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    NFL Week 4

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    NFL Week 4 is about in the books

    Same format as previous shows

    Call in!


  • NFL week 2 recap and Sunday/Monday night football

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    If you don't care to watch Football Night In America, join us live! 

    We're recapping all the week 2 games from the early afternoon action as well as gving a brief preview of Sunday/Monday night football. 

    We'll also take your calls on any of the day's action that caught your attention. 

    As always the chat window will be up and running.



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    NFL Week 1 recaps and Sunday Night Football

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    Week 1 is almost in the books.We had some very exciting football action and some really great games. Most of the games have been played with the exception of the Cowboys, Giants, Falcons, Eagles, Vikings, and Vikings who are either playing tonight or the usual two games on Monday Night.

    Tonight's game is the Giants and Cowboys. Victor Cruz was ruled out the other day, does that change our picks? Tune in to find out.  

    Monday Night Football is the Eagles at the Falcons followed by the Vikings at the 49ers

    And of course there was some drama on the Thursday night game involving the Patriots-Steelers game. 


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    NFL Teams in the north and the top stories

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    Tonight we'll cover the final two divisions in the NFL, the teams up north. In the NFC it's the Lions, Packers, Bears, and Vikings and over in the AFC it's the Steelers, Ravens, Bengals and Browns. Both divisions tend to run pretty close year in and year out. Will this year be any different? Will the Packers suffer with the unexpected Jordy Nelson loss? Will Adrian Peterson be the Peterson of old? Is Jay Cutler going to thrive under new OC Adam Gase? Can the Bengals win a playoff game? These are some of the bigger questions will tackle as well as dive into our two stories in the world of sports.

    Feel free to call in or use the chat feature to join the conversation and ask us your questions.

    We'll also preview next week's episode as well, which is going to be our first 1 hour show, with the main focus being on the Pats-Steelers opener and that Sunday's games.

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    NFL Season week 1 and Tom Brady

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    The NFL season is officially underway this week. What a show we have for you tonight, the Steelers at the Patriots open up this Thursday night and Tom Brady will play since Judge Richard Berman has nullified his 4 game suspension. Finally I think for the sake of the NFL, we can finally start talking about football!

    We'll break down this game and make some week 1 picks as well. There a quite a few interesting matchups heading into the opening week. Not only do you have some divisional matchups, marquee matchups, you also have a great rookie matchp as well with Mariota and the Titans playing Winston and the Buccaneers.

    We'll also give you our "shot in the dark" Super Bowl picks and if we have time, cover our top two stories of the week.

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    NFL teams in the South and the premiere of Hard Knocks

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    Topics include teams from the NFC and AFC south divisions. Colts, Jags, Texans, and Titans in the AFC and Panthers, Falcons, Saints, and Bucs in the NFC.

    The Houston Texans are this year's NFL team to be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks and the second episode will air this Tuesday night. Bill O'Brien made some interesting comments in the first few minutes of the season premire, so listen in to hear our thoughts on that as well.

    We'll also probably talk a little more Tom Brady, the top two draft picks, and scratch the surface on our two top topics including Tiger's decision to go ahead and play in the Wyndham tournament this weekend and whatever other story graces the headlines over the week.

  • NFL Teams out east and Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady's suspension appeal is in federal court this week. We'll talk about that and the NFL teams out east. Pats, Bills, Jets, Phins in the AFC and Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Skins in the NFC. 

    We'll also discuss some other tidbits going on in the world of sports including the Cunningham-Tarver fight, PGA Championship, and other NFL newsworthy stories including the broken jaw of Geno Smith

    We'll also discuss upcoming shows and podcasts going into our 3rd week

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    PGA Championship and P&P leftovers

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    Congrats to Jason Day on his first ever career major win!

    Jason Day held of the red hot Jordan Spieth in the final round yesterday, but Spieth didn't leave completely empty handed as he propelled himself to the #1 ranked golfer in the world.

    In last week's podcast I did say the Day would be a name to keep an eye on, and he finally pulled through to get that major win. I also thought Tiger probably would not get another one this weekend as well. 

    I'll touch base on it all, and then spend time to answer your questions on the tourney or questions regarding last night's show where we covered the NFC and AFC East as well as the Tom Brady saga.


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    LivingEden: Moving on with Barbara Marx Hubbard Sacred Fires! Huanglong, China

    in Spirituality

    Blessings All LivingEden co-creators,

    Rick and I are traveling along on our journey into new horizons.  We will probably have our (before) dream house handed over to the bank in a month.  We are packing and getting ready to move on into a new life with more freedom and travel.

    Today we are visiting powerful meditation with alchemical magic and Sacred Fires.  Did you know there are many Sacred Fires of all colors? And announcing Barbara Marx Hubbard's "Sacred Journey of conscious Evolution."

    Also I invite you to use airpano.com to discover Huanglong, China.  We will explore her amazingness on this planet and you can keep exploring all week.  Let that journey infuse your life journey this week.  While you listen to the show please access airpano.com and watch the videos, feel the energies, visualaize the landscape, imagine the people, ask spirit of china questions.

    Please, please, please send questions, insights, sharings to the comments section on www.iamgoddessiam.com or www.blogtalkradio.com/livingeden 

    Thank you so much you are greatly loved and needed here.

  • Spingola and Friends

    in Education

    Deanna talks about the Marxist influence in America prior to 1860, The Ruling Elite, a Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation

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    MMA/Boxing with special guest Chad Coppenbarger

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    Chad Coppenbarger joins the broadcast tonight to go one on on with Richard and will also field questions reguarding the MMA/Boxing world.

    Chad has been actively involved in all aspects of MMA/Boxing, including a few fights. He does R&D for TiTLE Boxing, as well as assisting  Steve Cunningham on his traing to help prepare him for his upcoming fight with Antonio Tarver this Friday night on Spike TV.

    Cunningham, Coppenbarger, and Richard all served in the US Navy together on board the USS Enterprise, Cunningham dubbed the nickname USS Cunningham from his Navy days