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    Life and Death: The Conversation ft The Hood Skala

    in Education

    According to his YouTube Bio Hood Skala is dedicated to providing clear explanations to math/physics concepts. It is done so in an unorthodox 'hood' way which is meant to be entertaining. Explanations may come in the form of a loose tongued lecture or some creative lyrics. Either way, you will leave with a new, deeper understanding of confusing math topics and maybe a few lyrics that run through your head during a test. Like it, share it, learn it. HOOD SKAAn open honest conversation with one of YouTubes most creative and innovative personalities, The Hood Skala. LAS NATION!

    Tune in for this  broadcast of The Conversation where we will be sitting down to have an open honest conversation with The Hood Skala to discuss life and death and how they can be percieved from a mathmatical perspective.

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    The View Up Here looks at Canada's safety with Graham Chivers

    in Politics

    Safety is defined as freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss. Modern conjecture from Governments or other authorities seem to differ from that. In your day to day life, doing everyday things, do you feel "safer" than you used to? If you don't, can you explain why?

    What does safety mean to you? Does it mean your air, water and land are safe to live on? Does it mean Canada has sufficient military force to protect herself? Does it mean society is suitably influenced so your life is crime free? Does it mean all of society should be safe from certain peril? Does it mean that a certain level of economic advancement is encouraged?

    Safety and its degree are an ignored subject considering their influence. Where does the true responsibilty lie, not only in society as a whole, but in your personal life. Then where does it truly lie these days? At what cost? At what risk?

    Tonight's guest Graham Chivers describes himself:

    I am located in Toronto, Canada. I live green. I gave up my car. No cellphone. No processed foods, when I have the choice. No travel that requires an airplane. No over-consumption, thats my goal. I try to lead a utilitarian and simple existance. Sounds boring? No, I have replaced the ego-trappings of life with the simple pleasures. I like to share my knowledge, study advanced mathmatics, grow food, cook and bake, exercise, read non-ficiton ( should it not be called reality? ) and of course environmental issues and designing products to support my environment and simplfy lives.

    I am an ex-environmental activist. I am a professional designer. I am a product design specialist. I have taken my 30 years of environmental learning and my 25 years of mechanical design expertise and ventured into "Green Design". I am a design consultant. I wish to accomplish two things. 1.) Educate people on what green is, in my opionion and 2.) Make people aware of my services for design.

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    The Naked Truth (TNT) With the Great Abu Shahid

    in Current Events

    JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss POWERFUL topics with the Great ABU SHADID....the Five Percent Legend and Student of the Supreme Wisdom and 120 lessons. What is the difference between the NGE and the Five Percent Nation of Islam? What is the origins of the Supreme Mathmatics and Supreme Alphabet? What are the things that WE should do to bring about UNITY between the NGE and the NOI? Should there be UNITY? What is the duty of the CIVILIZED Man? Tune in tonight and find out as WE keep it 100 on the World Wide Web!

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    Business Dashboard's ?

    in Current Events

    Today's Show is called Business Dashboard's because if you are in business and you do not have a dasboard or know how to read one, you could be wasting time ? For years businesses had a basic so called meter, analytic, dasboard, or data that they can or wish they could predict business results or patterns ! This is a Science dealing with time and measurements of ( ROI ) or Return On Investment(s) ! Depending on a business who is structured for the long haul or a business which operates loosely for the quick dollar or some say a business hustle, how one can read the results or tempature of there business cuold be very wrong an disillisioned ! It took me years ( 30 yrs ) to feel confident on my procedures and measures to know exactly how my businesses are performing ! In this Show I will give a day to day real life example of reading a dashboard and when Friday came, I will give you the facts ! You determined the Results !

