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    Erica Chats with Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, and Fellow Coach, Jenn McRobbie

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    Please join Health Educator & Life Coach, Erica Haray-Butcher, as she chats with Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, fellow Life Coach, and former attorney, Jenn McRobbie.

    Jenn and Erica will be talking about Jenn's journey through breast cancer, as well as her brand new book- Why is She Acting So Weird?  A Guide to Cultivating Closeness When a Friend is in Crisis.  

    Jenn was a very happily married mother of two beautiful young girls when she was diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes.  There was no history of breast cancer in her family, making this even more suprising.  She underwent multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation, and through her health jouirney, she decided it was finally time to live, love, and be free.  

    In her book, Jenn shares her experience of how friendships change when a friend goes through a crisis, and offers tips to people who want to be supportive of a loved one, but aren't sure what to do or what to say.  

    To learn more about Jenn, please go to www.jennmcrobbie.com.  To learn more about Erica, please check out www.catchgoodhealth.com.  

    And don't forget- good health is contagious...pass it on!  

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    Violet ReikiRadio - Guest Sheldon Marc Feldman M.D. FACS,

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    Dr. Sheldon Feldman is chief of breast surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and assistant professor of surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where he oversees the breast cancer surgery program at the Comprehensive Breast Center of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, and work in close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of radiologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and other breast cancer support staff.

    Dr. Feldman is helping to pioneer the use of the ductoscope, a tiny endoscope inserted through the patient's nipple used for diagnosis, surveillance and treatment of cancer patients. His research using the device may help lead to a simple test for early diagnosis that could eventually be the equivalent of a Pap smear for breast cancer. Dr. Feldman anticipates that the intraductal approach will ultimately be used to treat early breast cancer as well as ablating the milk ducts to prevent cancer development for high-risk women as an alternative to mastectomy.

    A leader in minimally invasive breast cancer surgery, Dr. Feldman was instrumental in developing the transmammary axillary lymph node evaluation (TANE) procedure, which requires only a single incision for lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy. He is also an expert in oncoplastic skin-sparing and nipple-preserving mastectomy.

    His research interests are focused on preventing the disease through a better understanding of environmental toxins linked to breast cancer, including chlorinated pesticides, PCBs and PBDEs, and he is helping to investigate new biopharmaceutical treatments, including green tea extract and vitamin D.

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    Angelina Jolie’s Decision – Right or Wrong?

    in Health

    Caroline’s guest today is registered pharmacist Larry Frieders – the no-nonsense, hard-hitting expert on a variety of health topics. Larry will give us his take on Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a radical double mastectomy as a cancer-prevention strategy. Join the conversation and ask Larry or Caroline your health-related question and get a spot reading too!

    Register for my Free Monday Night Teleconferences HERE to get all of your health questions answered and a spot reading for you or a loved one! 5:30 pm Pacific. All archives are here by topic!

    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”
    - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

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    Susan Hall-I Laugh in the Face of Cancer Live with Scott Cluthe

    in Books

    Susan Liberty Hall’s Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer Champions the Astonishing Native American Herbal Remedy that Cured Her of Breast Cancer.During the Same Time, Her Famous Brother, Jerry Buss, Owner of the Los Angeles Lakers,  Fought Cancer with Tools of Traditional Medicine

    Susan Liberty Hall heard it all. The biopsy, the mastectomy, the chemo, the radiation. It’s what the doctors insisted she do when they found the three lumps in her breast. Yet she had seen how her mother had suffered in the last year of life, following doctor’s directives after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Susan had been her caregiver until the end.But instead Susan asked for guidance. And on that one day in meditation, she was guided to open a file in her desk where she had stored information on holistic treatments for cancer during her mother’s decline.


    And there it was, an ancient Native American remedy still produced today by one family called “Two Feathers Healing Formula.” Eschewing aggressive and angry reproaches from her doctors, Susan started the regimen. And within weeks, watched as 18—not three—cancerous lumps literally begin to expunge from an open wound in her breast, tumors that she still actually has in specimen jars.

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    Lea Yekutiel – Making the Breast of It

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” with Lea Yekutiel in “Making the Breast of It: Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy”

    SuNite, 30 November 2014, 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    A Spiritual Image Production’s Event

    In “Making the Breast of It: Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy” by Lea Yekutiel, you’re about to discover the SECRETS that most women never know that they can Look Good & Feel Great after Mastectomy as a results of Breast Cancer…Overcoming Fear of Intimacy after Mastectomy does NOT need to be a struggle……for more on this story go to http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Andrew_Aloha_Live.html
    For more on “Making the Breast of It: Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy” by Lea Yekutiel go to http://www.ilovemybreastcancer.com

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ http://www.davidyoungmusic.com

    Halftime music by Temple Bhajan Band @ http://www.templebhajanband.com

    For More Visit Us @ http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ http://www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    Kicking Cancer with Candice!

    in Health


    Candice Witek is a married Health Coach, breast cancer survivor and mother of 3. Candice owned her own interior design business and life was sailing along until she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 34. 

