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    Dialogue With A Yogi

    in Self Help

    Thinking about taking a yoga class?  Not sure of the benefits of a yoga practice?  Well, tune in today as Infinite Vibrations  talk yoga with Yogi, Clarence Taylor.  Mr. Taylor will share his views of yoga, how its provided healing within his life, the type of yoga practice he prefers, and the tranquility he's gained from his practice. 

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    Interview with Keez Mc @KeezMc

    in Music

    Bio: Keez was raised in Harlem but lived in the Bronx. He’s also very focus he already has two mixtapes, one called Hungry Season and the second just now getting done called Hungry Season Two (business as usual) and a Album that came out called "Musical Therapy" both of his singles are doing good one called Im On With It and "Report To The Dance Floor" he has 8,692 plays, 839 downloads off his singles, 6,795 fans his song "Report To The Dance Floor" is #3 on the club charts on unsignedbandweb.com and was placed # 40 for 5 weeks for songs in the top 100 list on Ourstage. And currently has his own MTV Music Page and just recently got all his music in the Bill Board Music Store. And won twice for best Album of the year for Hip Hop and Rap/East Coast Album.

    Keez Mc on Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc http://pozeproductions.com/profile/KeezMc 

    Nominations, Honors & Awards

    I want to Thank Poze Productions and Doug E Fresh for Awarding My Album "Musical Therapy' for April 2015 Best Album of The Year in Hip Hop. http://pozeproductions.com/page/april-2015-winners?xg_source=msg_mes_network

    And also want to Thank Akademia Music Awards for giving me the Award June 2015 for Best Rap/East Coast Album 'Musical Therapy'. http://www.theakademia.com/june2015_bestalbum_rapeastcoast.html

    I would like to Thank Voiceless Music Awards for Nominating me for Best Live Freestyle Of The Year. here's the link. http://www.voicelessmusic.com/2014/12/2015-voiceless-music-awards-n...

  • Remembering Yogi, covering the Pope

    in News

    Two iconic figures - Yogi Berra and Pope Francis - will be the subjects of our next Record Talk Radio broadcast at 1 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 30.

    The first half of the program will be a round table discussion with Stephanie Akin, Jeff Green and Christopher Maag, three members of the team of Record reporters who covered Pope Francis' recent visit to New York City and Philadelphia.

    The second segment will feature a conversation with Record sports columnist Bob Klapisch, and David Kaplan, diirector of programs at the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair.

    They will discuss Berra's legacy as a New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher, beloved sports figure and North Jersey resident.

    Do you have a question for any of our guests? Send your suggestions to ensslin@northjersey.com by noon Wednesday.




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    Revolutionary Greetings . Join George Jackson University Radio tomorrow night . As long standing comrades and family make tributes to San Quentin 6 ,Political Prisoner and Revolutionary Hugo Yogi Pinell . Listen to some of the comrades words over his time incarcerated . Hear from brothers whom knew him personally and can give you insight into his mind,personality and character . Learn why this brother was tortured and how he became a prisoner of war and political prisoner . Hugo Pinell was for the people revolution anything else was not him . He made sacrifices to uplift ,educate and organize our people . But let his comrades speak for him ....Big Ern(Ernest Shepard);David Johnson(San Quentin 6);Sundiata Tate (San Quentin 6) and more . Tune in people The Struggle is for land . The call in number to listen to the show is 347- 826-7332 or listen online at GeorgeJacksonUniversityRadioBlog. Also check the comments below for further info .


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    Join George Jackson University Radio Wednesday night at 8:00 pm . To hear this wonderful contribute to our fallen but not forgotten comrad Hugo Yogi Pinell (Rest In Uhuru) . As his daughter Allegra Casimir-Taylor tells her account of love ,revolution and compassion that she shared with her dad. And not to forget his legacy that he set as a political prisoner and a lover of freedom and the people . San Quentin 6 Member David Johnson will tell you the facts and get real personal on who this Freedom Fighter -Yogi Pinell (Rest In Uhuru) really was and actually is . Also you will hear from Ernest Shepard (Big Ern) a lifetime comrad of Yogi ,whom was encouraged by Yogi to transform his criminal mentality to a revolutionary mentality . This show will set the record straight and debunk all myths as well as destroy all negative imagery that media shows of this beloved brother . We will also have another special guest to come on and speak on his connection and relation to Yogi . Don't miss out on this spectacular show and living history ,political education and struggle