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    Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann Amarteifio

    in Current Events

    Nutrition For Your Brain

    1st hr. George Shiber
    2nd hr. Rusty Nugent

    X   Goerge Shiber, lecturer at Blog Talk Radio, is our first guest tonight.  George's fields are mathmatics and philosophy.  We'll be talking about metaphysics, and how he got interested----We'll learn more about the situation in the Middle East, since this is where George comes from originally---- 

    X   Rusty Nugent, phantumwolf.wix.com/rustynugent, is with us.  Rusty is the author of 'Moonwarriors' and 'Moonwarriors: Guardians of the Night'-----While these are Dark Fantasy novels, he also writes horror books.  Find put what leads a person into this writing genre.  Of course, we'll be touching on other topics, also!!

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    Celestial gestational mathmatics

    in Spirituality

    With Andikaa Delphine Peterson- Hill
    Host 7 Starlight Earthfeather
    We will discuss the spiritual essence of numbers from a gestational aspect, that reflects the divitnty of the human species..

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    Black Roots Science

    in Education

     The science of How GOD  manifests in  and through all things

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    Holy Mathmatics

    in Spirituality

    A list of 8 simple characteristics that are so basic we tend to overlook them... but we do so at our own risk.

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    Bringing Jobs Back Home and The Lybian Embassy Cover UP

    in Politics

    Listen as we go live again with the Professor Fernando Uribe and Rutgers students as they discuss the issues that need to transpire if we were to bring jobs back to the home front.   How about outsourcing. The issue of the Obama administration misleading the Amerian people about the cover up on what happened that lead to the death of the US Ambassabor and others in Libya.  Rutgers Center of Mathmatics to receive 10 million dollars to develop a software program that goes through social media to detect  The issue of the Obama administration misleading the Amerian people about the cover up on what happened that lead to  the death of the US Ambassabor and others in Libya.  Rutgers Center of Mathmaics to receive 10 million dollars to develop a software program that goes through social media to detect suspicious behavior.This how is sponsored by Campusteaparties.com a 501 c3 non profit dedicated to recruiting conservative students. For more information go to Campusteaparties.com log onto campusteaparties.com/blog/

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    Elvis This Week: After Mathmatics

    in News

    Obama House Negro or Field Negro?  Well looks like he made it into the field this week!!! Did I detect GRAPEFRUITS!!!!  You betcha! Medicad Gone?  Maybe!  Medicare Gone?  Maybe!  Where is are the Tea Party Patriots! Hey if they give up their benefits, the budget should be just fine. Fat CHANCE!  Let's kill some social programs! Battle cry of the GOP!  Where the hell are those protesters?  Where is the Ryan's Hitler mustache?  Michelle Bachmann says she fostered 23 children. Why didn't she adopt?  Oh they do not pay you to adopt! Got it!

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    MetalSmith BenchTalk with Judy Hoch

    in Art

    My Guest this Thursday, November 15 at 3 p.m. PDT/6EDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk is metalsmith and jeweler Judy Hoch, the author of Tumble Finishing for Handmade Jewelry: Mass Finishing on a Small Scale.   About Judy: A second generation American–Dane, and a preacher’s kid, I was born in Nebraska and attended school in Brush Colorado. I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in mathmatics, minor in physics.  I spent quite a few years in the corporate world of computers as a manager and a programmer.   My new life began with my primary education in metal-smithing at Arapahoe Community College studying under Richard Sweetman. In addition, I have taken workshops from masters such as Lee Marshall, Phil Poirier, Thomas Mann, Richard Messina, Jerry McClure, Carol Webb and Michael Boyd. These wonderful teachers enthusiastically shared their expertise and passion for metalworking. I am a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, California.   My family came from Marstal on the island of Æro in Denmark. They were shipbuilders and smiths for the shipbuilding industry in the late 1800s. I wanted to honor that tradition and so have named my studio the Marstal Smithy.   The first gemstone I recognized was amber in a pendant my mother brought from Denmark. While I use many traditional gemstones in my work, I have a special love for Danish amber and stones of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Greenland in my one-of-a-kind designs. The spare sensibility of the Scandinavian lifestyle imbued our home and is still a major influence in my art. I love the work of Georg Jensen.   For more information, visit http://www.marstal.com/.

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