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    Politics Done Right on KPFT - Whether it is Iran or Venezuela it is war and oil

    in Politics Progressive

    When Senator Tom Cotton and forty six other Republicans attempted to sabotage the negotiations between the US, the 5+1 nations and Iran they expected to cut the feet from under the president. It has since backfired. Only their most ardent supporters think it was a good idea.

    The infantile wording of the letter showed a Party that is not only in decline ideologically, but a Party whose leadership is intellectually deficient. Rank and file Republicans deserve much better. They need to take their Party back.

    While we will talk about Iran tonight we will expand on how this type of actions materially affect us all. My featured guest today is Tim Danahey of the Tim Danahey Show.

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.

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    Prosper Theology: The Gospel of Rich Liars

    in Christianity

    Is name it and claim it sound doctrine? Is it sin to be poor? Does Jesus Christ want you to be materially rich? Does the Bible teach that the greater your faith the more money you have? Turn to the Holy Scriptures with Brother Jim as he exposes this lie being taught globally by rich greedy hucksters. These liars are making merchandise out of the flock daily. Don't let them swindle you out of your money anymore! 

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    Ask the Pastor Live Call-in with Gregory Dickow

    in Christianity

    Today on Ask the Pastor, Pastor Gregory Dickow addresses your everyday challenges.

    Question Topics:

    Why did Jesus ask God “why have you forsaken me?”
    What does the Bible say about divorcing and remarrying the same person?
    Should I sign up for insurance that covers abortion?
    What is the best way to bless people when I don’t have much materially to offer?

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    Massive Clean Up PT 2/ Universal wake up call !

    in Entertainment

    Gentrification of the Univeral take over . You know the external has a way of always trying to out do nature.  Nothing materially has change. Everything good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. hopeful and ominous it all becomes part of your path.  Is everything changed, because you changed?  Everything is an opportunity and you would ask why? and I would say// listen in on Psychic World with you Host Das.   email you questions to     bright_ann@ymail.com  Thank you for your gifts and support.

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    Contact Report 119 Information About Our Universe

    in Spirituality

    Very well, then, once again, a Genesis calculation: A day of the first material Creation Universe evolving in this form amounts to 311,040,000,000,000 well-known years of earthly chronology, and this is calculated from the first beginning of its becoming up to the last iota of its passing. In a 7 x 7-fold form, the length of day of Creation increases with every new and higher developed universe, so the next universe and, thus, Creation would have to have a longer day, which is to be calculated at 2,177,280,000,000,000 years, according to which, then, the calculation would have to look like this:
    First materially evolving universe: 311,040,000,000,000 years
    Second materially evolving universe: 2,177,280,000,000,000 years
    Third materially evolving universe: 15,240,960,000,000,000 years
    Fourth materially evolving universe: 106,686,720,000,000,000 years
    Fifth materially evolving universe: 746,807,040,000,000,000 years
    Sixth materially evolving universe: 5,227,649,280,000,000,000 years
    Seventh materially evolving universe: 36,593,544,960,000,000,000 years
    (After the first coarse-material universe, the coarse-material matter refines itself from universe to universe, until with the seventh stage, all of the coarse-material matter is changed to fine materiality.)
    After the seventh development, the Creation would then have to evolve to the Ur-Creation and carry out the corresponding transformation. Now, my calculations don't include the last figures, but they agree in the large values. Is this right?


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    GYST Radio_Spotlight on NELA: Adjunct Positions

    in Art

    Adjunct Positions is a non-commercial art space run by artist David Prince out of a residential garage in the Notheast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park. An artist-centric test site, it supports work that brings creative process into the exhibition space — transforming, performing, or otherwise materially inhabiting it.


    Hosted by GYST Radio Manager, Kara Tomé, founder of ArtSite Projects

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    Episode 219: The USMC Post-QDR with Dakota Wood

    in Military

    With the new defense budget out, new QDR out, the withdraw of maneuver forces from Afghanistan, rising interest in INDO-PAC operations, and a resurgent Russia: after over a decade of COIN and land wars in Southwest and Central Asia - what is the status of the United States Marine Corps? 

    Materially, intellectually, and culturally - is the USMC set up to move best towards the expected challenges and missions?

    Our guest for the full hour will be Dakota L. Wood, Lt Col, USMC (Ret.), Senior Research Fellow, Defense Programs at the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy at The Heritage Foundation.

    Following retirement, Mr. Wood served as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

    Most recently, Mr. Wood served as the Strategist for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Special Operations Command.

    Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography from the U.S. Naval Academy; a Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the College of Naval Command and Staff, U.S. Naval War College.

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    Is it Spiritual and Healthy to be Wealthy? feat. Coach Khayr

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Mind Right Conscious Hour!  Tune in every Sunday at 11 AM (EST) with your hosts, Ali and SunSeRa, as we weave consciousness with reality for spiritual self-development.  

    The goal of the Mind Right Conscious Hour is to provide information and techniques to those who are interested in how reality works and  those who want to elevate from a player in the game to a god in their own innerverse.

    Prepare to expand your mind for personal development and spiritual evolution!

    This Week:

    Is it Spiritual and Heathy to be Wealthy? feat. Coach Khayr

    Is it possible for one to be materially rich and spiritually rich?  Does wealth and money prevent you from evolving spiritually?  Is it really easier for a camel to get through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven?  Tune in for a powerful discussion featuring the one-and-only, Coach Khayr! 

    Visit Coach Khayr @ coachkhayr.com

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 - We will open lines for questions and comments at the end of the show!

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

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    Living Simply (Part III)

    in Lifestyle

    This final message in the Living Simply series creates a hunger for true prosperity. You can be materially prosperous but still have a total deficiency of peace. 

    Find out how peace can rule your body, soul and spirit. 

    No yoga mat needed! 

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    You are not just the giver, You are the gift-with Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

    in Spirituality

    Separating the gift and giver in one's mind makes one to stop perceiving one as integral to the gift.

    Many people find it difficult to even perceive themselves as real givers in life because they have come to associate  giving with external materiality. However YOU ARE THE GIFT!  You need to understand that it is part of yourself that you are sharing, do not look around at what is available materially . If you do, you may think you do not have enough to share, this is very dangerous, because you fail to understand  that you, yourself, are not just the giver but the gift.

    Join me today to learn more about how to embrace you as the gift.

    Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is a Visionary, Author, Life Strategist and Educator.  An ordained Minister with a PhD specializing in Holistic Life and Spiritual Counseling. Dr. Dee is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Healing Center of Christ International and Better than Ever Community. Dr. Dee is a modern day key proponent of Oneness Consciousness as a healing strategy, and provides  step by step programs to help you on your oneness journey, teaching you to  master your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life.




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    Letting go of Resistance to Growth

    in Business

    There was a point a few years ago in my life where I thought I had everything figured out. I had all I wanted materially. I achieved all this by "keeping the hedges trimmed" - by being diligent, working hard and maintaining laser focus. However, it seems that when you commit to growth, the more you work on yourself or your business, the more you uncover and the more there is to work on.
    Today I'd like to talk about a wake-up call from a very recent experience that I think has turned a page in my personal life. It's a lesson, not a complicated one, that life has been trying to teach me for about 30 years. I've paid a premium for it and I think I've finally got it! Thus, I want to share it with you. 
    Check out previous episodes at www.jaykubassek.com/wakeup