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    "Simply Haneef" talks to special guest LaCora Stephens of The YES show

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    Special Guest:

    LaCora Stephens is an extraordinary young lady that is the executive producer and host of The YES! Show where she highlights the Young, Entertaining & Saved of Hollywood.  Using her experience as a high school teacher she formats her show with fun, engaging segments that speak on real, honest topics to encourage growth in the Kingdom.  Through her journey she has an impressive 100 interviews under her belt from artists like Angela Basset, T.D. Jakes, Philcia Rashad, Yolando Adams, Matt Damon, and many more! LaCora is helping the world find their YES! with panel discussions like Can I Get a Witness and  Confessions of a Church Girl and hot topics during He Say She Say and gospel celebrities highlighted during the Red Carpet Rundown. The YES! Show is taped in Pasadena, Ca moving forward to its third season. 

    If you can't catch LaCora on The YES! Show, turn on any channel and see her as an actress.  She's been in commercials like Vizeo, Skinny Cow, Reebok, Century Link and networks like Lifetime. LaCora is on a mission to bring more positive images to television and impress upon people to use their gift to Glorify God!

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    Brooklyn Park Mayor Candidate :Joy Marsh Stephens

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    Joy Marsh Stephens is the DFL and labor endorsed candidate for Mayor of Brooklyn Park , Mn . She is tonights guest on MnTc Radio speaking on what she can change for Brooklyn Park and Her plans if she is to be elected. Call 718-508-9559 to ask her any question. Mr Music is the host tonight on MnTc Radio.

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    The War Is On Our Shores - LaMar Stephens

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    RETV Examines the Black Youth Violence Crisis in New Docu-Series
    (Jersey City's) Peace March & Mini-Concert 
    (There is a war on our shores!  And the enemy is not some dark, sinister foreign entity - it's homegrown, right here in our midst.  The Black youth violence crisis is alarming, fueled by the enemies of peace and tranquility -- ignorance and apathy.  We must declare war, and fight vigorously to rescue our Black youth from extinction.  RETV, a popular YouTube channel headed by LaMar Stephens of New Jersey-based Rap Entertainment, Inc., is creating a three-part docu-series entitled "Cities In Crisis," which will examine the problem under a microscope, laying out both the problems and the solutions, featuring celebrities such as rappers T.I., Common, Ice Cube and Talib Kweli, along with educators, actors and community activists, who all drop their own brands of knowledge and wisdom regarding the Black youth violence crisis...because after all, if it "takes a village" to raise a child, it will most certainly "take a village" to save him/her.

    In conjunction with the docu-series, RETV is sponsoring a Peace March and Mini-Concert, scheduled for Sunday, October 26 in Jersey City, NJ's Greenville section.  Jersey City has been one of the battlegrounds of this war, and peace warriors there are supporting the RETV effort by hosting this event, designed to 
    bring calmness to their city.  It is Stephens' strong desire that more communities across the country will join the fight.  He will film the Jersey City event for airing on RETV, as a battle plan for others to follow.

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    Melinda Stephens

    in Education

    The Dean of Undergraduate Students

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    Living Happy Inside and Out with Maura Sweeney

    in Self Help

    A midlife woman whose passion is inspiring others to happiness - from the inside out. I'm a former corporate branch manager and home schooling mom enjoying her "Third Act" as if I've been planning for it my entire life.

    In addition to writing her own Huffington Post column, Maura has appeared in a number of popular media outlets including the BBC Radio, the Boston Globe, Midlife Boulevard and Match.com. 

    Passionate about life, people and finding what's best in us all, Maura Sweeney shares her musings through blogs, videos and her ebook series - The Art of Happiness.

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    Mama Didnt Half Step - Heather Stephens

    in Motivation

    Heather DeBerry Stephens is a wife, mother, author, administrator, and fisher of men. She is the wife of Dale Stephens. In their 15-year marriage, they have been blessed with 2 sons and 2 daughters, ages 13, 11, 8, and 3. Heather is a 1995 graduate of Lane College and she is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is currently an employee of Shelby County School as the General Office Secretary for Shelby Oaks Elementary. 

    In Heather's childhood, she was displaced from her birth mother at the tender age of 1. The separation from her biological mother grew in Heather a burning desire to someday become the mother that she always wished she had. After publishing the book, "Mama Didn't Half-step," Heather founded the "Don't Half-step Movement," to encourage mothers to embrace their God-given gift of motherhood. Her passion to encourage mothers has become a personal life assignment through seminars, workshops, and by her own everyday example. Her witty catch-phrase, "Just don't half-step," is a message that she hopes will penetrate in the hearts of mothers all over the world. 

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    Like It Is w/ Robert Stephens

    in Politics

    Today, we’ll be joined by Nneka M. Okona, a Nigerian-American writer based in DC. In October, Nneka wrote a piece for Coloures titled, “Culture is Not a Costume: Why Non-Africans Should Not Wear African Clothing”. Join us as we discuss the implications of her article, particularly as it relates to US Black Americans and the broader African diaspora.

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    Welcome to our Saturday Worship Service for those who may not be able to attend church and anyone else for whatever reason they choose to join us in this worship experience. YOU ARE WELCOME

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    Like It Is w/ Robert Stephens

    in Politics

    Today, we’re talking with Caty McClure, author of the Other98’s insightful piece “On the Suspicious Timing of Pointergate”. Pointergate is the recent scandal in which a local Minneapolis news channel broadcast an outrageous story accusing Minneapolis’ mayor of colluding with gang members. McClure’s story goes beyond the sensationalism and tackles the nefarious and longstanding cooperation between police and media, and its role in preventing effective police reform.

  • Meltdown Madness

    in Sports

    Hosts Conner and Jackson discuss the fallout from Purdue's embarrassing 31 point loss to Notre Dame in Indianapolis. It won't be pretty. 

    Don't forget to call in and share your opinions about where Purdue basketball stands. The number is on the episode page.

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    Wild Wild Left Radio #167 Frack No! ~ with Maura Stephens

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight Maura Stephens, a longtime journalist, humanitarian, educator, and activist joins us to talk about high-volume fracturing for shale gas.  She is an active participant in five antifracking groups, from her small community of 2,000 people around Seneca Lake, to the Coalition to Protect New York. She is also networked with similar groups around the Marcellus shale region (NY, PA, OH, WV primarily) and the rest of the country, and with groups in many other countries, particularly Ireland and the UK.
    We will be talking not only about the dangers in this explosively dangerous and disastrously filthy practice, but about how the onslaught of MSM propaganda (funded by the industries themselves) impedes us from banning the practice, despite the fact that the public is wildly against fracking.
    This is a MUST-Listen show!!!

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