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    Max Tavera en ELA California

    in Health

    Esa Noche a las 8 pm y hablanos al telefono: 1-(714)760-0464 y yo te responderé!

    Proximamente nuevas fórmulas naturistas para ayudarte en tus problemas de salud!  Diabetes, Colesterol, Venas varicosas y cualquier problema de salud que este afectando tu forma de vivir. Mis Formulas estan Aprobadas por la  FDA de Estados Unidos de Norteamerica Y ahora desde el mero corazon del Este de Los Angeles para el mundo! En mi nuevo Laboratorio queremos verte fuerte y sano.  Contactamos para una consulta personal o telefónic. Productos y formulas únicas en el mercado. Súper reforzadas y confiables.  25 años de experiencia en el ramo nos avalan!

    No somos los primeros, pero si los mejores! por Telefono 1-(714)-760-0464 y esta noche contestare preguntas al correo electronico:


    Esta noche el Nutricionista Profesional Max Tavera contara con la presencia de Eduardo Quezada Escandon y otros invitados!

  • Sabados con Max

    in Health

    Max nos nos habla de Laboratorios Max y sus productos naturales 


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    Psychic Assist Readings with Max Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Do you need help with your relationships?
    Are you unclear about your career path?
    Are you having financial issues?
    Are you needing guidance on your life path?

    Join International Positive Results mentor and Intuitive Max Ryan (www.attractpositiveresults.com) for a show of all Psychic, Intuitive & Angel Readings!

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    Creating Angels with Max Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Do you want to work with Angels more in your life?  Well you just may be working with them and you may not even realize it! Join Max today as he shows you how your THOUGHTS are actually creating angels!

    This will be a fun and empwering show!

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    The Power of Consistency with Max Ryan

    in Motivation

    On Today's show Max will emphasis how consistency is key in transforming your life in any area. Most of us know this to be true, but it's how you do it that is a problem for most people.
    Consistency was one of the driving forces that drove Max to write his new book "Say YES if...30 Days of Positive Questions to Transform Your Life". in the format that he did.  He will talk about that too! 
    Please call in to talk with Max!

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    The Time is NOW with Max Ryan

    in Motivation

    On Today's show Max will inspire, motivate and remind you how important it is that you get that the time to start anything is NOW!
    RIGHT NOW is theonly moment that you really have and there is no other time. That is why taking advantage of THIS MOMENT is CRUCIAL for your success. 
    Max will give you the tools you need to start living in the NOW to create your FUTURE in your finances, relationships and health.
    Max will also take your calls and give mini Intuitive Readings!

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    Your the Pitcher..with Max Ryan

    in Spirituality

    On Todays show Max will teach you that you are the pitcher to the Universe. Your job is to pick up the ball, throw it at the Universe and it is not your job to figure out the details to make the pitch a homerun. Trying to make it a homerun will lead to dissapoinment and frustration.  Join Max as he gives you valuable tips to pitch to the Universe and know your role!
    Max will take your calls and do Mini Readings too!!
    From the details of The Law of Attraction to A Course in Miracles, Max’s depth of knowledge and ability to make complex concepts, simple and applicable has earned him the reputation of being the spiritual "How To" guy.
    Max’s pragmatic, non-traditional approach to coaching and spirituality supports his clients as they uncover their authentic selves and reach the next level in their professional, personal and spiritual lives.  Max is currently finishing 2 books, “Say YES if… 30 Days of Positive Questions to Transform your Life” & “The Magic of Life; Re-Connecting with your Spirit”
    For more about Max and everything that he offers, go to:  www.AttractPositiveResults.com

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    Say YES if... with Max Ryan

    in Motivation

    On Todays show Max will talk about the power of YES! One of the most significant powers that you have at your disposal is your ability to choose a YES in any and all situations in your life.  This aboility is the key to getting positive results in anything that you want. 
    This is foundational material on your path to success!  You want to tune in today for sure! Call in too!!
    Join International Coach and Law of Attraction Trainer Rev. Max Ryan on Friday afternoons as he shares many Spiritual & Metaphysical tools and how you can apply them to live in The Magic of Life. From the details of The Law of Attraction to a A Course in Miracles. Max’s show will teach you many tools for your spiritual toolbox! Max will also have great Guests who are experts in their spiritual or metaphysical fields. http://attractpostitiveresults.com

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    The Pathway to JOY! with Max Ryan

    in Motivation

    On Today's show Max will talk and teach about the Pathway to JOY!
    Most of us are craving joy. We are looking for it. We are searching for it. We are trying to get it in many different ways, but we rarely consider that your Joy is already HERE!
    Join Max as he shares tips and tools to finding your JOY!
    Max will take your Calls too!!!
    Since a very young child Max has had the gift of being extremely sensitive to this world and the world beyond. In fact, as a child he did not understand why other people didn't understand that they were in fact God incarnate. That may sound extreme, but it became a defining moment for him. As Max grew he realized that that was his purpose and gift to the world; to help people remember that they are gods and goddesses of their own lives, and that they have ultimate power of creation. It is in that realization that people can also discover their true purpose.

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    Max Estrada

    in Education

    Being born into the beauty industry and with more then 10+ years of expertise and experience, Max Estrada has always had a strong belief in nail education and artistry.

    Max started with playing with his mother’s nail products and reading trade publications at a very early age, even attending his first trade show at the age of 5.

    He started his professional career working in his family’s salon in Arizona. Within the first year of Max’s career he aspersed to grow bigger as a nail technician, so he decided to enter his first competition.

    At the very young age of 16 with already a very quick and accurate acrylic application, Max entered his first professional nail competition.

    Max was confident in his work; he competed and placed within the top 10 for his division and category. Full of determination, his goal was to improve his skills and conquer the competitive world of nails!

    Now, Max places in every competition he enters and focus on further refining the nail shape and developing nail technologies that make the every nail artist’s life much easier. He believes that the best competition to win is the one with yourself; always strive for your personal best.

    Max’s ultimate dream was to have the best products to complement his education for the nail care industry. In 2014, Max invented and designed his own company and product line, aptly titled Exclusive Nail Couture Professional, nationally and globally.

    Today, Max competes all over the world. He has a true passion for his art and expresses his love for the nail industry through every nail he does. Max is now sharing his knowledge all over the world in his classes and through his new line of nail products.

    Being a trendsetter in the industry, Max says, “The nail industry is not about where it has been but where it’s going.”

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    Capturing the Genie with Max Ryan

    in Spirituality

    On today's show Max will teach you about how placing the fictional character of the Genie in the bottle outside of ourselves, we are giving away our power.
    You can bring the Genie back into the lamp and let it give you many more than 3 wishes!
    This is sure to be an eye opening and informative show, that will teach you all about claiming your natural inheritance as the creator of your life!
    Max will take your calls too so call in!