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    The Rob Legend Show Live! - She has all the power!

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    The Rob Legend Show is all about speaking on issues, problems and things that affects us all on a daily basis and finding real solutions.  Our guests are invited to participate without censorship.  We believe once a conversation begins, people will find a solution.  There are many opinions and on this show, they are respected, challenged and encouraged to back them up with facts.  You have a voice on this show, so speak up and speak often. No one person holds all of the answers, so collectively we can find the right solutions.

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    The Rob Legend Show - Follow the money

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    Join me every Wednesday night from 7-9 pm and be a part of the conversation on issues that affect us all to find real to life solutions. Call in at 773-897-3989 to speak it! You have a voice here... So invite your family and friends to a roundtable discussion of great importance.

  • The Lauderhill Legend and Cornell

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    Sports talk with The Lauderhill Legend and Cornell. Call in to Speak on It because you have an opinion!!

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    The Legend "Grandmaster Rick Lenchus"

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    First time start up to help Gm Lenchus start his own blog radio show a 30 minute chat with call ins allowed. If I can help make this work for Sensei, then he can have his own Radio Show.... the date of 9-27-17 at 12pm is NOT set in stone, check back to assure the true broadcast day and time.

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    Being first matters!  In the big picture, it really doesn't but we like to act like it does- being competitive is the only way to live because being last is humiliating- unless you have are overcoming some disabilty last is bad. Only thing is, we could tolerate over achievers if they came equipped with enough insight to know how insufferable they sound.  Most of them don't understand that when they talk, they sound like they are bragging.  Of course that's acceptable because they came first- isn't it? Acceptable but painfully uncomfortable for the fellow who believes this stuff.  Have you  never spoken to the middle aged guy who ran for the winning touchdown when he was 17- and that's his claim to fame?  Pubs are full of drunk old men clinging to a moment that passed them bye.   What of the men who don't brag?  The world is full of them. Freemasons call them -a bigger man! How sad to pretend to live in the past. Where is the affirmation in that?  Freemasonry only exists as applied philosophy in the moment. The history is  time graffiti; some concrete points in a time/space continuum that validate that we were there, or here or somewhere else.  That's the same as graffiti on an alley wall or a passing box car.  Graffiti never quite captures purpose until the artist is using symbols to make statements.

    It's fascinating, the preoccupation we have for 'masonic' graffiti, investing time considering the evidence of early members of our Craft. Even if only loosely based on facts we have learned to tolerate that- as long as it's 'masonic graffiti it's valid.  But the graffiti rests on a deep base of undiscovered fact.





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    A masonic lodge is an exchange.  It is where wealth becomes philanthropy. It is where the intelligence of a young man, a merchant, the farmer or tradesman becomes honed. It is where commitment is made to the power of the mind.  Ambition and ego are put into harness.  It is where a simple fool rubs shoulders with genius.

    A man who can open his mind to new ideas finds confidence being in a constant state of apprenticeship. It is in this alchemist laboratory where time is compressed. The greatest leaders of history teach him that leadership is a service.  His own humility quitely mocks conspicuous displays of wealth. He peels away the hallmark of nouveau riche.  He becomes part of a history bigger than himself, yet not worth mentioning.

    Faith or superstition. Petty or substantive. Darkness or enlightenment. Balance. Charity. Beauty.  Agape. A man is no better than what he leaves behind 


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    memorial day remembrance master legend show 5/26/2014

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    catch up on the latest news.remember memorial day.is master legend really steve vincent? orlando magazine article is finally out.new strategies.call in welcome

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    The Red Diamond joins master legend on this 06/01/2014 episode

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    call in and talk to the Red Diamond who is master legend's long time friend.we will talk of future ideas for the next evolution of real life super heroes.

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    Participating in masonry is more honest than most other obligations in life. You have to want it. You have to want to be one.  The lost boys join because they are bored or see an opportunity to mine the contacts for profit.  The must be terribly disappointed.   During the 1st World War, the world learned it was possible to gain support for an unpopular idea but using propaganda.  All sides used it. When it was us, we called it education and information. When it was the enemy it is called propaganda.  Truth is it's all the same. Someone believes people are stupid and can be lead to support something they don't even understand.  100 years later, we have made this all so polite; public relations or spin doctoring or  media reimagining it's still the same. Those damned masons. They are expected to pursue truth whereever it is to be found.  Truth hurts. Truth is power. Truth is love. Slice it anyway you want, finding truth comes at a price.  It is admitting to yourself what you don't admit to others. It is the unassailable starting point for improvement.

    So today, we talk about the things that inspire. Are you thinking it will not go well in your lodge?  Silly, of course it won't.  But it would be harmful to our harmony to point out those who are content with simple things; the titles- ornaments, distinctions, idle parade. Who are we to think they don't belong? We have the freedom to think for ourselves. We can talk- even though we have nothing useful to say but enjoy the sound of our own voice. Babies know how to tune out and so do grown men. Life is full of lost opportunity.  When insightful men gather in large groups, it is an enriching experience, so go out and find your group. They are scattered throughout the lodges of Ontario and beyond. And they are looking for you as you are for them.

    Masonic Companion is with you. 


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    4/22/14 tuesday episode of master legend show

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    call in and say hi .listen as master legend reveals more truths and destroying the imposed ideas of the illuminate.

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