    Having just had her third baby months earlier and with 2 small children also at home, getting cancer turned her world upside down.  Candice was determined to take control of her future!  In taking back control, she realized that the food she ate, her mental wellness, and exercise were things she could control, when so much was out of control in her fight against cancer. 

    Candice fought through a double mastectomy, reconstruction, months of chemotherapy and ongoing hormone therapy.  During this difficult time, by focusing on healthy eating, mental wellness and exercise to beat cancer, she unintentionally lost weight, improved her health and has never felt or looked better!

    This incredible journey led Candice to rethink her career and pursue the world of health coaching in order to help others, particularly women, overcome challenges and acquire good solid health and mental happiness. Candice is currently attending a certification program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and plans to begin seeing clients in the Spring 2015. 

    Until then, you can support Candice by following her blog and watching her evolve on social media. Follow her blog to enjoy her witty articles and delicious recipes. Please check out her website, www.flourishwithcandice.com and like her Facebook page, Flourish with Candice, and follower her on Twitter and Instagram too. 

    Candice says, "if I can do it with 3 kids in tow, you can do it too!  Change your life and flourish with me!"

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    Breast Cancer: Maxine Devereaux...Let My Scars Tell My Story!

    in Health

    Every six minutes a women is diagnosed with breast cancer. In November 2010 Maxine Devereaux became one in six, her number had been called and she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage C3. Fueled by life-altering events and the raw emotion experienced with tragedy and loss, author Max Devereaux presents: My Last Breast, her personal journey through what she calls Cancer Land. Devereaux, has had many family members pass away with various forms of cancer however, she never thought in a million years that the disease would invade her body. But it did in 2010, it came like a thief in the night and invaded her breast like a squatter, refusing to be removed unless the foundation were condemned or torn down. Her book is entitled “My Last Breast” and is written from the perspective of Max Devereaux's personal journey with breast cancer. My Last Breast will capture the foibles, heartbreaks adventures of having breast cancer and having a double mastectomy. The stories will have their serious side, but will show a lighter side as well!

    Please visit www.maxinedevereaux.com

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    Breast Cancer hear Women tell their Story with Donna Thomas

    in Women


     I was diagnosed last year in 2013 with breast cancer just 2 weeks after my 40th birthday.  Now, 1 and a half year later after a left side mastectomy, chemo and bilateral oophorectomy (a fancy term for having both ovaries and tubes removed)-I am cancer-free!

    Breast cancer does not just affect older women. Hear from several women, their stories, their lives, their faith


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    "I Am An Overcomer" Breast Cancer: A Woman's Journey of Inspiration and Hope

    in Self Help


    My Spirit Travels is honored to have with us this evening, two amazing women who survived and overcame breast cancer.  

    Rev. Sensei Subira and Monica will share their amazing journey through diagnosis, to double mastectomy, and all they endured along the way.  Be prepared to be inspired by their courage and commitment to life. 

    Who they are today and how they live life with courage, faith and hope, is a testament to the power of Woman.  

    Hear the Lioness Rooooaaaarrrrr!!!

    Join us on www.blogtalkradio.com/myspirittravels via internet or call in to listen to the live show 718-766-4468, 6:30 Eastern,   5:30 Central.

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, invite your sisters, mothers, friends, associates to come together in One Spirit and One Love and take a stand with Monica, Rev. Sensei Subira and the thousands of women who have chosen to fight the good fight, overcome and win, and live their best life.

    One Love!


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    Girl’s Night Out

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Rebecca Weintraub, Sara Krish, Sue Tamala and Denise McKendall, representing the  2014 Girl’s Night Out event taking place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, October 7 through October 9 at The Comedy & Magic Club.

    Rebecca Weintraub is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and member of CSG Board of Directors and auctioneer for Girl’s Night Out. She has spent more than 30 years in the field of communication, facilitation, change management and organizational behavior. 

    Susan Tamala is a retiree, living in Torrance, following 34 years of service with Mobil/ExxonMobil.  She transferred from Joliet, IL to Torrance in 1997. Ten months following her relocation, she was diagnosed and treated for Stage 3 Breast Cancer. 

    Denise McKendall is a self-proclaimed breast cancer thriver and the founder of pinkhaven.com. She was born and raised in the LA area and currently resides in the South Bay of Los Angeles with her three year old son.  At the age of forty-two, with a very young son, newly separated from my husband and jobless due to the Great Recession, she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.

    After conducting numerous amounts of research and interviewing more than a few doctors, she made the decision to get a bilateral (double) mastectomy, followed by several rounds of chemotherapy.


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    Hot Topic Tuesday-Double Mastectomy-OMG!

    in Spirituality

    Have you seen the news of a women getting a double mastectomy surgery because of breast cancer?  I have something to say about that and you do not want to miss it. 

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