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    Sydney Biddle Barrows - From Mayflower Madam to Magnificent Mentor

    in Business

    Perhaps better known to millions as the Mayflower Madam, Sydney Biddle Barrows is now making quite a name for herself as a Magnificent Mentor. Her first book, Mayflower Madam, went right to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.  She has since become a highly successful management consultant and writer.  She masterfully reinvented herself as a marketing guru.  She is coaching businesses on how to attract clients and keep them coming back.  Sydney will be giving that advice to you today.

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    Mayflower Oil Spill Update

    in Lifestyle

    Live from Arkansas, we'll speak with people who are providing mutual aid to victims of the Mayflower Arkansas Oil Spill. Joining me will be Alyssa Martinez, activist, citizen journalist and experienced provider of mutual aid in BP oil disaster and now this one. We will try to have other guests who are on the ground searching out the truth on the show, too, if they are available. For more up to date and TRUE information on the spill go to the Mayflower Arkansas Oil Spill FB page or to JNL_RadikalMedia on Twitter.

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    What If, African Americans Didn't Actually Come Over On The Mayflower ? Part I.

    in Self Help

    What If our children want to visit Africa, should we be prepared to financially foot the bill for them to travel their on an exploratory trip in order to locate their Tribe?


    Please call in (646)-478-0270

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    History of the Mayflower Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

    in Family

    Join Linda Cullum for a fascinating discussion on the History of the Mayflower Pilgrims. She is the author of "The Mayflower's Pilgrims: In Their Own Words VOL I" Ebook http://historyofthepilgrims.com/  She is from Truro, Cape Cod which was the first sighting of land for the Pilgrims. You will discover many unknown facts!

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    Mayflower Oil Spill Update & Tar Sands News

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    It's been a few weeks since our last Mayflower Oil Spill Update. Since then, Chris has been to Mayflower and talked with the people there. She also visited West, TX where the fertilizer plant explosion occurred and went to Julia Trigg's farm in Texas for a protest of the KXL pipeline with Marine Toxicologist Dr. Rikki Ott and much, much more. We'll get an update from her on her travels and discuss other things that are taking place regarding Mayflower, Tar Sands and other events of the past week.

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    Mayflower Arkansas

    in Politics

    Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said at a Mayflower press conference Wednesday he has issued a subpoena for documents, data and other evidence from ExxonMobil pertaining to the crude oil spill that dumped thousands of barrels of oil in Mayflower last week.McDaniel complained of a headache Wednesday at the press conference at Mayflower City Hall after “limited exposure” to the rupture site in Northwoods. He said his staffers were also experiencing side effects from oil fumes, and that he was told several children at a nearby elementary school had been sent home earlier in the day after they became nauseous. “I explained to them I’m not here for a tour and I’m not getting in a van. We’re here on behalf of the State of Arkansas as the state’s lawyer, a constitutional officer empowered by the General Assembly to enforce our laws, and we’re here to conduct an investigation, not take a tour,” McDaniel told members of the press. “I didn’t appreciate how we were treated, so I can only imagine how some of the homeowners must have felt.”

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    Thanksgiving Series: Journey on The Mayflower

    in Politics Conservative

    First of three 2011 Thanksgiving shows. Tonight a little background on the Mayflower journey.

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    Today our show involves what our weekly show is going to be about, EDUCATION OFF THE BLACK MASSES IN AMERICA AND AFRICA ABOUT THE BLACK CODES.

     This was the first act that lets us know that there were educated Black and Brown People before America United in 1776, in fact THE ACT OF 1740. This act was put onto place after the first Continental Congress.  The Declaration of Independence, that is credited to  be written by Thomas Jefferson was in fact written by his Scribe Slave. The President over the first Continental Congress was  a Moor, and the Author of the Mayflower Pact was a Moor.  The same Black Moors Scribed and constructed the original Constitution which is locked away in Fort Knox with the Moorish flag. The Second CONTINENTAL Congress rewrote the Constitution instituting slavery and the laws against educating non whites.  Uneducated Whites did not like the idea of Black or Brown people being educated and intelligent enough to make the country unite. The laws became more server and the punishment more detrimental. So when Whites claim that all people had been slaves and reparations should not be paid, I say you are liras. Chattel Slavery was the cruelest injustice in human history. In fact you acknowledge this by saying the Jews of Germany were entitled to reparations, when Hitler himself said he got his platform for his internment camps from the American Slave System, in his book Mein Kampf. The Act of Chattel Slavery has Laws and those are laws the are still enforced to keep Black African people all over the world oppressed, and if it was so inhuman when done to the Jews it is equally as inhuman when done to African Black People if you are not liars and twisting the truth to benefit those White Jews from Germany. Hassidic's are not  Semites because it has been proven that they posses the Neanderthal Genes are not present in Black African people  West Asian+ African = Semite.

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    The Mayflower MADAM, Sydney Biddle Barrows

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    Join Jewels as she talks about our holographic world to see beyond our 3D world and then talks with the incredible Mayflower Madam, Sydney Barrows who shook the very foundation of New York through her infamous escort service. Sydney is absolutely brilliant and has shown the world to beware of a brilliant woman!


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    Mayflower Oil Spill Update & Tar Sands News

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    On tonight's show Chris Wilson and I will interview with Texan Mike Bishop who filed suit against the US Army Corps of Engineers to stop TransCanada from running part of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline across his property.  He is asking the judge to invalidate TransCanada’s permits and order public hearings  throughout the pipeline's path in TX and OK. We also will get an update on Mayflower, AR spill and talk to residents there and in Marshall, MI.

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    Thank you for a Wonderful Time on Air

    in Travel

    Today I am saying good bye to all my great listeners and fans.  We've been on the air now for over a year and it's time for us to move on. 

    I'm happy to say that Yolanda will continue Eatin and Sippin Locally so look for her to launch her new show.  I will be a guest speaker occassionally bringing you eatin and sippin from some exotic destinations I'm about to embark on with Mayflower Tours.

    Peeks Cruises & Tours is still available to check off those boxes of your bucket list.  And in fact with my association with Mayflower Tours I will be looking for groups who dream about Europe, Asia, Africa, Cuba, not to mention our wonderful State Park system.

    It has been a very fun ride and I'd like to thank all of you who have supported us.  Remember to live your passions!  Because we are..