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    The Beastie Boys Show 1: Tribute to Adam Yauch

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    MCA The Double UP

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    When I started this business people didn't believe in the double up. This company will pay you double what the person signs up for. They sign up for any of the following prices the company doubles that and pays you : $10 the company pay you $20, $20 company pays you  $40, $40 the company pays you $80. They sign up the money hits your bank Friday!!!! 

    It's a service that pays as long as whomever has the service pays the monthly fee. You get a portion monthly off of what they pay monthly, after the double up.

    $9.95 gets you started with  Roadside Assistance,, Arrest Bonds, Bail Bonds, and Travel Assistance just to name a few. 

    Sign up for the service and join my team as we add protection to people we care about.



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    MCA Atlanta Recruiter

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    MCA is in Atlanta and we are recruiting Independent Agents! Make $400- $1,000 weekly. Get more info here
    MCA Motor Club of America is a competitor of AAA. We offer unlimited benefits and services to the motoering public. Memberships are as low as $9.95 per month. Get covered and protect your family today here

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    MCA is A Scam [Behind The Story]

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    New Episode Of The Realist Spoken 102 By Your Host Anthony J. Telling You The Real Story About MCA aka Motor Club Of America!!!!! That Everybody Doing On Youtube, Cragslist, Anywhere On & Off The Net. 
    Share This On Your Twitter & Facebook Pages!!!!! 

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    How To Make Money With MCA!

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    My name is Joede and I'm a Regional Director with MCA, the Motor Club of America.
    MCA is a superior motor club with unlimited road side assistance, hospitalization benefits, help with tickets and attorneys fees and much more!
    But the great part about MCA is the opportunity to make money! In this debut show we will go over the benefits of MCA and HOW you can make money with MCA from home in your spare time.
    If you have been on the fence about joining MCA, now is the time to join and make money for 2013!
    Find out more at www.mcanorthamerica.com

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    MCA Total Security Platinum
    Emergency Road Service*

    Travel Assistance Reimbursement**

    Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

    Arrest Bond***

    Bail Bonds***

    Attorneys Fees****

    Attorney Discounted Hourly Rates

    Attorney Services

    Legal Services Deeply Discounted Fixed Fee Schedule

    Stolen Vehicle Reward

    Credit Card Protection

    Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental

    Discounts on Auto Related Services

    Emergency Reimbursement Benefits

    Daily Hospital Benefit

    Accidental Death Benefit

    Travel Assistance Program


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    MCA Total Security Platinum
    Emergency Road Service*

    Travel Assistance Reimbursement**

    Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

    Arrest Bond***

    Bail Bonds***

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    7-27-15 INNOVATION UPDATE: Correspondent Lending Reinvented, Jack Nunnery of TCB

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    When it comes to Correspondent Lending, not much has changed in decades... that is until NOW! Today's guest is JACK NUNNERY, EVP of Texas Capital Bank (TCB). Last week, TCB announced they are launching their "Mortgage Correspondent Aggregation" (MCA) business, which is a new correspondent lending platform. Jack along with Gary Ort have been responsible for TCB's Warehouse Lending operation. They recognized that there was an unusual opportunity to create within the correspondent lending space an innovative and new approach to correspondent lending that would be streamline virtually all the processes involved to the benefit both the seller and the buyer. As a result, Jack started a "greenfield" work effort well over a year and a half ago with the objective of designing and building a state-of-the-art streamlined correspondent lending platform that operates in a way like no other company has operated before. On today's broadcast, Jack is going to talk about four key considerations that went into designing and building TCB's MCA business which are as follows:

    Historical challenges to innovation in the mortgage industry
    Hurdles to successful transformation
    Solutions for success not previously thought possible
    The consequences of not transforming our business

    You will not want to miss this important broadcast!  

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    Woody Herman and His Orchestra ‎– Caldonia

    Louis Jordon and his Tympany Five -   Caldonia


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies  

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and or story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:

    Www.facebook.com/s3productions1 or oscssw@juno.com

    Woody Herman and His Orchestra ‎– Caldonia

    Red Label: Columbia ‎– 36789


    Shellac, 10", 78 RPM 

    Released: 1945

    Neal Hefti and Ralph Burns collaborated on the arrangement of "Caldonia" that the Herman band used. "Ralph caught Louis Jordan [singing "Caldonia"] in an act and wrote the opening twelve bars and the eight bar tag "But the most amazing thing on the record was a soaring eight bar passage by trumpets near the end." These eight measures have wrongly been attributed to a Gillespie solo, but were in fact originally written by Neal Hefti. 

    Louis Jordon

    MCA Records

    "Caldonia" is a jump blues song, first recorded in 1945 by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. A version by Erskine Hawkins, also in 1945, was described by Billboard magazine as "rock and roll", the first time that phrase was used in print to describe any style of music.

     "Caldonia" became his fifth number one on what was at that point called the "Race Records" chart. It debuted on the chart in May 1945 and reached number one in June, where it stayed for seven weeks. On the pop chart, the song peaked at number six under the title "Caldonia Boogie".


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    MCA and what it can do for you!

    in Spirituality

    Benefits of MCA!
    Transformation! Recharge! Recast! Revive! Renew! Review! Remake! Restory!
    What is you story? Are you ready to restory your life?
    Is it about "Money?" Is it about "Personal?" Is it about "Small Business?" Is it about "Taxes?" Is it about "You?" Is it about "Greed?" Is it about "Envy?" Is it about "Success?" Is it about "Sex?" Is it about "Love?" Is it about "Abuse?" Is it about "Life?" Is it about "Coaching?" Is it about "Bullying?" Is it about "Success?"
    What is your invention? Are you ready to be reInvented?

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    TUNE IN AS Host Of Intro To Info Mikeisha Best & Co-Host Alaska McQueen Sits Down With Them & Premieres Their Hot New Music. 

    Courtesy Of WBOKRADIO / Intro To Info & Kevin Gray

    The group started in 1984 as The Gents and comprised Drakeford, McCain, William McNeir, Ronald Scruggs, and Bernard Belle. 
    During an anti-drug benefit, the group received a meeting with the producer Teddy Riley who renamed the group Today and melded 
    them into the current lineup. Riley helped them receive a deal with MCA Records.

    As the head of MCA records urban department, Jheryl Busby, moved into Motown, he brought several acts with him, including Today, 
    The Boys and The Good Girls. While touring the country, the groups were successful. Motown promoted Today as the new Four Tops, 
    and The Boys and The Good Girls were promoted as the new Jackson 5 and new Supremes respectively.

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