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    The Beastie Boys Show 1: Tribute to Adam Yauch

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    MCA The Double UP

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    When I started this business people didn't believe in the double up. This company will pay you double what the person signs up for. They sign up for any of the following prices the company doubles that and pays you : $10 the company pay you $20, $20 company pays you  $40, $40 the company pays you $80. They sign up the money hits your bank Friday!!!! 

    It's a service that pays as long as whomever has the service pays the monthly fee. You get a portion monthly off of what they pay monthly, after the double up.

    $9.95 gets you started with  Roadside Assistance,, Arrest Bonds, Bail Bonds, and Travel Assistance just to name a few. 

    Sign up for the service and join my team as we add protection to people we care about.



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    MCA Atlanta Recruiter

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    MCA is in Atlanta and we are recruiting Independent Agents! Make $400- $1,000 weekly. Get more info here
    MCA Motor Club of America is a competitor of AAA. We offer unlimited benefits and services to the motoering public. Memberships are as low as $9.95 per month. Get covered and protect your family today here

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    MCA is A Scam [Behind The Story]

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    New Episode Of The Realist Spoken 102 By Your Host Anthony J. Telling You The Real Story About MCA aka Motor Club Of America!!!!! That Everybody Doing On Youtube, Cragslist, Anywhere On & Off The Net. 
    Share This On Your Twitter & Facebook Pages!!!!! 

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    How To Make Money With MCA!

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    My name is Joede and I'm a Regional Director with MCA, the Motor Club of America.
    MCA is a superior motor club with unlimited road side assistance, hospitalization benefits, help with tickets and attorneys fees and much more!
    But the great part about MCA is the opportunity to make money! In this debut show we will go over the benefits of MCA and HOW you can make money with MCA from home in your spare time.
    If you have been on the fence about joining MCA, now is the time to join and make money for 2013!
    Find out more at www.mcanorthamerica.com

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    MCA Total Security Platinum
    Emergency Road Service*

    Travel Assistance Reimbursement**

    Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

    Arrest Bond***

    Bail Bonds***

    Attorneys Fees****

    Attorney Discounted Hourly Rates

    Attorney Services

    Legal Services Deeply Discounted Fixed Fee Schedule

    Stolen Vehicle Reward

    Credit Card Protection

    Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental

    Discounts on Auto Related Services

    Emergency Reimbursement Benefits

    Daily Hospital Benefit

    Accidental Death Benefit

    Travel Assistance Program


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    MCA Total Security Platinum
    Emergency Road Service*

    Travel Assistance Reimbursement**

    Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

    Arrest Bond***

    Bail Bonds***

  • WBOKRADIO / Intro To Info - Proudly Interviews "Ready For The World"

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    The group originally consisted of frontman Melvin Riley, Gordon Strozier (lead guitar), Gregory Potts (keyboards), Willie Triplett (percussion/keyboards), John Eaton (bass guitar), and Gerald Valentine (drums). They had performed throughout Flint at high school talent shows and were discovered by WJLB Detroit Radio personality The Electrifying Mojo in 1982. They gained regional fame with their first release, "Tonight," in 1983. "Tonight" was an underground hit in Flint and Detroit which helped garner them national prominence shortly after their signing under the MCA label. They recorded their debut album, Ready for the World, during 1984 with producer Bernard Terry and engineer Charles Brown, Jr.

    In 1985, the band signed to the Steven Machat-Rick Smith management company, AMI. The agreement with MCA was redrawn, and promotion and marketing dollars were committed to promote the group. This proved successful as the group was steered to #1 on the US pop charts as well as top five in all the Western European countries and Australia, with their best-known hit "Oh Sheila." In the US, this song went to #1 on the R&B, Pop Charts, and the Hot Dance Club Play charts that year, becoming the first ever single to hold the #1 spot on all three of these charts simultaneously. The song "Digital Display" followed and hit #21.

    In 1986, the band released their second album, Long Time Coming, produced by: Gary Spaniola which returned them to the Top 10 on the pop charts with the slow jam, "Love You Down," which peaked at #9.

    Ready for the World went on to release several more albums that failed to capture the success of the group's first two releases, and as a result, they disbanded in 1991.

