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    Mastering Your Mindset

    in Christianity

    Winning the battle for the mind is the key to victory in every circumstance of life. We cannot engage in the highest levels of warfare until we win the battle for the mind. Our mind is our Achilles heel.Master your mindset for permanent victory and continuous breakthrough. Join us today on Waves of Glory at 10:00 am for Mastering Your Mindset with Apostle EJ Melvin. 

    Click on the link or call in: 646-668-2875

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    Mastering The Man In The Mirror The Journey Begins

    in Self Help

    This will be the first live show of Mastering The Man In The Mirror.  In this inaugural live episode the hosts along with listeners and participants will talk about exactly what Mastering The Man In The Mirror means to them.  Callers and listeners to the show will be inspired, challenged and encouraged by thought provoking discussion in a non-judgemental forum. 

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    What Are Some Key Essentials Of Mixing And Mastering To Obtain A Great Sound?

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est Call: 213.559.2995

    Tonight's Topic: What Are  Some Key Essentials Of  Mixing And Mastering To Obtain A Great Sound?

    Tonight we are taking you to school so take out your pencils and pads and take notes? We will breakdown the key essentials to what it take to obtain great overall sound quality. A few of the things we will speak on quality sound sources, frequency spectrum, organization, layering, reverb, delays, compressing and much more. If you are a novice or professional we invite your participation, your comments and thoughts. Just call the number above and press the #1 this will raise your hand and we will open your line to take your input.

    We Aim to Educate! The question is will you help?

    Show link: http://tobtr.com/s/7962613

    UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com

    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995 Show Date: 9/29/2015

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    Mastering the Sacred Sciences Part 1

    in Spirituality

    Join US as we continue our series of discussions about the Sacred Sciences and Ancient Knowledge of our Ancestors.

    Knowledge is Empowerment.

    Part of The Great Work is reactivating the knowledge of our Ancestors, remembering the Sacred Sciences, the Sacred Secrets that were kept in the temples, mystery schools, and taught by those of the sacred bloodline. 

    Mastering the Sacred Sciences is key to Ascension.

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    Mastering Panic Attacks | K8376

    in Goals

    Website – http://www.fhu.com

    Complimentary - Antidoteforall.com

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K150820.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy said, "The truth that the education system throughout the ages has been wrong but still you send your children to college".
    Roy discussed how brainwashing starts in the home.

    Pat suffers from panic attacks.

    Check Out - FhuEngland.com

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    KTL RADIO presents MASTERING THE MEDU NETER ft Mfundishi Jhutyms

    in News

    Join us tonite on KTL as we bring forth the Master Teacher, Mfundishi Jhutyms to build on the importance of learning and mastering the medu neter. Tonite's program will be a continuation to the prelude to this weekend's Kemetic Armegeddon War Conference. 

    Tune in for tonite's powerful build. Class is in session. 

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    Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce

    in Film

    Something a little different for The John Link Show this week. John will be doing a review of the book 'Mastering Astral Projection by Mr. Robert Bruce. Join us tonight for a discussion on this topic, amongst other things that may happen. After all anything can happen on this show...and usually does.

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    Mastering midlife with humor and common sense with our guest Vikki Claflin

    in Entertainment

    Vikki Claflin is a humor writer, author, public speaker, and former newspaper columnist. She lives with her husband and two Chihuahuas, Chi Chi and Paco, in Hood River, OR, where she writes the award-winning humor blog Laugh Lines: Middle Age, Modern Marriage, Epic Fails, about the comical ups and down of midlife. She believes that laughter, a good glass of wine, and an econo-sized box of Milk Duds are the path to true zen.

    Vikki has been featured on the Michael J. Fox Foundation website, Erma Bombeck’s Writer’s Workshop, The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Generation Fabulous, Midlife Boulevard, Better After 50, and Funny Times Magazine. She also received a BlogHer14 “Voices of the Year” award for Humor. 

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    New Year's Resolutions on Steroids

    in Self Help

    Not too many people have much success with New Year's Resolutions.  They either can't commit to them or it's just a wish that doesn't have much energy behind it.  But if you're unhappy with the results you had this past year and you know you're capable of so much more - it's time to learn an amazing new method of creating what you really want in the next 365 days. 

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    Living Undocumented - Continuation

    in Self Help

    Luis is back and we are asking others to voice their stories.  We may or may not have more personal stories to share as well as continue our discussion on this topic.  Whether new guests participate or not...we will continue this discussion.  Should we not allow certain groups into this country?  Based on religion, color, race, .......etc?  There is talk and the talk makes no sense.  Why are we facing more and more racism? Why are we letting fear drive our decision making?  What about he children, the families....our future?

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    Forbes Riley – Mastering Your Pitch

    in Entrepreneur

    In this powerful episode Forbes Riley uncovers the art and science of Mastering the “Pitch”.

    If you don’t recognize her name you will surely recognize her face and the sound of her voice, because Forbes has been on your TV screen for the last 30 years, selling you some of your favorite products.

    Whether you know her from Home Shopping Network with her wildly successful SpinGym® or the Jack LaLanne Juicer infomercials, you will quickly understand why Forbes Riley is a National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee, an award-winning TV host, author, highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs.

    Oh… and she’s managed to sell TWO BILLION dollars worth of health and wellness, lifestyle products.

    If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist or in any position in which you need to influence others to want what you have to offer, you need to hear this conversation.

    To Learn More:
    Check out Pitch Mastermind with Forbes Riley at http://influencersradio.com/forbes to learn how to quickly implement simple, proven and multi-million dollar earning tactics that anyone can apply to their particular product, service, field or industry check out this special opportunity Forbes is making available to Influencers Radio listeners.