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    in Self Help

    Life is filled with of recipes. There are LIFE recipes for success, a happy marriage and good health, just to name a few, and each recipe has certain vital ingredients to achieve the desired outcome. Have you ever prepared a dish only to realize too late that you left some vital ingredient out? It was not satisfactory was it?

    That is why a lot of us are not satified with what is going on in our lives, its because we left out the most vital ingredient for the recipe, which is UNIVERSAL ONENESS!

    Do you sometimes feel there's hardly any genuine love in this world?  Everyday, we are bombarded by stories of somebody taking lives of others, abusing others, bullying others for one's own benefits, taking possession of things that do not belong to us.

    Nowadays, success is mostly defined by money and power. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being materially successful, so long as we are not off balance. 

    The problem is when our desires take over our life, every time we achieve some degree of material success, we want more. Over time, we would even begin to get rid of anyone or any situation that comes in our way. We will give all kinds of excuses to justify our desires to be materially successful.

    Whether it'S from the point of view of a country, of a region or an individual, whatever we have is never enough. We have to take away what belongs to others, including their homes, their lives, their resources, etc. Wars start because of this. Disputes start because of this. There is no sense of "universal Oneness. And that’s why I call it the Missing Ingredient.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Host of THE SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW, as we delve into this not talked about  MUCH subject, Universal Oneness, and how it can bring genuine happiness into our lives, 

    POWERFUL ME TIME HOUR! Catch you then..One Love ~

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    Hard Starboard Radio: GOP Immigration Civil War

    in Politics Conservative

    Hillary Clinton calls for the U.S. to sue For peace with ISIS; Why are we talking about whether or not to abort Adolph Hitler?; U.S. armed forces' morale is at its lowest point ever; Russians "accidentally" confirm existence of secret nuclear submarine drone; Paul Ryan is cleaning house in the House, as promised; #BlackLivesMatter is above the law in Oregon; Is FBI Emailgate investigation expanding into Hillary Clinton's materially false statements?; and Ben Carson ignites an internecine GOP illegal immigration civil war.

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    The Hopeful Christian in Hopeless Times, Part 3

    in Christianity

    TEXT: 1 Peter 1:3-9 

    The most powerful thing we have learned so far from this passage is that we as Christians have a cause and reason to hope even when we are facing negative situations. Perhaps, right now, you are thinking of a situation or circumstance that you could not imagine yourself being hopeful in. However, we saw last week that the Christian can "greatly rejoice" even when being afflicted by many temptations, trials, and troublesome situations. One reason why we can be hopeful is that our trials, our temptations, and our troubles have a purpose. This is what we will look at today. 

    Peter writes, "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ." This verse tells us several things about the troubles we face in life. 

    First, we see that trials are tests of our faith. Why would our faith need to be tested? Well, until you are tested, you can never know how strong you really are. It is one thing to say, "I have faith in God," when things are going well for you spiritually, physically, financially, and materially. It is a completely different thing to say, "I have faith in God," when you feel cut off from God, when your finances are suffering, when your relationships are broken, or when you are sick and in the hospital.

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    The Randy O. Show with Tom Feeney CEO of Fosters Forward

    in Youth

    Host: Randy Otterbridge

    Guest: Tom Feeney, Founder of Fosters Forward

    Tom Feeney is the 'go to' guy at Fosters Forward. Tom is an advocate for abused and neglected children in the community. His passion for the children under his wings has led him to form Fosters Forward in the effort to provide children in the Foster Care system and 'aging out' of the system with a stable base mentally, physically, spiritually, and materially. Fosters Forward is always there to help young people, and on the material side Fosters Forward helps in giving those young  people the necessary living, social, tools the rest of us take for granted. As a young person 'ages out' of the Foster Care system Fosters Forward is there to help them become independent, and especially with their independent living situation.  Fosters Forward keeps an inventory of many of the basic living necessities which young people within and aging out of the Foster Care system may take advantage of.

    Fosters Forward is always looking for ways to help young people establish themselves as independent productive individuals, and certainly as they 'age out' of the Foster Care system.  If you have any concrete ways to help Fosters Forward in its effort please don't hesitate to get in touch with Tom at your earliest convenience.