  • Loretta talks to Celebrity CEO PR & Marketing Strategist Jules Wortman

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    Loretta McNary Live, The Radio Show is the internationally syndicated "go-to" show bringing together some of the world’s greatest visionaries, change agents: best-selling authors, empowerment speakers, leading-edge technology influencers, eco- friendly advocates and educators, world-renowned spiritual leaders, gospel performers, filmmakers, artists, and professionals and lay persons that encourage and support individual and community growth.

    Our guest today is Celebrity Publicist Jules Wortman.

    Jules Wortman serves as president and owner of Wortman Works Media & Marketing based in Nashville, TN. Jules is a veteran public relations and marketing strategist who has developed a number of national campaigns for record labels, brands, developments, authors, music, sports entertainment, special events and many others. She has lead the PR and Artist Development departments at major record labels including Warner Bros. and MCA and Atlantic Records, as well as a top professional wrestling promotion seen in over 100 countries each week. Wortman has served on the board of the Country Music Association (CMA) and has been an active member of Leadership Music Academy of Country Music, The Country Music Association.

    Her clients include or have included lifestyle brands Salt Life and Redneck Riviera, Chevrolet, Country Music Television (CMT), Warner Bros. Records, SouthStar, TNA Entertainment, Third Day, Red Light Management, Big Kenny, gubernatorial candidate in Tennessee, a press secretary for the 2K presidential campaign, Big & Rich, Kid Rock, The GMA Dove Awards, The ACA Awards on Fox, Capitol Records, Sony Music, Time Life Music, Tim McGraw, Deana Carter, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Charlie Daniels Band and many others.

    Jules is a recognized expert in her field, often serving as an expert voice in the media, having been profiled on GAC, CNN and other outlets as an authority on the entertainment space and media relations.

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    8-10-15 INNOVATION UPDATE: Innovation In Motion with Terry Wakefield - Part 2

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    On today's broadcast, we are continuing our conversation about innovation in the mortgage industry and have invited last week's guest, TERRY WAKEFIELD, President and CEO of The Wakefield Company (TWC), to return as our guest this week.  What we did not get discussed last week is the innovative things that Terry is currently working on to transform the industry.  He is veteran with multiple decades of experience as an innovator and entrepreneur.  His experience touches all aspects of mortgage origination, production and servicing, supply chain management, capital markets, strategic alliances, and executive advisory services.  

    On today's podcast, we will learn more about TWC’s Process Architecture tools that will have transformative impact on the industry. As we said last week, it is the process architecture that Jack Nunnery of Texas Capital Bank talked about a couple of weeks ago in the design and implementation of TCB's new Mortgage Correspondent Aggregation (MCA) platform.  

    Please join me as we continue to discuss innovative ideas at work in the mortgage industry.  

    David Lykken, your host of "Lykken On Lending"  

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    8-3-15 INNOVATION UPDATE: Key Components of Innovation with Terry Wakefield

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    Today's broadcast is yet another podcast in a series of podcasts about innovation in the mortgage industry.  This week we have TERRY WAKEFIELD, President and CEO of The Wakefield Company (TWC), as our guest.  Terry is a mortgage industry veteran with multiple decades of experience as an innovator and entrepreneur.  His experience touches all aspects of mortgage origination, production and servicing, supply chain management, capital markets, strategic alliances, and executive advisory services.  On today's podcast, we will learn about TWC’s Process Architecture tools that have transformative potential when combined with best-of-breed software components.  It was this process architecture that to what Jack Nunnery of Texas Capital Bank, talked about last week where he called on a group of of innovators to help design an exciting new Mortgage Correspondent Aggregation (MCA) platform.  Terry, myself, staff from Loan Logics and numerous others worked wtih Jack on the design of MCA.  The result of that work effort is going to change how correspondent lending is done.   

    Please join me, David Lykken your host & Pres. of TMS Advisors, along with Alice Alvey of Mortgage-U, Joe Farr of MBS Quoteline, Andy Schell of MBS, Paul Muolo of IMF News and Sam Garcia of Mortgage Daily for another informative podcast of Lykken on Lending... created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals.

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