Development for Sarasota's The Flow Factory and Common Wealth Time Bank, recently campaigned to become a Sarasota County Commissioner in District 2. He didn't do it the old fashioned way, though. He ran as a write-in candidate. Be sure to listen to his Talkupy show at the beginning of the race for more information on his platform and decision to run.

    Talkupy Radio with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Steve back to the show Tuesday Dec.2 at 11 a.m. ET to talk about his experience during the race and how he and other candidtates were covered, or not covered, by the media and how he was received by the people as a candidate with new and creative ideas. We'll also talk about Steve's decision to exit the race and throw his support behind another candidate.

    For more information on Steve go to his Facebook page, Twitter account or The Flow Factory web site.

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    The Smoking Glass Hour with Baron Glass & Congressman Vance McAllister

    in Current Events

    6:30 p.m. CST - Congressman Vance McAllister, Running for U.S. Congress, 5th Congressional District

    To learn more: Check out Congressman Vance McAllister

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    Steve McAllister - Write-In Candidate For Sarasota County Commissioner

    in Elections

    Some people do things by the book. Others write the book. Enter Steve McAllister. He is running for Sarasota County Commissioner District 2, but hopes to find his way onto the ballot and into a seat on the Commission via write-in votes on November 4th.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Steve McAllister, Director of Operational Development for Sarasota's The Flow Factory and Common Wealth Time Bank, to the show on Tuesday, August 12 at 12 pm Eastern Time to discuss his creative and compelling campaign.

    Addressing the same old problems with the thinking that has caused them needs to be abandoned, according to Steve. He will discuss why he chose to run and do so as a write-in candidate. We'll also hear how his eight-point platform can help Sarasota "move past the status quo by opening up to a larger world view." 

    For more information go to WriteInSteveMcAllister.com

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    The Talented McAllister

    in Hip Hop Music

    Demetry Cagle, (16) also known by his stage name, McAllister, is an American, teenaged rapper and record producer from and representing North Carolina. At just the age of 14 and nothing but a rockband microphone and a free recording and editing software, began making music inside his home with notebooks full of his own written lyrics to instrumentals and a computer folder full of sample recordings he made. In July 2011, McAllister, formerly known as D-Note or D-Stylez, released a remix he did to Lil Wayne's 6 Foot 7 Foot original record on the internet to his fellow Facebook friends at the age of 15 and received much love and positive comments about his music. On September 6, 2011, McAllister released his first mixtape, The Preseason, that consisted of many remixes to original songs. He received over 3,000 downloads on it and counting. He was impressed with the number of views and the fan rate that he was getting and decided to keep pursuing his music dream. In March 2012, McAllister was the featured artist on the madeloud.com and theindie.biz homepage for a week and was also nominated as songof the day on madeloud.com. On April 8, 2012, McAllister released his second mixtape, The Popular Ones, in hopes of gaining new fans and more downloads and views than his first mixtape. Ever since July, McAllister has been on a mission to make it into today's music industry and he is determined to make it.
    Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/McAllister/221740164536596 Twitter- @TheeMcAllister Music Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-PVz1rqa9I&feature=youtu.be Mixtape- http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/mcallister-the-popular-ones-mixtape.51081.html

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    The McAllister Code with Steve McAllister

    in Entertainment

    We'll be visiting with Steve McAllister the author of The McAllister Code which has recently been released in paperback. The story revolves around a couple of extraterrestrials who want to turn Sarasota, Florida into a marketing mecca, but it is actually a journey of the human soul finding balance. The outline for the book was created using an assortment of paradigms and ideologies including Buddhism, Tarot, Christianity, as well as the teachings of people like Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, and Stephen Covey.

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    Kellogg's Komments - 2014 Draft - McAllister Interview

    in Sports

    Analysis! Interviews! Commentary! Join Greg Kellogg and special guests as they talk about everything from the absurd to the zany in this weekly football gabfest!  Join Chris Nunes, Gary Davenport, Mike Pisani and Greg Kellogg as they talk about the upcoming NFL Season!

    Mike and Gary interview NFL Draft prospect Baylor DE Chris McAllister!

