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    Mast Cell Cancer in Dogs and Cats with Dr. Ann Hohenhaus

    in Pets

    Guest:  Ann E. Hohenhaus, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology & Small Animal Internal Medicine), Certified Veterinary Journalist

    Dr. Ann Hohenhaus is a third generation veterinarian with an extensive background and expertise in veterinary medicine. She has achieved board certification in both Oncology and Small Animal Internal Medicine by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

    Dr. Hohenhaus is a staff Doctor and Head of the Jaqua Transfusion Medicine Service at The Animal Medical Center in New York City, a non-profit veterinary center that has been a national leader in animal care since 1910.

    Listen as Dr. Hohenhaus teaches us everything we need to know about mast cell cancer including:

    What is the difference between a "mast cell" and a "mast cell tumor"?
    How do does mast cell cancer present in dogs and cats?
    Are there things we can do to prevent it, or catch it before it spreads?
    What do vets do to diagnose mast cell cancer?
    Is mast cell cancer treatable? If so, how?
    What is the prognosis for this cancer?
    Are there new treatments to help make mast cell cancer easier to live with?

    Call with your questions or join us in the Live Tripawds Chat during the show!

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    Mastocytosis, Mast Cell Disease, Histamine and Epigenetics...What is it?

    in Health

    Have you wondered about the role of histamine in chronic illness?

    Do you have, or know anyone who suffers from, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Mast Cell Disease or Mastocytosis?

    Then, this week's show is for you!

    On Monday, 7/28/14 at 8PM Eastern, Dr. Jess Armine will discuss Mastocytosis, Mast Cell Disease, Histamine and its relationship to Epigenetics as well as the current treatment protocols. Also, There will be discussion on alternative medicine options and ....maybe...a different way of looking at these disorders. (Maybe they have the same base cause(s))

    As always, there will be time for Q&A! Look forward to seeing you there!

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    Too Little . . . Too Late: Our Nations Colors at Half-Mast

    in Politics

    Finally after extreme pressure the Administration relents and lowers our Nations Colors at half-mast . . . My question is:  Why did it take 5 days to do it.  ALL flags should have been lowered that afternoon on the 16th.  This adminstration is a disgrace and a down right repugnant to OUR way of life.  

    In the times we are living in today . . . There is NO excuse why our Marines have to call a cop to defend themselves.  We don't need every member in the military carrying loaded weapons at all times, that would be impractable, but we do need a certain degree of them at the ready at ALL times.  Hell, even the damn Boy Scouts are more prepared nowadays than our own military.  And its all due to this adminstrrations disdain for this country!


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    The Flow with Apostle J ~ Apostle Russell Hill

    in Christianity

    The Flow is a new broadcast designed to release current and ancient understanding of the Holy Scripture. The Flow will also give space to senior and emerging leaders to discuss and release as Holy Spirit has downloaded into them for Kingdom Citizens.

    Our guest will be Apostle Russell Hill of Lancaster, SC. 

    Apostle Russell is 45 years old. He has 11 children (total) but has 3 with his wife Prophetess Charlene Hill. He is originally from Wilmington, DE. 
    Apostle was has endured many things in life including years of drug addiction, criminal activities, and even facing 40-50 years in prison back in 2000. He also survived 3 suicide attempts. 

    Apostle Hill was groomed and nurtured by same great men and women of God, Apostle Patricia Williams, Apostle Duval and Ruby Davis, Prophetic father Apostle Raymond Stansbury, Apostles Dale and Luann Mast, and other great brothers and sisters in Christ. 

    Apostle Hill was ordained a Deacon in 2005. Ordained and birthed a Prophet in 2007. Ordained a Pastor in 2008. And affirmed an Apostle in 2012. God has launched him quickly. Everytime he was to be elevated it was confirmed by many people in Leadership.

    Apostle and Prophetess Hill are the founders of Life Center Healing and Deliverance Ministries in Lancaster, SC. The ministry is still in its infant (2 years) stage but God is doing a great work. They are currently under the leadership of Apostle Howard L. Witherspoon of Lancaster, SC.

    Apostle Hill is an end time Apostolic and Prophetic Voice to God's people.


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    Great Loop Information-Stepping your Mast

    in Travel

    Those of our cruisers with masts on their boats won't want to miss the coming Friday's radio show. Member Nathan Kramer, who has studied the subject, will tell us about his decisions regarding stepping and unstepping his mast. Roger Turner of Turner Marine will also be a co-host. Turner Marine offers a stepping and unstepping service in Mobile, AL. Tune in onNovember 1 at 10:00 Eastern Time!

