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    An All Out Reboot Show/The World Is On Fire, Take Three?

    in Politics

    For the last three weeks we've been trying to get this show kicked off! First time, there was a power outage here at the studio. The second time, the Blogtalk server crashed! Last week, a ton of personal buniness came up that had to be taken care of! It seemed like there really was a force at work to keep me off the air BUT, have no fear! I have been donning my tinfoil hat for the last week and have a good feeling about this attempt! 

    At this time, I have not asked Kel Fritzie to join me but, I will be doing so. She has been more than understanding about the problems I've encountered trying to get this show kicked off but, I will be contacting her shortly. We have a mess of topics to talk about like the Iran deal, Obama, the refugees from Syria, the out of control political correctness when it comes to Islam in America and abroad. So many topics and so little time!

    Join us in the chat room and call in to add to the show! Fourth times a charm?

  • An All Out Reboot Show/The World Is On Fire Take Two

    in Politics

    Welcome to take two of the reboot show of the "Search For Verity Radio Program". Sorry folks, had a power outage last week that prevented me from doing the show so, here's the make up show. Again, joning me tonight as guest co-host will be the darling of conservative Blogtalk Radio, Kel Fritzi! That's right, the "Red Fox" herself! For those that don't know, Kel is a Canadian host that specializes in the evils of Islam and it's continued reach across the globe. She is also more of a patriot and cheerleader for America than most Americans I know. We'll be talking about a wide variety of topics including the presidential race, the Iran deal and her specialty, the spread of Islam and what it means. Almost everything is on the table for this one, as well as your calls! So don't be shy, be a part of helping SFV kick off this season!

  • RFB Radio ~ Mohammedans, We Have Long Memories, Too

    in Politics Conservative

    Matt4America ~ The Search For Verity ~ joins me as my Special Fellow-Host.

    A special thank you to Movin...

    Today, we commemorate 9/11.... 14 years later, have we learned ANYTHING? NO.... Look at what we are allowing to happen in the West today... The Mohammedans are actually making much more head-way... The gloves are off for this show....

    Welcome  to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi.

    My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Ask to join our Facebook Page @ Infidels Are Watching


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”



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    First Weekly Rant- Rand Paul/Obama's Latest Iran Folly/Rape Accusations

    in Politics

    Welcome to the first installment of the "Weekly Rant". All will be explained in the show. Keep checking the Facebook page "Facebook.com/searchforverity", the Twitter page "@Matt4America" or email "Matt4america@att.net"!

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    B&R Radio's The Last Stand with Roger Dorn and Matt4America

    in Politics Conservative

    Our guests for tonight are the host and cohost of Far Right No Apologies, Roger Dorn and Matt4America. They broadcast each Friday on KCAA 1050 in the Los Angleles area at 8 Eastern. You can get the broadcast at http://www.farrightnoapologies.com/live/. They are a conservative show in a liberal media hot bed. 

    This week we might have more time to visit. Calls are more than welcome and encouraged for tonight's show. We will have a few things to knock around I am sure. After all we still have the same marxists attempting to destroy our country, unrest in Ferguson, immigrants flooding our border, President "Sound Byte"(© by Vito Esposito), etc.

    If you know of a subject that we should be talking about or a guest that we should have on get in touch with @GulfDogs or @smokie_tx on twitter and let us know. We will see what we can do. This show is for us all. We are just the ones on the air. 

    Thanks for your continued support. We do really appreciate you all taking time out of your Sundays to tune in and take part in the chat room. 



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    RFB - The Rape of the Unbeliever

    in Politics Conservative

    ''He said raping me is his Prayer to God... according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever.''  (It's all there in Qu'ran 4:3, 4: 24, and 33:50. Moslem men can take captives of the Right Hand. Slaves = sabaya).

    Matt4America was my defacto Fellow Host and Info was a great caller.

    Also, I share some of my experiences from England.