    Call-in Number: (347) 826-9620

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    All Access: Demonte McAllister, Florida State

    in Sports

    Fresh off his performance in the 2014 East-West Shrine Game, Florida State defensive tackle Demonte McAllister shares his journey to the league where they play for pay. Subscribe for more NFL Draft player interviews TBA.

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    More Than a Conqueror

    in Spirituality

    IN THE FLOW LIVE RADIO returns with host Lady Shanica LaShay (Minister Shanica LaShay Bell) sharing the current June 2015 issue of Life in the Overflow Magazine with Ron McAllister.

    Join us as we talk about the Legacy issue, as well as hear music from our Ministry in the Music Artist Spotlight, EXZavier and music from more gospel artists in the flow!



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    Wings on the Ground Finale! Cathy Andrews w/ Kim McAllister : Live Your Dreams!

    in Radio

    If you listened last week you know that tonight's show is my last show on Angel Radio Network. It is time for me to take a break and care for my ill parents.That being said, thank you to April Reynolds for all of your support and encouragement! Keep checking my Wings on the Ground Facebook page! 

    Our final guest is making another appearance on our show tonight! Kim Peters McAllister is the owner of Rainbow Wings Consulting. Tonight she is going to talk about how to protect your dreams from any negativity coming from others, and stay true to your path in the midst of challenges of all sorts! Live your dreams! Perfect timing for so many of us! Are you or someone you know going through some big changes right now? Please join us as Kim guides us through these sometimes chaotic times!

    Kim's Contact Information:

    Website: http://rainbow-wings.webs.com/Rainbow Wings Consulting

    Email: rainbow_wings2004@yahoo.com

    Call the show at 714-242-5256.

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    The McAllister Code Author Steve McAllister

    in Books

    Steve McAllister was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. After attending three different high schools and three different colleges, trying countless different career paths and living in several different locations, Steve was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the age of twenty-nine.

    With a degree in Psychology from Mars Hill College and Film Production Technology from Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida, Steve produced the documentary Attention Deficit Disorder: Life at a Different Pace. He has since produced other such films as The Tide From Red to Blue, Yearning for Light, and Lesson Learned.

    In 2001, Steve followed up his debut novel Descent by venturing out on the road to write his travelogue The Rucksack Letters. By car, hitchhiking, and motorcycle, Steve traveled through twenty-six states, visiting various communities ranging from a Buddhist monastery and yoga ashrams to hippie communes and New York City. The book was initially published electronically through emails as he traveled. The first edition was put into print in 2006 and a revised edition is expected in 2010.

    Steve has also performed in his one man show The Rucksack Cabaret, in the Manatee Players’ production of Hank Williams: Lost Highway as the iconic songwriter, Banyan Theatre Company’s production of Moon for the Misbegotten and the debut of Jenny Beres‘ new play Hay Day in July 2009.

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    TEI 019: Applying the 5 Steps of Design Thinking – with Ethan Appleby

    in Business

    Global Product Management Talk is pleased to bring you episode 019 of...

    The Everyday Innovator with host Chad McAllister, PhD.

    The podcast is all about helping people involved in developing and managing products become more successful, grow their careers, and STANDOUT from their peers.

    Our Guest: Ethan Appleby is a Design Thinking practitioner and coach. He used Design Thinking to create the last company he founded, Vango, which makes it easy for anyone to select and purchase original art.

    In the interview he shares the 5 steps of Design Thinking.

    Empathy: learning about the audience you are designing for. Be curious instead of leading the conversation to a conclusion you already formed.
    Definition: constructing a point of view organized by needs and insights, based on your results from step 1.
    Ideation: a group brainstorming process to generate ideas using the “yes and…” technique to build upon each others’ ideas and create as many as possible in short sprints. Another tool is to ask “how might we…” focused on specific constraints. A sprint is a few minutes of individual ideation followed by sharing of ideas, then using “yes and” to build on ideas. Additional sprints are conducted on other needs and insights and to further explore specific ideas. Constrain ideation to 3 hours.
    Prototype: building a representation of one of your ideas to show others. When you build something you discover more about the problem. Keep it simple – playdough, clay, tape, etc.
    Testing: Show prototype to potential users and customers to get their feedback. The goal is to continue learning about the customers’ core problem and solutions that provide them value.