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    How Dogs Are Helping to Find A Cure for Cancer

    in Pets

    Guest: Arlene Weintraub (http://arleneweintraub.com), author of the new book by ECW Press, "Heal: The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures" (http://healdogsandcancer.com/heal/)

    Join us for a fascinating discussion with Arlene Weintraub, who has a very personal connection to the disease after losing her sister to gastric cancer. In her important new book, she puts comparative oncology in layperson's terms while exploring the fascinating role dogs are playing in the search for a cure for cancer.

    In this episode Weintraub will explain how vets, oncologists and dogs are working together to discover new cancer treatments — cutting-edge therapies designed to help both dogs and people suffering from a variety of cancers, including osteosarcoma and mast cell tumors.

    Got questions for Arlene? Call (646) 716-5450 during the show or loin us in the Tripawds Live Chat at http://tripawds.com/chat/

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    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – Planning for the Holidays

    in Family

    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – Planning for the Holidays

    Hey everyone! I know life is crazy with the holidays coming up! With the holidays, that typically means traveling! Traveling can be hard for people like us, so if you have any good tips that get you through a flight or road trip, please share them!! Happy Holidays and Safe travels for everyone.

    For me personally, I try to stay as comfortable as possible in the car or airplane by wearing comfy clothes and bringing a pillow. I'm also not against melatonin or anxiety medicine before traveling! It helps me stay relaxed And with that... I'm off on my 4 hour drive back to Dallas! —By Ally Zinsmeister.

    Jaclyn Drexel—I always take tums everywhere when I travel. The vibrations activate mast cells (I have Mast cell activation disorder, which is common with RSD) and so when those cells release histamine I will get anything from heart burn to nausea to rashes/hives. The Tums helps with the heartburn and nausea and benadryl or zyrtec help with rashes and nausea as well.
    I also plan time into my schedule to rest. My family knows that the first day after travel I WILL be sleeping or at least curled up in bed with minimal exertion.

    Lastly I always travel with a pillow and my meds on my person and never checked! This helps decrease stress and the possibly losing them.


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    Department of Defense Podcast: Meritorious Mast Special

    in Radio

    Personnel of the Department of Defense on Habbo (SECDEF-US) discussing the happenings of the Sixth Seasonal Meritorious Mast on 24 Aug 14. Others will be able to discuss these events with us throughout the show. A section of the show will be dedicated to those who are interested in asking questions to the members of the podcast, and overall discussion. Questions can be submitted to a member of the podcast or mentioned in headquarters at the time of the event. 

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    Monadnock Area Sports Talk Show

    in Sports

    It is Opening week for football in the Monadnock Area Teams....


    Game of the week covage for the team at MAST !!!!!!

    Bob Lund and The Coach will talk about all the games this weekend.

    All starts at 7 pm Thursday Night.....


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    Late Nights with the Conservative Brian Correll

    in Politics Conservative


    Planned Parenthood:

    New video out with a head lady talking about how she wants a Lamborghini from selling the parts. Its despicable. 

    Ted Cruz:

    He challenges Sarah Saldana from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and you have got to hear this. It is great.

    Stephen Smith from EPSN:

    He calls out the people of the Black Lives Matter movement and says 'Why are we doing this when there is more black on black crime?' Oh is it great! We'll play you the audio.

    Day 3 of our 40 Day Challenge:

    Today’s reading: We all have a role to play. God has given each one of us talents and abilities. 1 Peter 4:10 1 Corinthians 12 :7-:31 Question: What is your role in this movement? I believe that we were all born at this time for a reason. What is yours.? Application: Discover the role you can play in your community, church or place of worship. How can you encourage others to not disconnect, but rather unite on fundamental principles? What unique skills do you have that can be put to use? MLK Pledge – #7 Seek to perform regular service for others and for the world. Quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi Please add your comments below, as I will be responding to it. Also pass these along to anyone you know that may want to stand with us.

    Donald Trump:

    Well he's back at it. Giving away Lindesy Graham's personal phone number. Geez. We'll talk about it.


    Finally got the balls to lower our flags to half mast.......4 DAYS AFTER THE SHOOTING!!!!!!! Plus we will read you 40 quotes from him about Islam and Christainty.


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    Magick, Miracles and a little bit of Mischief with guest Morrighan Lynne

    in Spirituality

    This month we will revisit with some previous guests and see what they have been up to, what's new in topics of their expertise...

    Morrighan Lynne is my guest today...
    Morrighan Lynne is a spiritual teacher and coach with a fiery gypsy spirit! She works with the Angelic Realms and other spiritual disciplines to provide her clients loving healing and insightful information. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Angelic Reiki Mast/Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Medium and Channel. Part of her service is focused around the Paranormal where she assists those that haven’t crossed over in finding the peace they seek to make it possible. She is also a Mandala artist, Steampunk Jewelry designer and radio show host on Deep Ellum ON AIR. To learn more about Morrighan visit her website at www.EmbraceWithin.com