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    Olive Garden Presenta Radio Al Dente: Marta Sosa

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    Venezuela cantante Abner Cobos, cuyo nuevo álbum se titula Presto de tu Mente, habla de sus raíces musicales con Cubanarama anfitrión Marta Sosa. Luego se profundiza en un tema que está seguro de despertar el interés de los padres aspirantes. “¿Qué consejo le daría a los hombres que tienen miedo de mostrar su lado más suave? ¿Cómo se hace eso sin perder el ‘ese’ factor,” pide Marta. “Muchos hombres no se atreven a mostrar el amor por temor a que sus sentimientos barridos por la mujer,” responde Abner. “Pero yo siempre les digo a ustedes, si su novia es negativa cuando le dices lo que realmente sientes por ella, no deberías estar con ella.”

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    50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music with star Debbie Turner, Marta Von Trapp

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    Join us in on this special 50th anniversary celebration of The Sound of Music with Debbie Turner who played Marta in this classic movie. Call into 646-727-2255 to ask Debbie questions about her experience in the movie.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals featuring Church Kitchen Ladies. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com. 

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    The B.A.M Boot Camp

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    R U Ready To Commit?

    On May 4th - 30th  ''The B.A.M ( Ben, Abi, Marta) Boot Camp''  is kicking off with a bang! Join our fearless trio as they chinwag about our BadAss Fairfield program andf howe to get involved. 

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    Sunday Night Fights Live 50

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    This week on #SNFL Al Joslin, matchmaker for KOTC stops by to talk about the KOTC Amature World Championship 2. Top prospect and Heavyweight competitor Sergio Sosa will be on as well to talk about KOTC Amature World Championship 2.

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    Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition: Votes Yes To MARTA

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    This Week's Show: LouddMouth Radio Network Covers the MARTA Transit Vote in Clayton County, Georgia with organizational partners & leaders collaborating as the "Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition headquartered in Riverdale, Georgia. 

    Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition is only one day away from eye witnessing the return of jobs, return of transit and the entry of MARTA to Clayton County, Georgia. The Friends of Clayton Transit- newly coined "The Clayton Model" has become one of the most historic collaborative models of unlikely allies within multiple disciplines strategically working together for the common good of Clayton County. This comprised group of businesses, grass root organizations and community involvement have implemented grass root campaigns and has advocated multiple policies for 4 years united in a share space with a shared mission. Founder & President of Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition: Roberta Abdul Salaam, National AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, Katie Foster of AFL-CIO Georgia, Deborah Scott of Georgia STAND-UP, Fredrick Hicks of Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition, Reginald Davis of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 732, Brionte McCorkle of Georgia Sierra Club. 

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    H.M.E Radio Season 6 ep 53 Presents Kaine Sosa

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    Unrealistic expectations- Hollywood/the public/crazies &Marta Kober #63

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    Tonight will be a very talktative show because it will adress the continuing issue of the pressures that people face going into Hollywood, and the pressures people face in the public as a result of Hollywood; so basically, everyone suffers and we will discuss the why, where, when, how, etc.  Also touching up on how some people are simply just for lack of better words, ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, and there is absolutely NOTHING that you can (or should do).

    Though there are some solutions, which will be discussed.

    --discussing the whole Marta Kober thing. 

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    Belvaspata v Deistvii

    in Spirituality

    20 marta - istoricheskij moment v nashej zhizni.  Sozdanie novoj platformy.

    Velikie vozmozhnosti soedinenija jenergeticheskih portalov 20 marta i ih integracija v techenie 300 dnej.
    Projavlenie privychnyh shablonov povedenija i myshlenija uvodjashhih nas ot istinnyh zadach v v jetot period.
    Meditacija-blagoslovenie:  "Prinjatie potokov izobilija osoznannosti i material'nyh blag"

    Peredachu vedut Lucia Dashkevich i Marina Smal'



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    "Feliz Navidad" and Cuban food with Sonia & Marta

    in Food

    Guests:   Marta Verde Darby, editor of 'My fat Cuban family"

                  PLUS Sonia Martinez, authorof "Tropical Taste".

    Check out our new sponsor:   AUDIBLE.COM  (www.audibletrial.com/cantotalk.)

    Looking for a good book?  Check out my book: 


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    Kovalev KO Pascal Recap! Berto KO Lopez Early Stoppage? Debate-News-Predictions!

    in Sports

    The show will start with Recap from a busy fight weeekend that produced a Spirited HBO Fight from Montreal and 3 solid fights from PBC on Spike TV! We will breakdown all the action and debate the future of all the fighters involved in last weekend's fights! Other Topics For Discussion-Al Haymon Premier Boxing Champions finalizes his new deal with ESPN! -Purse Bid News For Fall fight between Sergey Kovalev and Adonis Stevenson -Preview the Upcoming Fight Schedule. -Preview the May 16 HBO card featuring Golovkin vs Monroe and Gonzalez vs. Sosa. Plus, More Current News Topics Call 646-381-4990! Listen Live or Join The Roundtable Your Voice Will Be Heard! Follow on Twitter @RopeADopeRadio

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    Homelessness in Montgomery County: How can we help?

    in News

    On any given day, over 800 people in Montgomery County experience homelessness, and out of that number, nearly 200 are children. Every person who experiences homelessness has a unique story.

    At Change Montgomery County, we strive to provide real solutions to end homelessness in the County by increasing awareness, enabling resources, and connecting people.

    Ryan Miner, host of A Miner Detail brought to you by Change Montgomery County, will address how citizens of Montgomery County can help those experiencing homelessness.  Ryan and his guests will discuss the 100,00 homes initiative, the recent point-in-time county, and local resources for safe living conditions. 

    Special guests include: 

    - George Leventhal, Montgomery County Council President 

    - Heather Sheridan, Director of Homeless Services with Maryland's Interagency Council of Homelessness  

    - Marta Bohorquez, a Montgomery County advocate for the homeless

    - Y. Maria Martinez, CEO of Respira Medical 

    Join us this Wednesday, March 18 at 9:00 p.m. on the Change Montgomery County radio network for a new episode of A Miner Detail.

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