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    Remembering Anthony Mason

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    The post game Knicks Fan Forum immediately after the game. This episode was remembering, celebrating and honoring the legacy of #14 Anthony Mason.  This podcast features the Bleed Blue Show & it's stakeholders on memories of the great NYK of the 1990's , his play, culture impact.  

    Twitter: @BleedBlueShow
    Instagram: @BleedBlueShow
    Facebook: The Bleed Blue Show

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    Profane might rarely experience what a mason experiences whether together or after making his way home. Being true to his obligations, he exists in a constant state of vigilence. How can that be you say? How can anyone be aware every moment of every day?   The secret isn't so secret once you know it- but here it is-  It is likeing learning to have a bag full of goals. Some are short term, some are small, others are life goals and consume great energy. To be vigilent is to be mindful of what goal you are capturing in that moment. This is what we call awareness- enjoying what we do.  


    If freemasonry has secrets, this is one out there for all to see; in a sense hidden in public until a passerby notices and begins to connect. We've made mistakes trying to understand what to do with it.We have manners that guard us against that.  Where we get blind sided is dealing with the illusion.  The illusion is about a quiet nature.  While brethren are preoccupied analyzing to understand, they may appear aloof, haughty.  

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    Point of Contact with Reverend D. M. Mason

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    Tune in weekly with Reverend D. M. Mason as he shares a powerful and refreshing word that will ignite and captivate faith in Jesus Christ.

    Point of Contact is the outreached arm of D.M. Mason Ministries an outreach of nearly 20 years committed to the connecting, releasing the power of Jesus Christ into everyday lives.Luke 8 44 is the focus scripture reminding each listener that they are just one word, one touch from the breakthrough of there life.Point of Contact can be listened to on blogtalkradio.com/dmmason each Thursday afternoon 1pm Eastern

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    Mason Mitchell

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    Mason Mitchell

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    Videos and your business with Mason Price

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    When you open the doors to your business you do not think about closing the doors. You do not think about how important it is for your to constantly be visible outside of your 'shop'. Here today we speak with award winning, videographer Mason Price of Charlotte NC. He gives insight on the things you do not know to think about when it comes to videos and your business. He will point out how important a video is to the first encounter of your potentials clients. He even will talk about how sponsors view you when you have a video as part of your press kit.

    Check out Mason's video work here.


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    A Conversation With Taylor Mason

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    Taylor Mason’s quick wit, flawless delivery and polished material make him a hit with audiences of all ages.  He is a ventriloquist, musician and stand-up comedian.

    He has carved out a career in comedy and entertainment that has taken him around the world and into living rooms across the United States for the past 25 years. He’s won multiple, prestigious entertainment awards, appeared on a myriad of television programs, helped craft and performed in television commercials, wrote a book on ventriloquism for Penguin Publishing, and on and on.

    He has a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree from The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. His experience as a comedy writer and performer has taken him from The Second City Theater in Chicago to headlining gigs at every major comedy club across the country. He’s as comfortable writing and executing humor for corporate clients like Microsoft and Wal-Mart as he is doing a show for teens or children on a Disney Cruise ship. He’s performed for countless church functions. He’s done bar mitzvahs and synagogue shows. He continues to sell out comedy clubs and is requested at college campuses.

    It’s impossible to put Taylor Mason in a box. You cannot define his audience, because his act transcends demographics and niches. It’s a throwback and yet it’s contemporary. He’s inclusive, he’s genuinely interested in his audience and he’s 100% committed to every performance, every project, and every single job he takes.

    There is no way to describe what he does, because combining ventriloquism, music and comedy is unique to Taylor Mason and quite literally needs to be seen to be believed.

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    i know

  • LaSalle Ice Hockey vs Mason Comets

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    The LaSalle Lancer Ice Hockey Squad plays in the consolation game vs the Comets of Mason in the Oblinger Memorial Tourneyment at Historic Cincinnati Gardens.  The puck drops at 11am.  Catch all the action with your host Joe Siefert on WLSN, the home for Lancer Hockey!

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    Expand Into Who You Truly Are, Medium Letizia Mason, Munjiji

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    “It is not a light choice to take a human incarnation. So congratulate yourself every day for being here, and also for the wish to know who you truly are...Your spiritual body is continuously illuminating your transformation.” - Munjiji, Channeled by Letizia Mason 

    This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Intuitive Counselor Matthew Engel will be chatting with Channel, Letizia Mason and Richard Mason. A teacher of trance, channeling and psychic work Letizia is passionate about work with self and spirit. She is also a psychotherapist who has studied Sufi, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, tarot and psychic work for several decades. She has run weekly public trance sessions in London for eight years, channeling the spirit guide team known as Munjiji. Letizia offers “sittings” with Munjiji in both English and Italian.

    Richard Mason is an ordained minister in Integral Yoga & a psychotherapist. The Munjiji Team use Richard for spiritual healing & he works under their guidance. Distant healing is available to anyone free of charge. Richard is also the facilitator for the Munjiji work and is also based in London. http://munjiji.com

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Counselor who has supported thousands of people in activating their Inner Light for 18 years. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: matthewengel.com



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    Author Teresa Mason-Browning on LIF Talk with Cherie

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    I first discovered my passion for wring at the early age of 13. I would sit alone and write for hours about my thoughts, dreams and about the people around me. I wrote in a journal every day. Aer many years had passed I decided to take my journals and put my thoughts into book form.
    As a self published author I actually didn't start putting my work together for a novel unl my children were in there last few years of high school so it was very easy to find me to capture my thoughts. My children were very supportive in my goal of becoming a writer.
    Getting my work published was the easy part. It is you who must be able to walk through the door in your season to deliv-er the message. If you reach one person with your message from what you have written, you know you have achieved the goal you personally set out to do.
    For all of you who have taken me out of your busy day to read through the pages of these books, I extend a gracious thank you. I hope that they have been a blessing to you and have allowed you to release everything that has held you back from accomplishing your hopes and dreams in life. Peace and love to you all.

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    Dr. Carolyn Mason of Orlando Florida

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    Greetings in The precious name of Jesus!  Welcome to TLO Ministry from our staff, Cohost Prophet Oshea Morgan of Dallas, Texas, Cohost Dr. Carolyn Mason of Mighty Warriors For Jesus Prayer Group, Orlando, Florida and  Min. Bonnie Howell of Orlando, Florida.

    Tonight we are going to hear a awesome word from our Very own Dr. Carolyn Mason of Orlando Florida who loves Jesus with her whole heart.

    We, at TLO Ministry are only doing what God has called us to do and to say what God tells us to say.  God is our Commandering Chief in charge!

    Be bless as you tune in with us on tonite. call a friend, a neighbor an unsaved person or loved one and tell them to tune in.  Work your telephone ministry.

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