    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi. My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”


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    A True Story Of Government Intrusion On Private Property And Our Rights

    in Politics

    On this show, we will be talking about the intrusion onto private property by a seemingly tyrannical and hypocritical government. Joining me in studio will be Ron and Ruth Kerns whom for the last 6 months have been battling their local government, and various departments, seeking a resolution to an extremely destructive act by their county involving their beloved property. Unfortunately they have had to take the unpleasant steps of a very expensive law suit to seek some kind of resolution to this matter. This destruction involved the removal of very old trees, grounds ripped up by heavy equipment and the destruction of a federally protected wetlands that was on their property. All of this happened without having any permission, permits or proper paperwork by the offending parties. Until very recently they have been met with nothing but resistance, silence and obstruction by the EPA, County Engineers, Army Corp of Engineers, Courts etc. It wasn't until the Department of Fish and Wildlife got involved that communication finally was established, and possible steps forward might be in the future. With all that said, it still took a six month battle, a ball park sum of $40,000.00 and an incredible amount of stress just to get this far, still without being able to have their day in court. Tyrannical government or just business as usual here in America? You be the judge.

    Ron and Ruth are rabid environmentalists in their own right. They support all things nature, and live what they preach. This is a couple that looks forward to one thing during their stressful work week; to simply spend time working on, and enjoying their beautiful wooded property. They have spent thousands of hours on exotic gardens, preserves for the wildlife that reside on the property and they also keep bees. At the end of the day, they can sit on their deck with immense satisfaction of their contribution to their little corner of nature, or at least used too...


  • 01:58

    I Don't Know, What Do You Want To Talk About?

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the first regularly scheduled Friday show! I'm going to kind of leave it up to all of you as to the subject matter but I have a few things to throw out there. Since the last show, much has happened but really it's the same old thing. The U.S. is still on course to ruin itself by continuing to flush the economy down the toilet, making friends with enemies and enemies of friends and lying about every single possible thing it can to cover for it's actions. The left is running on whatever it can invent and somehow still gets away with it. As I said, same old. Listen, it's Friday night so grab a drink and join me 7-9pm EST. and lets talk about it!

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    Ferguson, Hillary, Obamacare And Another Friday Night Show/Open Lines

    in Politics Conservative

    After a brief explanation of my absence over the last couple weeks, we'll get into the news of the day. Ferguson is back in the news after Eric Holder announced that Officer Wilson would be dismissed of all charges, but in true liberal fashion, he had to continue to stir the pot. Of course with the 2016 presidential race starting to warm up, we will be talking a bit about who is in the thick of the battle as well as Hillary Clinton's newest obstacle. Will the Clinton machine be able to bury this latest charge against her and, why is this charge suddenly the one problem the left takes issue with? Also, yet another battle over Obamacare takes place in the Supreme Court. Could this latest issue concerning subsidies and federal exchanges be the straw that broke the camels back? All this and open lines!

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    On The Brink Of Ruin/A Nation In Decay

    in Politics

    A seemingly never ending siege on our nation has left us in chaos. The powers that be have brilliantly orchestrated the perfect storm. This storm has many elements to it which include division (race, political and religious), lies, hypocrisy (in full view) and several other well thought out tactics. We are currently being besieged from every angle all at the same time. Many see this simply as improvement through destruction, calling the Constitution and outdated and unfair document. These are very closed minds that don't realize the true function of the Constitution and it's purpose as a living, breathing document. Though it is the opinion of this host that the United States as we've known it since it's founding is unrecognizable and in fact too far beyond repair, there are some threads to grab onto. We will be exploring these threads by talking about the very real issues of today, and how they directly caused the downfall of this once great nation.


    Today, we will be discussing race in the wake of the Ferguson decision, and how dangerous these conversations about changing our legal system can get. We'll also be talking about the police and the militarization of it's ranks. It's important to remove this militarization discussion from the race issue, for it seems to have been intertwined lately. Join Host Matt4America and co-host Roger Dorn for a couple hours of real discussion. Fact from fiction, right from wrong and the Search For Verity! 

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    Common Core/State Standardized Tests And Your Children

    in Politics

    Welcome to a special Friday edition of "The Search For Verity Radio Program"! Tonight we will be talking about education and the ramifications that come along with programs like Common Core. Through programs like this, entangled with other government sanctioned programs like "No Child Left Behind" that have seen an influx of state standardized testing, are our children reaping the rewards of what education has to offer or, are they being stretched beyond the limits of success? Leading up to the recent PARCC State Standardized Testing in Ohio, there has been a large movement of parents that have had their children opted out of the testing. What is the reason for this? Is it a political ideology at play, or do they genuinely see their kids suffering under these guidelines? There has also been a concern of what these tests are doing to teachers because they tend to be assessed by how the children do on just one or two state tests. Is this fair to them?

    All of this and much more. Please call in to be a part of the show!

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