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    Massive Breakthroughs I had in the Grand Canyon & MORE

    in Lifestyle

    Massive Breakthroughs I had in the Grand Canyon, My New Book, The stupidity of Flag Drama & unexpected turns

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    Massive Hysteria Podcast #2

    in Movies

    [Prerecorded] Massive Hysteria Podcast #2: This week we bring on our first guest: Brian Collins, creator of Horror Movie A Day. We talk remakes of foreign films and the rare times foreign directors will remake their own film for American audiences. Next Week: SAW II, III, IV/Repo: The Genetic Opera/Mothers Day/11-11-11 writer-director Darren Lynn Bousman.

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    Massive Hysteria Podcast #4

    in Entertainment

    Joining Mike C. this week is Massive Hysteria writer Aaron. Mike and Aaron talk about their Netflix Instant obsession, the newest MH column Thuper Thursday, the death of Nate Dogg, and Mike's unexpected addiction to Angry Birds!

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    Massive Hysteria Podcast #5

    in Movies

    Mike C. Rob G. and Aaron P. of the Massive Hysteria writing staff discuss the most under appreciated sequels of all time. Listen to Mike's passionate defense of POLICE ACADEMY 5. Witness Rob G. plead on behalf of SCANNER COP Point and laugh while Aaron goes to bat for REVENGE OF THE NERDS 3.

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    Massive Hysteria Podcast - Episode One

    in Movies

    Hosts Mike C. and Rob G. discuss the wide variety of documentaries available on Netflix Instant, The Millenium Trilogy Films and more!

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    Massive Action: Results-Driven Activity with Stephanie Scheller

    in Business

    Tony Robbins says, "The way to success is to take massive, determined action!"  If anyone knows about getting results, it's our co-host, Stephanie Scheller.

    Stephanie is a model of the power of taking massive determined action. After deciding to start her own business, she only took 6 short months to be able to comfortably walk away from her corporate job to working fulltime in her own sales training and business consulting company. And all this before she turned 26 years old!

    Stephanie will be sharing insights and tips on how to realize your dreams with determined, focus effort. She'll lead you through her journey to inspire you to take massive action.  If you are ready to step away from your day job and build your own life, then you will want to listen to this episode of Black Belt Selling.



  • MASSIVE Denial

    in Christianity

    "Many shall say Lord, Lord but not enter into the kingdom of God." You passively listen to this warning and still refuse to cultivate your own relationship with the Lord. The Truth is that you must give an account for your life.....yes you must answer to and be accountable for your life. I employ you today to examine where you are now and ask yourself the question you always want to ignore. True believers love Truth and live it. They do not deny the power that is within them through and by Christ Jesus

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    The 2016 Election Circus or a Massive Psy-Op on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Tonight we will be discussing the most important news and information, especially the GOP debates and the Iranian nuclear deal.  Last night’s debate was an incredible yet confusing display of the state of politics in this nation.  Could there be much more than meets the eye with the Trump phenomena?  Or is this a massive ploy to distract or worse to guide Americans into a choice that has already been pre-selected?

    In the second hour we will be joined by owner of American Survival Wholesale, Chance along with our Hollywood insider Jon and author Maria Kneas for a special announcement. Then we will be talking your calls as we finish the news of this week.

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    Unleashing the Leader in You

    in Motivation

    About our Massive Momentum Guest Maura Sweeny

    Not many people can say that they made the pursuit of happiness a lifetime goal -- beginning at the tender age of 5. Yet that's just what Maura did. 

    Described as the ultimate coach and advocate for others, Maura Sweeney is an Author, International Speaker, Podcaster, World Traveler and HuffPost blogger. 

    A former corporate manager, business owner and home schooling mom, Maura stepped out of her own comfort zone to pursue a lifestyle career and invites others to join her along the way. Maura's story of learning how to dance at midlife launched her Art of Happiness book series and the beginning of fun, ironic and sometimes profound inspiration. Featured in media outlets like Match.com, Midlife Boulevard and Britain's BBC radio.

     Find her on Twitter @Maura4u and her Maura4u.com website.


  • Help Me, I Want to Be Healthy!

    in Health

    Rashida Marshall, Lover of Fitness, Health, and Everything In-Between recently competed and won the title of WNBF Figure Professional. She is the owner of Skillfully Sculpted and Editor of Afiya Women's Wellness Magazine. Skillfully Sculpted is a fitness & health company designed to shape women into their best selves. Our mission is to provide women with effective fitness training, knowledge-based health education, and heartfelt empowerment which will place them on track for taking full control of their health while developing a new found perception of fitness. Leading a healthy lifestyle is more than just performing certain exercises on a regular basis. It is about learning, knowing, and understanding what your body needs in order to be at its best. Pull up a chair and listen close to Rashida's advice for cultivating a lifestyle of wellness.

    Visit her online at www.skillfullysculpted.com

    To be a guest on the Massive Momentum Entrepreneurial Empowerment Show email info@kristiekennedy.com

    Thank you for listening!


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    Dress Like the Success You Seek!

    in Motivation

    Today's Massive Momentum Guest is Janna Beatty, Owner of U R Your Makeover Center

    Image Consultants help you get more of anything you want in life by working with your visual appearance.  Janna Beatty (BA-tey) loves her clients and is passionate about her life’s work.  The numerous years spent serving clients have taught her that for every challenge, there are multiple solutions.   People are brilliant and once we clarify what is really going on, we simply make changes that change our lives. Quintessential Style is for EVERY woman, not just Hollywood celebrities.

    To learn more about dressing to get what you want, which feels totally empowering, go to www.QStyleTheBook.com

    For our listening audience, there is a complimentary packing tutorial: for space saving if you are overly excessive when you travel.   You can find it under the INFORMATION tab.

    Janna Beatty Contact Information:
    (254) 776-5369


    Thank you for listening!

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