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    Web Cam Models: Lets 'Sex it up! come join me for music and tips!

    in Entertainment

    IF YOU TWERK COME HANG WIT ME!!  IF YA CANT TWERK BUT CAN TWRIL COME HANG WIT  ME !  LETS HAVE SOME FUN TONIGHT  MY FELLA Cam Model!  IF YA JUST NEED SOME MOTIVATION TO LOG IN COME SEE ME!!  YES  ladies and Gents its the weekend what will you be wearing ! what songs will ya play in your weekend show Tune in for your weekend tips! 

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    Dirty After Dark .. The Turn on Tuesday show

    in Romance

    Since Wednesday night is consumed by EMPIRE and Thursday night is Gladiator time, I’ decided to move the show to Tuesday at 10pm.


    So sit back relax and get yourself go,forget what you heard but act like you know..


    TUNE IN and TURN ON...

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    Rhythm and Rhymes (Hour 1) - Pam and Qu Show (Hour 2)

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in every Wednesday to the best in one hour of musical reggae explosion followed by the entertaining Pam and Qu Show!

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    on earth as it is in heaven

    in Christianity

     raising up mature sons  in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, finland, Norway, the faroe islands who will establish the government of heaven in every realm of influence and area of society

  • @JayRush1 Exclusive #ASHSaidIt

    in Music

    Jay Rush has a brand new single to bring to audiences worldwide! Wanna hear it? Tune in live for the exclusive new track!

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    Navy SEAL Training - No Pain, No Gain

    in Motivation

    Are you ready to feel the pain? Why not? In this high impact episode of Navy SEAL Radio, host David Rutherford explores the power of pain as it relates to enhancing performance and acheiving success. David dives into the harsh world of Special Operations training and how it generates the worlds most elite performers. David relives his own incredible pain and inspires his audience to get off their butts to experience their own level of pain. He delives four Froglogic Concepts to help guide the listener into the right program for them. Don't miss this epic show so you too can begin to live for the pain. HOOYAH

    Top Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author and Performance Coach, David Rutherford ignites audiences with his high energy, no nonsense approach to motivating people to succeed in any environment imaginable. As a top Behavioral Training Specialist David motives people from all walks of life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic - A Navy SEAL Motivational Training Program. Derived from 20 years of personal exploration into the human condition David combines his incredible journey with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operations, training and elite lifestyle performance successes. His masterful ability to inspire enables individuals and teams to Forge Self-Confidence, Live the Team Life, Embrace Fear and Live with Purpose. HOOYAH 

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    Guest: Thomas John

    in Culture

    This is an encore replay episode of our May 15 show with Thomas John. Thomas is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages from "the other side." Hosting sold-out events such as A Night with Spirit and Dinner with the Dead, Thomas is one of the nation’s most coveted psychic mediums. His gifts continue to be in high demand with influencers, A-list celebrities, and those at crossroads in life from coast to coast and around the globe.

    Thomas, gifted since birth, connected with the spirit of his late paternal grandfather at the tender age of four and correctly described to his parents the location of a missing wrist watch that had haunted the family for years (Grandpa’s best friend Jack had it!). In recent years, Thomas’ infallible track record has lead him to being known as one of the world’s top psychics. He has been prominently featured in top tier print media, including New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, GQ, Maxim, OK! Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and Life and Style Weekly, along with broadcast appearances on Dr. Phil, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and The Real Housewives of New York City, and Entertainment Tonight.

    A reality show based on his life  is currently in development at a major cable network and his first novel, Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side is available at Amazon.com.

    Website:  http://mediumthomas.com/

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    Love Never Dies with Dr. Jamie (Dr. Love) Turndorff

    in Relationships

    Known to millions as "Dr. Love," radio and television personality Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been delighting audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise and spicy humor. Her success is largely due to her remarkable ability to turn clinical psychobabble into entertaining and easy-to-understand concepts that transform lives.

    She has authored several books on resolving relationship conflicts with partners, friends, family members and children. Hay House has published her latest two books, Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love’s 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship (January 2014) and her bestselling Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased (August 2014), which introduces her new Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy method.

