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    GhostArk: Newest Paranormal Technology w/ Massimo Rossi & Alessandro Valerani

    in Paranormal

    Friday, April 10th  10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    Find out what the newest paranormal technology coming from Italy is all about. This amazing piece of equipment called "GhostArk" is the Worlds First All-In-One Paranormal Investigating Equipment. The Ghostark captures and provides the following:

    Ghost Box

    EVP Recorder

    White Noise Developer

    EMF Reader

    Temperature Reader

    Night Vision Light

    Join Anthony and Luci as we speak with CEO Massimo Rossi and PR Alessandro Valerani and learn more about this new technology, imprtance of low frequency, Italian Paranormal Research and how you can get a GhostArk for yourself.

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    Testament of Lesser God with Ilias Foukis hosted by Lamont Patterson

    in Self Help

    The greek poet ILIAS FOUKIS , was born on 20 August 1969 in Ioannina in Epirus in northwestern Greece. Began to write poetry since 1988 when he was student in the Lyceum. Published volume of poetry THE TESTAMENT OF A LESSER GOD , which has been translated into ten languages ??including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.. Has won literary awards - OSCAR DE DOS OURO VENCEDORES, Brazil 2012 - MASSIMO D'AZEGLIO, Italy, 2012, 2013 - CIT


    A DEL GALATEO, Italy in 2013. His poem titled YOUNG GREEK SOLITARY was included in Poetry Anthology - U.S. Library of Congress. Works and lives in Athens.

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    NLPI Radio USA with Kurt and Moe Present The ghostark founder Massimo Rossi

    in Paranormal

    Listen in as we have the newest and best peice of equipment about to hit the American shore in 2015 the ghostark. It takes the place of all your equipment into one module . We are happy to Have on the founder and ghost ark expert Alessandro Valerini and founder Massimo Rossi. (Blog.ghostark.com) . Massimo has been theorizing and experimenting with the Paranormal for over 30 years. He is poet,Librarian . He is an expert in ancient books, autographs,and manuscripts he was born in Venice Italy. Alessandro Valerini is a ghostark  expert he just recently got into the paranormal research field.

    go to blog.ghostark.com to learn more about Alessandro 



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    Computer America - Ideum ; Luna

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one:
    Ideum. Jim Spadaccini, Founder and Creative Director.

    Ideum has been a pioneer in the development of multitouch and multiuser exhibits, developing both the software and hardware for these unique visitor experiences.  Ideum offers a range of multitouch hardware solutions to meet the need of any exhibition or installation space. They offer a variety of multitouch tables and touch wall products. In addition, they can design custom touch tables, touch walls, kiosks, and other types of computer-based installations and environments. They have been designing and building multitouch tables since 2008.


    Hour two:
    Luna. Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Co-Founder and CTO.

    Luna is the first mattress cover that can warm your bed, automatically track sleep and intelligently wake you up.  On its own, Luna learns your regular bedtime and sets your bed to a comfortable temperature to help you fall asleep faster.  Luna tracks the quality of your sleep including sleep phases, heart rate, and breathing rate, without you having to wear anything to bed.  Luna combines this knowledge about your night with information about your day and uses those insights to recommend what works best for your sleep.

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    The Fabulous Career of Massimo Tamburini.

    in Culture

    We are back ! After a bit of a rest, we are once again broadcasting live from Bluff Park.
    LT Snyder of Desmo Times will share with us his thoughts on the substantial, game- changing contributions to motorcycling of the recently departed Massimo Tamburini. 

  • 02:35

    The Art Show - Conscious. Body. Movement. - Health & Healing in the MBS

    in Spirituality

    The Art Show Host: Jacqueline Ripstein - Duration: 1 Hour 

    Massimo Barbato - A futuristic Author that opens new realms for us,...MASSIMO IS not just a writer, he s a visionary, in this amazing creative book Artificial Intelligence (AI) – you will be amazed about how technology can affect our living... He makes us aware of how quickly we are approaching a tipping point, where it is not only humans that will make decisions about how we run our society, but the machines created by them...

    Creativity, Healing, Spirituality & Peace

    Conscious. Body. Movement. - Hosts: Greg Dyer and Merlijn Wolsink Duration: 1 Hour

    What is Conscious. Body. Movement.?
    It is a way of shifting the thoughts about our bodies and what we do with them, for them and to them. It's about learning to listen to your body again for what it desires and requires. It's about loving your body! 