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    #28 - Tribute to Yogi Berra (Diamond #15)

    in Sports

    Baseball icon Yogi Berra passed away at the age of 90.  In this episode, Seth speaks with Marty Appel, Author, Yankees historian, & former Yankee PR Director. about Berra's legacy.  His success on the field, to his as well as his role as an unofficial ambassador after his career was over.  The Yogi-isms abound, its a great tribute to a legendary baseball figure.

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    MC Yogi, Pilgrimage

    in Music

    MC YOGI (aka Nicholas Giacomini) grew up in Northern California, painting graffiti & listening to hip hop music.  

    At age 18, on a whim, he joined his father for a yoga and meditation intensive with a famous spiritual teacher from India. Deeply moved by this unexpectedly powerful experience, MC YOGI devoted most of his free time to learning everything he could about the ancient discipline. He spent the next two years studying the physical forms of yoga as well as meditation, philosophy, and devotional chanting. 

    MC Yogi’s dedication to yoga did not diminish his lifelong love of hip hop. Now, by combining Indian music and mythology with infectious hip hop beats, MC Yogi creates an exciting new sound for a new generation of modern mystics, urban yogis, and

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    -Show 186


    -Latest Underground music from your favorite artist & genres, The Health tip of the day (Provided By 845's Nubian Queen)


    -HIP-HOP MONTH (THE MC):  We will be covering the hip-hop element “MCing”.


    -Announcements Segment: This Segment is dedicated to those looking to some information on there near future. Weather if its an album/EP/single dropping, event coming up or a simple update on ones career, this is that segment to drop those announcements. Tonight we will be dropping the 411 on opportunities for artist to get paid and perform … (347) 633 9050


    -Industry MC of the week: We will be speaking on the rise and work of Mickey Factz.


    -What if Segment: What if there was no MC? The MC came from DJ and ventured off to go solo with the DJ but what if no MC was formed in Hip-hop. Where would Hip-hop be and what would be different? Call in and speak your opinion (347) 633 9050


    -Hip-Hop 101:  We drop the 411 on the alliance that poetry has with the culture of Hip-Hop…


    -Special Guest(s): We have The Queen of Poetic Expression Quantah More. She will be helping us discuss her experience with hip-hop as a poet and perform a piece on what the culture means to her. We also have an interview w/ D.I.T.C.’s newest affiliate G. Fisher. He has his own grind and company going but the fact that he has the greats backing him makes him stand out and helps him go hard in this struggle to bring Hip-Hop back to a positive state. Then he steps into the booth as he will become the next participant in our Sweet 16 segment "The Booth Series".


    -Big Vegg & STILLAMESS Hostin'



    -Roc w/ US!

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    When The People Lead with MC and Poet J Brave

    in Spirituality

    MC, poet, and activist for peace, J Brave’s greatest gift is his ability to bring people together for the greater good. A former youth counselor for homeless and at-risk youth, he is now one of the three vocalist of the band Luminaries, and has toured the world spreading messages of unity, love, and empowerment through the vehicle of Hip Hop. J Brave produces a weekly conscious club night titled the “Luminous Movement” at Zanzibar in Santa Monica where party goers come to celebrate with intention, and are treated to some of the best music from artists in the festival culture. “We are all luminous beings having a human experience” says Brave, who is always reminding himself and others to awaken to our inner truth, and activate into our highest potential as beacons of light. Also on the horizon is Luminaries documentary film "When The People Lead" about the collective's travels through Palestine and Israel. http://LuminairesMusic.com


    Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air. 

  • The Life and Times of Yogi Berra

    in Politics

    Yogi Berra, one of baseball’s greatest catchers and characters, who as a player was a mainstay of 10 Yankees championship teams and as a manager led both the Yankees and the Mets to the World Series — but who may be more widely known as an ungainly but lovable cultural figure, inspiring a cartoon character and issuing a seemingly limitless supply of unwittingly witty epigrams known as Yogi-isms — died on Tuesday. He was 90.NYT