    Dr. Turndorf’s “Love Never Dies” radio show can be heard each Tuesday on Hay House Radio. Her “Ask Dr. Love” radio show is currently broadcast out of her flagship station in Seattle, and in 80 countries worldwide. She is the “go to” relationship expert on numerous television and online networks, such as CBS, VH1, WebMD, and MSNBC. Most recently, CNN has been featuring her as the resident authority on relationship advice and human behavior.


    Dr.Jamie Turndorr - Dr. Love

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    Allan McDougall, Renate Reimann, Kirby Heyborne

    in Business

    Allan McDougall worked in underground mines for 22 years before emerging to assist in his union's EAP office, where his experience helping others deal with situations spiraling out of their control led him to head the International Steelworkers Emergency Response Team. He holds a Master of Labor Administration from the University of Massachusetts. His new book, Breaking Through: Discovering the Riches Within (AM Publishing), is his inspiring memoir, offering a moving example of how to leave addiction and pain behind for a life of sobriety and vision

    Renate Reimann, Ph.D, is founder of FreshLife Coaching. Her recently released book, Beyond Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing Your Life (FreshLife Coaching 2015) offers concrete steps to move individuals past problematic behaviors to achievement and success

    Kirby Heyborne accomplished Actor, Narrator, Musician, and Comedian, Kirby Heyborne wows audiences on the silver screen, in their headphones, and in his live performances. Kirby is an experienced, professional actor and comedian, an award winning audiobook narrator, a loved and sought-after motivational speaker, and the performer of his own original, uplifting and heartwarming music. Kirby is a tireless, creative Entrepreneur!

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    It's A MInd Thing! Who Is Your Cover Up!

    in Religion

     Is His Goodness Enough?


     Will you be satisfied with the will of God in your life. Sometimes we have plans, dreams, and visions for ourselves, but, they may not line with the perfect will of God.  All of your plans, dreams and visions are what God gave you, but, His timing and purpose may not be yours. His timing and purpose are preparatory, leading to His perfect will. God told me one time that my glittering, attractive packaging, is my gift of singing, influencing and captivating audiences, but inside that packaging is His word. That is His perfect purpose. God is a good God! He knows us better than we know ourselves, because He made us. The goodness of the Lord is perfect for us.  “God’s purpose is a perfect fit” (Cass). All roads lead to the perfect will of God. The question is are we willing to walk down that road? Are we willing to accept Him as our buckler and shield. Are we willing to love the one that loves us, putting none other before Him. Are we willing to hide  under the shadow of his wings, taking refuge in His secret place. Trust God to cover you. We can struggle in Egypt, survive wilderness or thrive in the promise land. 

            God’s perfect will always move toward a greater cause.

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    Keeping The Passion Inside Your Marriage with Couples Academy

    in Radio

    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show, Brought to you by Vibration NetworkWe Welcome Special Guest Hasani Pettiford & Danielle Pettiford Founders of Couples Academy! https://www.facebook.com/CouplesAcademy

    Living out the principles they teach within their own marriage, Hasani and Danielle created Couples Academy, a relationship-based learning institute committed to placing couples on the path of fulfillment. 

    Collectively, they have spoken for more than 1,000 audiences throughout the U.S., Latin America and Africa. They provide keynotes, seminars, marriage conferences, couples retreats, coaching programs, as well as indivual and couple's counseling sessions. 

    Hasani and Danielle's expert advice has been sought after by national print, radio, online and television networks including TLC, CW Network, BET, TV-ONE, TBN, CBN, The Wendy Williams Show, The Michael Baisden Show, The Russ Parr Show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and several other national programs. Hasani and Danielle Pettiford have been happily married for 12 years and have four beautiful girls. 

    Couples Academy is a relationship-based learning institute committed to helping couples by placing them on the path to fulfillment. Whether you are a new or a seasoned couple, in turmoil or relational bliss, we provide the resources, help, support, encouragement and practical advice needed to make a relationship work.  

     To get started today call 678-200-8996  email us at info@couplesacademy.org.