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    Will Wishy-Washy Baker Win Massachusetts?

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    We give oneWe'll  last look at next week's general election, a bit national and a lot of Massachusetts. Polls and paper endorsements favor failed gubdernatorial candidate GOP Charlie Baker oer failed US Senate candidate Dem Martha Coakley. Neither is all that exciting to the eye or ear, but media types love the angle of each has blown a run at a big office before.

    We'll kick around the insdious fantasy that serems to propel Republicans into the top ofice here. That is because a vast majortiy of elected officials are Dems, somehow putting a Republican in that office does, well, somethnkg substantive. That's crazy talk, but they love it here. Baker is seriously flawed. Yet many,including the editorial board of the largest paper, trip over themsleves in efforts to make excuses for him.

    We may touch on why locals are loath to (asi n never) elect a woman governor and so far have only sent one woman to the US Senate.

    We may surmise what a Baker or Coakley administration might do and not do.

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    Post Time for Massachusetts 2014 Election

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    We'll recap the Massachusetts party [primaries and risk humiliation predicitng the campaigns, then results for November's general. The previous day's preimary may settle all, or nearly all, Democratic contests. Now the fun begins.

    The GOP pretty much sat out the primary with no contested races beyond Governor, only five statewide candidates, and mostly blank ballot lines. Dems in contrast had three battling for most slots.

    Republicans play delusion cards. Dems far outnumber them (not really true, as over half the electorate does not enroll in any party), Republ;ican Governor/LG are essential to holding wildly lefty Dems in check (so-so, with many in both houses here fiscally conservative and hard sells on legislation). The GOP can't fill their tickets because they are at such political disadvantage (not so, as half our Governors have been Republican, the GOP has as much and often more campaign cash, they make little effort to convert the unenrolled to their party, and they have weak recruiting efforts for candidates for office).

    We'll talk results and futures. We expect two months of big platform and policy distinctions. We'll predict how dirty the ads and claims will be and what should make the differences in the final. 

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    Massachusetts Primary Preview and Prognostications

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    Move along, Republicans. There's not much to see in your primary on 9/9/ Dems, on the other hand, hie to the polls and come prepared with your choices. For the GOP, only the Governor slot is contested, and most statewide slots have no Republican offerings. For Democrats nearly every office is, most with three candidates.

    Of course, we'll talk about the virtually certain Charlie Baker for team elephant and who is likely to go against him. Besides the Democrat, there'll be multiple independent candidates. Evan Falchuk is the outlier here; his new United Independent Party is not yet recognized by the commonwealth as a party. 

    Dems also have rousing battles for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer, as well as some further down-ballot offices. Check our archives here or at Left Ahead for interviews. 



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    Casino's in Massachusetts. Good or Bad?

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    Political Update's first ever radio show. Hosted by Christopher Devine, this episode will be around casino's in Massachusetts. Whether they will help or hurt the local economy. We will listen to live callers share their opinions and have an open discussion.

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    Pharmacy Podcast Episode 164 Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association

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    The Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association (MIPA) is comprised of independent community pharmacists and those interested in independent community pharmacy throughout the State of Massachusetts. The Association's mission is to promote the practice of independent community pharmacy.

    Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association20 Paul David WayStoughton, MA 02072Phone:781-297-0965Fax: 866-475-6284Staff:Todd Brown, Executive Directortbrown@mipanet.org

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    Stumbling toward the Massachusetts State House

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    President Barack Obama's good buddy MA Gov. Deval Patrick had led by two years for some time. He was first to a major office, first in overseeing universal health care, first in supporting and overseeing same-sex marriage. Now he is not running for a third four-year term, so he'll be first to vacate his office.

    Like crows on carrion, candidates abound here. We'll update you on the issues and the shenanigans in that flurry. As background, you can check on our channel here or at Left Ahead's archives page for interviews with all but one of the candidates. The presumptive Republican nominee, Charlie Baker, has run and hidden from us, while all the Democratic, independent and the other GOP challengers have spoken with us. We may be simple minded, but doubt that cowardice or avoidance is a good qualification for office.

    The best known Dem challengers are raking in bucks and sailing along. The second tier Dems plus the independents and the one (Evan Falchuk) who is kind of in a party with his new designation as United Independent Party sole candidate elbow for recognition.

    The best fun has been on the Republican side, with pay-for-play scandal, accusations of chicanery at their state convention, threatened law suit, and core party members disgruntled at Baker's socially liberal positions. Augment all that with Baker's association with the Big Dig boondoggle and his scorched-earth background at a major health-care company. The jimmies on the sundae are Baker's loss to Patrick in his previous run for governor.

    This promises to be a most entertaining double race — to the September primary and on to the November general.


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    Heating up Renewable Thermal market growth in Massachusetts-Meister Consultants

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    Meister Consultant's Neil Veilleux will join us to discuss Renewable Thermal technologies; the current state of the market and recent changes in Massachusetts legislation that lay the foundation for exciting market growth opportunities.  Neil brings a unique perspective to the topic as he was a key member of the Meister team that supported DOER's recent Commonwealth Accelerated Renewable Thermal Strategy report which sought to identify best strategies to rapidly spur renewable thermal (RT) market growth in Massachusetts.  Neil also recently led the design, planning, and execution of the "Greenovate Boston Community Summit", the City's first large-scale sustainability and climate conference, which drew over 500 community members and business leaders.

    For more information and access to the bill's fill text please visit:  http://www.masscleanheatbill.org/


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    Free Training for Companies in Massachusetts - Workforce Training Fund Program

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    Michael Corcoran, Outreach Coordinator for Workforce Training Fund Program for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development will share great news of grant and  funds available to companies in Massachusetts that want to offer training options to their employees.


    Session 1 -  Review the grants and how much money is available; Benefits.

    Session 2 -  Jeremiah Riordon of Mount Wachusetts Community College will spealk to us on the community college's commttment top education and their role as administrattors of the grant

    Session 3  - Hear tips from  the Grant Writer on how to apply and meet qualifications so you company can gain the funds to deliver traininging you employees need

    Joiin us for great tinformation that is sure to be good news to employers and employees.

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    mPatient Radio: Dr. Noopur Raje, Massachusetts General Hospital

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    Join us as we talk with Dr. Noopur Raje, MD of Massachusetts General Hospital about the research she performs in the Raje Lab to study how the bone marrow environment affects myeloma growth.

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    Timeout with Bostonian Rap featuring Rick Green, Chair of Mass Fiscal Alliance

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    On Monday's show, I will interview Rick Green. He is the chair of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. This is a nonprofit organization, which promotes government transparency and fiscal intelligence. He is equally one of the people behind the Urban Coalition. This is a forum that seeks to address a variety of problems through a collaboration of diverse people and the marriage of resources.

    I hope that you can join us!


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    Transgender inmate Case: Legal Analysis

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    Yesterday's comments on the Michelle Kosilek case covered the basics. Today, the guest is Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project of Gay & esbian Advopcaes & Defenders. She was incredulous about the majority decision denying reassignment surgery.

    We'll cover the implications not only for Kosilek but also for current or future incarcerated transgender inmates in Massachusetts. Levi may also give us some perspective on the next action, as in whether the case might move to the Supreme Court.

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