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    Can Music Therapy Help People in Pain? -- Pain Waves Radio by Pain BC

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    *Note: If you missed the live recording and still want to ask questions, please email Gemma at president@mtabc.com.

    Join us as we interview Gemma Isaac, an accredited (MTA) music therapist and certified in Neurologic Music Therapy. As the music therapist at the Burns, Plastic and Trauma Unit (BPTU) at VGH, Gemma facilitates music therapy programs for patients, their families, and healthcare staff alike. http://gemmamusictherapy.com/

    How does music therapy work?

    Music therapy is facilitated through a variety of interventions including patient song choices, music making, song writing, improvisation, and guided relaxation. Other times, the music therapist works alongside other healthcare disciplines such as nurses, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist, using music during physical rehabilitation to inspire movement and promote encouragement by accompanying movement through musical cues, which also helps peoople become distracted from the pain. Visit www.mtabc.com or www.musicheals.ca for more info.

    Don't miss your chance to ask questions! How can music therapy help you and your loved ones better deal with pain?

    Pain Waves Radio is sponsored by Pain BC

    Whether you’re living with pain; supporting someone in pain; or providing care to patients in pain… we offer tools and resources to help you! Join us! Together, we can make a difference.

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    Relaxing PainGoWay Bodywork Massage Therapy

    in Marketing

    PAINGOWAY is a unique bodywork therapy.  It incorporates a variety of specific techniques tailored to your individual needs to provide you with pain relief including the John F. Barnes’s Myofascial Release Approach®. 

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    WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - TBI Massage Therapy

    in Self Help


    Massage therapy has evolved signifigantly over the centuries and for those who've had the ability to enjoy a good masssage, can attest to some of the benefits. Science, Physicians, Chiropractors and Naturopaths all concur that our bodies have innate ability to heal itself, if given the opportunity. 

    Join us tonight as we discuss how massage therapy can increase our FUNctionality with Special Guest: Jaime Smith LMT, Reiki Master and Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, discuss the top five reasons everyone should be getting a massage.

    Tune in this week to add another perspective to your daily repertoire.  If there is something in particular you would like to hear Kevin discuss, join us on Fridays and share in the chat room with the "Marvelous Maggie" (Kevin's 24/7 Partner and Professional Care Assistant)

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    Therapeutic Massage Therapy: Self Care Continues

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    Continuing the theme of self care, our guest on November 17th will be Janene Hampton, a licensed massage practitioner and owner of Auzmoki Massage.  Janene graduated from Northwest Academy for the healing arts in 2011. She provides Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot and Cold Stone Massage. 

    She has been acknowledged in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs and she is an active figure in her local community. Ever since I've known Janene, I've never seen her without a smile or exuding warmth and concern.

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    What is Orthopedic Massage Therapy?

    in Health

    Tune in to the Javintee Massage radio show on 11-05-2012 at 10:30am to discuss and recieve information about Orthopedic Massage Therapy with special guest Wayne Adameic and Manuel Arangerelun, who trained and specialized in this area.

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    Massage Therapy for the First Timer with Kandace B.

    in Business

    Businesses of the USA welcomes Kandace B., owner of Gracious Gaia Massage and Wellness, LLC, to talk about Massage Therapy for those who have never had a massage. Listen in as she shares the many services offered by her spa most specially their specialized massages for healing, good health and well-being.  

    Kandace is a graduate of The College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology, and The Heritage Institute with an Occupational Associate of Science in Therapeutic Massage. She was attuned as a Reiki Master by Renee Bledsoe at The Church of Spiritual Light. She is a former Advertising Executive who sold newspaper, yellow page, and online advertising. In addition to her massage therapy practice, she is the co-owner of Massage Marketplace, an online directory for licensed massage therapists in Florida with her friend and mentor, Valerie Japczyk of Breakthrough Massage Therapy. She is also a Tarot Reader, and offer readings in her office or by telephone by appointment only.

    She currently reside in Cape Coral with her daughter ( who is lovely, talented, and charming), her partner (who insists that she also mentions how wonderful he is), and her two sweet baby love dogs, Brutus and Caesar. She cannot neglect to mention her son (who is also talented and handsome), but has grown up and moved away.

    Check out the Gracious Gaia Massage & Wellness, LLC website.

    Visit our Spas of the USA website.

    Like us on Facebook.

    Follow us on Google+, Twitter and YouTube. 

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    Joanna tell us all about massage therapy

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    Joanna tell us all about massage therapy

    Body centric therapy or massage and more. We use hands, not needles. It is the body work that clears and focuses the mind thus restores you. The mind body connection brings you further then just a mere feel good massage.


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    How Does Massage Help With Depression?

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    According to Dr. Patricia Burke, getting massages on a regular basis is an excellent way of caring for oneself. In her brief article published recently in the June-August JaVintee Massage Newsletter, she discusses the fact that massages help to release endorphins which are natural chemicals from the brain that relieve pain and makes us feel good.  Dr. Burke will be interviewed as a guest on the JaVintee Massage Radio Show, to discuss the benefits of massage therapy, and how it helps with coping with depression. Also on the show will be the lead Licensed Massage Therapists and Vice-President of JaVintee Massage, who will discuss some of the significant improvements she has noticed in her client's mood elevation as it relates to Massage Therapy.  We will address a variety of questions, as well as explain how you can set an appointment to come in for an assessment, and explore possible resolutions with the Massage Therapists.


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    Massage Your Cares Away

    in Paranormal

    Wed. Nov. 26 we are joined by Kimberly Miceli, LMT.  Kimberly will be discussing the benefits of massage and different forms of massage therapy.  Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays?  A massage is a wonderful treat!  Call in to talk with Kimberly and Nikki at 646-668-8212

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    Craniosacral Therapy and Massage therapy, How can they help you?

    in Health

    Michele Bouchard, LMT will be discussing next Tuesday the 27th at 9:30am, Her modalities of craniosacral therapy and massage therapy and their profound impact on you wellness journey and why you may want to consider adding them in as pat of your wellness plan

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    The Penetrating Massage

    in Lifestyle

    He wanted to Relax

    That's what happened. My caller told me about this awesome massage that turned him into a giver and a receiver. I was so relaxed listening to him. I booked a massage right after our call. If you would like a Private Session with me Please click on the link or visit my blog http://rebeccaphonevixen.com


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