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    Fish Store Interview: School of Fish INC!

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex will be doing a very fun show!!! Aqua Alex will be interviewing a guest he has been dying to get on the Aquatic Wetline for quite a while! Alex welcomes School of Fish, INC owner Dave to the show. School of Fish INC is the largest aquarium shop in Western Massachussetts providing fine saltwater and freshwater fish, equipment, and more! This is going to be a very fun show!

    On this episode, we will learn about how Dave got into the fish keeping hobby and the fish keeping business, he will discuss a little bit about school of fish inc, and share his thoughts for the begineers of the fish keeping hobby. Stay tuned for a very special announcement at the end of the show.



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    Shelly Nunchucks w Boxer Donnie Palmer

    in Entertainment

    Donnie Palmer is a 6' 10" 270 lb Super Heavyweight Boxer from Dorchester, MA.

    Donnie is a boxer that teaches children with special needs.

    Donnie Palmer is a pro Boxer from Dorchester MA. He is currently undefeated in his record . Donnie has won two titles while in the US Army. He has won numerous awards for boxing and also placed in the Olympic Trials of 2012. Donnie is a school teacher in Boston and a member of the the Dorchester Boxing Club.

    * 2007 Kansas Invitational 91+ Champion 
    * New England Championships 91+ Champion
    *New England Golden Gloves championships 91+ Champion
    * Rocky Marciano Tournament of Champions 91+ 
    * Army vs Southeastern All-Stars knocked out Big Frank Tate RSC -2•2010



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    PTRN-Circle Talk/Pagan Music Project

    in Spirituality

    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:

    8PM CST - Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk:  (A Circle Sanctuary Radio Ministry program): Unitarian Universalist Pagans Debra Rose talks about her own work with UU Pagans and interviews Circle Sanctuary minister Jerrie Hildebrand of Massachussetts about her work with Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans over the years.

    9 PM~ Pagan Music Project: Kellianna visits before heading to the UK and Europe on Tour.

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    The Boston Marathon Bombings: One Year Later.

    in Psychology

    Join me on this special episode of Own Your Life as we reflect and remember the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013. Special guest callers will include runners from last year's race, Becca Pizzi and Ken Doucette. Rick Pizzi of Pizzi Farms in Waltham, Mass will be joining the discussion. What lessons have we learned in the years that followed? We will discuss the resilient nature of the people of Boston and how this tragedy brought a community and a nation together to become Boston Strong. We will also discuss the impact of the bombings on security measures at different venues. We will describe how people can be aware of their surroundings during large events. I will also give some of my reflections from my crisis response to Boston during the bombings.

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    The Rooster Crows At Night - March 8, 2014

    in Politics Conservative

    Considering today is International Women's Day, we'd be remiss if we didn't mark the occasion in true Outcry fashion...by speaking to the men of the world!

    That's right, Rooster has a single bit of advice for the men of the world, that if applied, will lead to nothing but harmony between the genders!

    You'll have to listen, but we'll give you a hint...it has nothing to do with RSPECT (as our leader would say)!

    We'll give the audience a peek into the mind of Kel with a simple quiz. 

    And, keeping with the occasion, we'll take a peek up the President's skirt. Hey, it's legal...at least in Massachussetts!

    If that's not enough, we'll discuss the happenings at CPAC...specifically the straw poll results as they compare to other GOP polling re the 2016 Presidential Race. 

    All that, your calls, and more on tonight's show.

    The chat-room will be open, and a good time will be had by all!

    How can you afford not to listen?

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    S05/E10: Maxey Scherr for U.S. Senate in 2014(Democrat-Texas)

    in Politics Progressive

    The word "impossible" is found only in the dictionary of fools. Those words are not in the vocabulary of our first guest tonight.

    Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, she's a woman for all people. A uniter not a divider with common sense pragmatism who leads by example. She has grace & an abundance of talent backed by substance. Texas needs a new direction. Who better to lead the way? She's a lawyer by profession, has worked on numerous non-profits organisations & fight for many political causes. She graduated magna cum laude at the University of Massachussetts, jurist prudence award from Texas Tech Law School & respected by her peers and opponents alike. She is a member of numerous bar associations including the Texas Bar Association, the El Paso Women's Bar Association & has tried successfully numerous jury trials obtaining successful and landmark verdicts. In an almost "All-Boys Club", the US Senate, she will make a huge impact and make a positive difference as she always does in every endevour she pursues. Beloved by many and feared by opponents, her moment in the spotlight has arrived.

    It gives us great pleasure to welcome the next U.S. Senator from the great State of Texas Maxey Scherr!

    In the second hour, we're glad to have Bruno Moore. He's running for the Florida State Senate in District 32. Intelligent, strong and a committed family man. He'll talk about his campaign.

    VISIT & CONTRIBUTE: www.maxeyfortexas.com

    LIKE HER PAGE: www.facebook.com/maxeyscherrforsenate

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    The ERA Would Change Everything

    in Politics Progressive

    The assault on women's rights being waged by red state governments throughout the country could not gain traction if the Constitution included the Equal Rights Amendment. This simple act was written in 1923 and passed by both houses of Congress nearly 50 years later -- only to fall just three states short of the 38 needed to ratify it into law.

    Our guest this week is Denise Schutz, co-founder of Progressive Women of Massachussetts, an advocacy group that informs and links women using social media. She has been active in seeking final passage of the Equal Rights Amendment for quite some and won't give up till it's part of the US Constitution.

    Weekly political discussion from the progressive POV, hosted by the MOMocrats. Produced by Engender Media Group. Original airdate: 8/21/2013

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    Casino City Gang: Are you kidding Massachusetts edition

    in Sports

    Casino City's Vin Narayanan, Aaron Todd and Dan Podheiser discuss the state of the Massachussetts Gaming Commission, the lack of publicity in New Jersey surrounding online gaming and the Tropicana in Atlantic City losing its shirt in craps. And as always, they pick every game on this weekend's NFL schedule against the spread.

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    Casino City Gang: Seriously Massachusetts edition

    in Sports

    Casino City's Vin Narayanan, Aaron Todd and Dan Podheiser discuss the state of the Massachussetts Gaming Commission, the lack of publicity in New Jersey surrounding online gaming and the Tropicana in Atlantic City losing its shirt in craps. And as always, they pick every game on this weekend's NFL schedule against the spread

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    Boston Area Luxury Update with Mizner & Simon

    in Real Estate

    Join hosts Cliff Perotti and LisaP as they talk real estate with industry influencers, bring you news and information and mailbag items from listeners. This episode features guests Amy Mizner & Sheryl Simon, of Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. of the Boston suburb area of Massachussetts. They are talking about the luxury real estate market in the Northeast area.

    Amy Mizner was a top producer with Coldwell Banker until 2010 when she joined forces with two colleagues and opened Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. in Wellesley and Weston, MA, two of the state’s toniest communities.  Benoit Mizner Simon & Co has grown to 60 sales professionals with combined dollar volume sales of over $260 million.

    Sheryl Simon is one of the most respected and successful real estate professionals serving the Metro West market place. Prior to founding Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. with her partners, Sheryl was an award-winning Vice President at Coldwell Banker for 16 years. During that time, she helped form the Mizner Simon team, which is the #1 team in Weston sales and one of the top ten in Massachusetts sales.

    The Property Beat is sponsored by Lion & Foster International, Inc., an international luxury lifestyle real estate brokerage.

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