    Health & Healing in the MBS - Host: Judy Graybill - Duration: 1 Hour

    Dr. Brian King about how to get through the challenges of parenting children with Autism.

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    Is the Universe a Simulation?

    in Science

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus will speak on the topic "The Universe as a Simulation." Some philosophers and even some physicists believe this may in fact be true.  Even Hollywood has touched on the hypothesis via blockbuster movies such as "The Matrix" where humanity is cognitively enslaved in a simulation of the universe.

    Are we a "brain in a vat?"

    Are we really here or projections on a machine?

    Is what we call reality in fact a "Sims game" of sort?

    Who made this simulation? 

    What powers this simulation?

    Is this even possible?

    Does this prove God exists?

    Sacerdotus will touch on these questions and more in this program using philosophy of science paradigms and physics.  

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    Is Religion Child Abuse?

    in Atheism

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the topic of Religion as Child Abuse. Atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Sacerdotus' own former professor, Massimo Pigliucci have often commented that Religion is Child Abuse.  They claim that ideas such as hell, condemnation or merely teaching children about God, Angels etc is a form of mental abuse.

     Sacerdotus counters these ideas and shows how they are fallacious and contradict psychology.  He demonstrates how these comments regarding Religion as Child Abuse are said in ignorance and spite in order to bait and offend those with religious beliefs.  

    Ironically, Richard Dawkins received criticism for his remarks from other atheists as well who describe his comments as being "beneath him" and make him look like a parody.  Conflating religion with child abuse is offensive to those who have experienced real child abuse.  

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    The Unique Theatrical Music of The Crux - Science Fiction Author Massimo Marino

    in Entertainment

    The Crux was founded by Santa Rosa based songwriter and performer Josh Windmiller in early 2007.  Their rowdy and danceable songs are theatrical in nature, often springing from interesting team-ups with other artists.  Their most recent album, The Ratcatcher, consists of songs from a play that Windmiller co-wrote with North Bay theatre troupe The Imaginists.

    The music of The Crux has been called "Doc Watson by way of Joe Strummer" as well as "pirate cabaret."  They combine the texture of Tom Waits with the rhythm and lyricism of the Devil Makes Three and the wild abandon of Gogol Bordello. Visit their web site @ http://thecruxmusic.com

    Massimo Marino worked for many years at CERN, an international lab for particle physics research near Geneva, Switzerland and then in the US at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. In 2005 he moved to the private sector, worked with Apple Inc. and then for the World Economic Forum.

    As a child, he wrote short stories and novellas but never had anyone read them; it was a personal thing. Work and life took their toll and the writing stopped. Until 2012, when Marino sensed a burning need inside his soul to, once again, take up writing. His debut novel saw the light and received the prestigious 2012 PRG Reviewer's Choice Award in Science Fiction for his book, Daimones, part of a trilogy. Quite an accomplishment when competing against established authors.  

    Born in Palermo, Italy, Massimo left the country in 1986, lived abroad and now resides in France with his wife Mara. You may see all of Massimo’s books @ http://massimomarinoauthor.com




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    Weekly LIVE! Broadcast for 12-18-13

    in Health

    ThruOurEyes - 8-9pm LIVE! Joe Ruffalo will be interviewing Joyce Kane, Founder and President of the NFB Krafter's Division. Our discussion will highlight the purposes, goals and objectives of establishing this extremely active division. We expect several members to call-in!

    IBC Fact And Fallacies - 9-10pm LIVE! Jefferson Breast Care Center's Medical Director, Dr. Massimo Cristofanilli, who is the leading expert in the treatment of inflammatory breast cancer, will be giving an update from the SABCC held in Dec 2013. Join us for a great show!

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    Brazil Bound: FIFA World Cup Qualification

    in Soccer

    I'll be discussing and dissecting the FIFA World Cup qualification stages. Mexico was given a play-off spot against New Zealand, thanks to their arch rivals the United States of America? Iceland is looking to make history of being the smallest nation in the world to qualify for the World Cup in the upcoming UEFA playoffs! Four more teams remain. Whom from Europe will make the big dance? Uruguay got some help from Argentina, but it wasn't enough and I'll be elaborating their upcoming playoff match against Jordan. Inter Milan owner and president Massimo Moratti has sold 70% of the club to Indonesian football mongul, Erick Thohir, the owner of DC United. What's next for Inter? All of that and more, on tonight's edition of No Foul Play.

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