    Visit Tom Feeney Online


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    Spiritual and political governance from a pan-african perspective

    in Culture

    Destiny of a people is determined by the thing you do today. Truth centred apllied knowledge from african edenic institutionised knowledge base needs to be utilised today to restore justice and balance to mankind.The past 2 millineiums have be progressively evolving to a domination of governance from the Greco- Roman model till we have today an awesome collussus of nation states based on these doctrines. Yet the world is now more polutted, socially inequitable, materially raped, and tilted in favour of a few to the massive dehumanization of the world's population.

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    Politics Done Right on KPFT - Whether it is Iran or Venezuela it is war and oil

    in Politics Progressive

    When Senator Tom Cotton and forty six other Republicans attempted to sabotage the negotiations between the US, the 5+1 nations and Iran they expected to cut the feet from under the president. It has since backfired. Only their most ardent supporters think it was a good idea.

    The infantile wording of the letter showed a Party that is not only in decline ideologically, but a Party whose leadership is intellectually deficient. Rank and file Republicans deserve much better. They need to take their Party back.

    While we will talk about Iran tonight we will expand on how this type of actions materially affect us all. My featured guest today is Tim Danahey of the Tim Danahey Show.

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.

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    Prosper Theology: The Gospel of Rich Liars

    in Christianity

    Is name it and claim it sound doctrine? Is it sin to be poor? Does Jesus Christ want you to be materially rich? Does the Bible teach that the greater your faith the more money you have? Turn to the Holy Scriptures with Brother Jim as he exposes this lie being taught globally by rich greedy hucksters. These liars are making merchandise out of the flock daily. Don't let them swindle you out of your money anymore! 

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    Ask the Pastor Live Call-in with Gregory Dickow

    in Christianity

    Today on Ask the Pastor, Pastor Gregory Dickow addresses your everyday challenges.

    Question Topics:

    Why did Jesus ask God “why have you forsaken me?”
    What does the Bible say about divorcing and remarrying the same person?
    Should I sign up for insurance that covers abortion?
    What is the best way to bless people when I don’t have much materially to offer?

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    Massive Clean Up PT 2/ Universal wake up call !

    in Entertainment

    Gentrification of the Univeral take over . You know the external has a way of always trying to out do nature.  Nothing materially has change. Everything good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. hopeful and ominous it all becomes part of your path.  Is everything changed, because you changed?  Everything is an opportunity and you would ask why? and I would say// listen in on Psychic World with you Host Das.   email you questions to     bright_ann@ymail.com  Thank you for your gifts and support.

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    Contact Report 119 Information About Our Universe

    in Spirituality

    Very well, then, once again, a Genesis calculation: A day of the first material Creation Universe evolving in this form amounts to 311,040,000,000,000 well-known years of earthly chronology, and this is calculated from the first beginning of its becoming up to the last iota of its passing. In a 7 x 7-fold form, the length of day of Creation increases with every new and higher developed universe, so the next universe and, thus, Creation would have to have a longer day, which is to be calculated at 2,177,280,000,000,000 years, according to which, then, the calculation would have to look like this:
    First materially evolving universe: 311,040,000,000,000 years
    Second materially evolving universe: 2,177,280,000,000,000 years
    Third materially evolving universe: 15,240,960,000,000,000 years
    Fourth materially evolving universe: 106,686,720,000,000,000 years
    Fifth materially evolving universe: 746,807,040,000,000,000 years
    Sixth materially evolving universe: 5,227,649,280,000,000,000 years
    Seventh materially evolving universe: 36,593,544,960,000,000,000 years
    (After the first coarse-material universe, the coarse-material matter refines itself from universe to universe, until with the seventh stage, all of the coarse-material matter is changed to fine materiality.)
    After the seventh development, the Creation would then have to evolve to the Ur-Creation and carry out the corresponding transformation. Now, my calculations don't include the last figures, but they agree in the large values. Is this right?


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    GYST Radio_Spotlight on NELA: Adjunct Positions

    in Art

    Adjunct Positions is a non-commercial art space run by artist David Prince out of a residential garage in the Notheast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park. An artist-centric test site, it supports work that brings creative process into the exhibition space — transforming, performing, or otherwise materially inhabiting it.


    Hosted by GYST Radio Manager, Kara Tomé, founder of ArtSite Projects

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