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    #56 - Masking with R. Budd Dwyer!

    in Comedy

    This week we are back with some more interesting topics we think you'll enjoy!

    Tune in as we discuss the life and death of R. Budd Dwyer. We recently watched a documentary about him and will give our thoughts on the whole manner. 

    We are also discussing the interesting world of Maskers! Who are they? What do they do? You'll have to tune in to find out!

    All this happening this Friday 1/16 at 9PM EST on Blog Talk Radio!

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    Paranormal Roundtable with Jenny, Kenny, and Chuck Part 2 Demonology

    in Paranormal

    Part 2 of the series on Demonology.  Backward masking, Haunting in Conn.  and more....

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    Human Dolls Masking in Public

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to Beauty Chat Radio Show:

    Tonight my guest Paisley Dalton and I we will explore ,discuss the World Of Wonder Productions. Paisley is a Blogger,DJ and he's also very adventious . Come with an open mind as we learn more about male and female maskers. These are human dolls and Paisley will share his opinion about the subject . Human's dressing as dolls is not a trend but a lifestyle for so many individuals. Most of the people that are maskers normally had to keep there lifestyles private but thanks to"  the documentary "Secret Of The Living Dolls" they can gather with people with the same interest,they're even a convention to honor these DOLLS. 


    About Paisley Dalton
    Paisley was one of the first DJ in Berlin to introduce the style of “mash-up”, featuring indie guitar, punk, electro and the disco dance sound that was coming out of London and New York.


    Surprise guest: MAKER OF THE BODYSUITS FOR THE DOLLS WWW.FEMSKIN.COM OWNER: Barbie Ramos there's a whole convention for the "human dolls" visit the website for more. 

    Want to advertise/guest /sponsor with Rosa's Resources Beauty Chat Radio please visit www.rosasresources.biz

    Disclaimer: Opinion share on this show are not a reflection or opinion of Rosa's Resources


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    Paranormal Roundtable with Jenny, Kenny, and Chuck Demonology

    in Paranormal

    Demonology and the darker arts will be examined.  Geraldo Rivera's 80's Special on Devil Worship, Amittyville, A Haunting in Conn., Dungeons and Dragons, and Backward masking and much, much, more.





    Carls Junction, Missouri


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    Fight For What You Can Control, Let Everything Else Go..... w/ Bernadette Boas

    in Self Help

    I am often reminded that, though we worry so much about what other people think of us, we cannot control it in anyway... so we need to let go of it. But many people find it hard to do so, so today's program, Bernadette will provide tips, advice and support for letting go and finding the riches in life you deserve.

    Shedding the Bitch Radio - all about YOU and now expanded to a full hour to discuss the issues important to you, and take your questions, comments and/or stories.

    Bernadette Boas, author, coach/consultant and reformed Corporate Bitch, knows what it is like to wreak havoc on those around her at work and at home, as well as on herself. Masking her insecurities, fears and negative beliefs of herself (what she now calls Bitches) with a persona of a competitive, demanding and manipulative person, she knows all about the issues and opportunities facing women in corporate, in business and in life. And she is determined to help as many women as possible to NOT succumb to the rat race of it all

    Listen weekly live or in archive (stay tuned for our iTunes channel announcement). Call in to her at 1-818-572-2910 to ask advice, debate the topic or simply tell your story.

    Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Conservative Populist Breakout

    in Politics Conservative

    Are Republicans acting in the spirit of Barbara Jordan?; Scott Walker now leads by double digits in Iowa; The "progressive" mask came off over a decade ago, and only now are even some conservatives beginning to take notice; The paradox of dogma: Is the Left entrenched in dictatorial power forever, or is it crippling itself?; and why does the Left continue to lie about its ideological agenda even after de-masking themselves?  Plus today's G-File.

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    in Self Help


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    His Grace, His Blood, HIs Mercy by Chizelle. T. Archie

    in Spirituality

    Chizellé T. Archie hails from Atlanta, Georgia by way of the sunny Gulf Coast of Mobile, Alabama. She is a Registered Nurse for the Infectious Disease Program with Grady Health Systems.

    Several years ago, after noticing the alarming statistics of the HIV rate of African American women, Chizellé became fed up with the way her African American brothers and sisters (young alike), were beginning to settle for any and everything, in that having safe sex was not an option anymore. Lastly, what disturbed her most was there are so many people sitting in the church pews each Sunday masking their hurt, because of the stigma associated with this epidemic, and yet the one place they feel most comfortable is the one place that leaves them feeling so alone.

    In 2010, Chizellé landed on the literary scene with authority, and it was with great fortitude that she penned her debut novel, The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond, in which her life experiences have allowed her to grab hold and take nothing less, realizing she is a Diamond! She continues the story in the sequel, His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy!

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    Spiritual Surgeon Chizelle Archie

    in Books

    Journey with Tabitha Vinson as she interviews Chizelle Archie as they discuss her release His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy! 

    About the Author

    Chizellé T. Archie hails from Atlanta, Georgia by way of the sunny Gulf Coast of Mobile, Alabama. She is a Registered Nurse for the Infectious Disease Program with Grady Health Systems. What disturbed her most was there are so many people sitting in the church pews each Sunday masking their hurt so in 2010, Chizellé landed on the literary scene with authority, and it was with great fortitude that she penned her debut novel, The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. She continues the story in the sequel, His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy!

    About the Book

    Victoria Diamond Bouviér is back! Now living in Atlanta, Georgia, as CEO of Diamond Investments, wife to husband, Marcel, and mother; this time she gets way more than she bargains for. Life for Victoria has become a never-ending cycle, and on top of it all she has the arduous task of being the mother to Gabrielle Grace Cartiér, a thirteen-year old trapped in the body of a twenty-one year old, who just happens to be a child prodigy! Can you say thermodynamics by age 5? OMG...


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    Backward Masking: True or hoax?

    in Entertainment

    Discussing the dynamics of backmasking/backward masking amongst rock musicians, and whether or not demonic messages are present. Fascinating and humorous.
    *1st show. Some technical/audio issues.

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    in Politics Conservative



    Navy SEAL and best-selling author, Eric Greitens offers a masterpiece of warrior wisdom.  In 2012, Eric unexpectedly heard from a former brother SEAL.  Zach Walker had been one of the toughest of the tough.  But since his return home from war, he’d been plagued by PTSD and masking his pain with heavy drinking.  Zach and Eric started writing and talking daily as Eric set down his thoughts on what it takes to build resilience in our lives.

    Eric’s letters –drawing on both his own experience and wisdom from ancient and modern thinkers—are now gathered and edited into this timeless guidebook.



    Tags:  Eric Greitens, Resilience, SEAL, Zach Walker, PTSD, war, Obama, hardship, drinking