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    "Feliz Navidad" and Cuban food with Sonia & Marta

    in Food

    Guests:   Marta Verde Darby, editor of 'My fat Cuban family"

                  PLUS Sonia Martinez, authorof "Tropical Taste".

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    Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition: Votes Yes To MARTA

    in Elections

    This Week's Show: LouddMouth Radio Network Covers the MARTA Transit Vote in Clayton County, Georgia with organizational partners & leaders collaborating as the "Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition headquartered in Riverdale, Georgia. 

    Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition is only one day away from eye witnessing the return of jobs, return of transit and the entry of MARTA to Clayton County, Georgia. The Friends of Clayton Transit- newly coined "The Clayton Model" has become one of the most historic collaborative models of unlikely allies within multiple disciplines strategically working together for the common good of Clayton County. This comprised group of businesses, grass root organizations and community involvement have implemented grass root campaigns and has advocated multiple policies for 4 years united in a share space with a shared mission. Founder & President of Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition: Roberta Abdul Salaam, National AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, Katie Foster of AFL-CIO Georgia, Deborah Scott of Georgia STAND-UP, Fredrick Hicks of Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition, Reginald Davis of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 732, Brionte McCorkle of Georgia Sierra Club. 

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Soc Sosa

    in Radio

    Soc Sosa entered the music scene in 2000 with his debut album "Socratez Philosophies." Sosa also built his empire during this time, Arrogant and Cocky Entertainment. As President of A.C.E., he worked with numerous artists. He gained much recognition during the course of promoting "Socrates Philosophies." He helped to bring The Source Magazine to Milwaukee, where he was featured along with several other local artists. In 2010, he came back full force with "The Resurface." With beats from Cito and Kurt Kobaine, as well as, features including Scott Knoxx and Luke, “The Resurface” has hit every major internet site, including Radiowaves.com, Itunes.com, Reverbnation.com, Coast to Coast, & Amazon.com. Soc Sosa has toured all around Wisconsin in many clubs as well as other cities in the US. Soc has performed at the biggest clubs in Milwaukee including 618, The Onyx, Danny's Lounge, and Brooklyn’s. Soc completed the shooting of two videos, “Like Ayeee”, his major single off “The Resurface” features model Shay Moss & “Going, Going, Gone” features numerous Milwaukee based models. Soc Sosa is currently under the management of his label Arrogant & Cocky Entertainment, LLC and recently released "Unpolitically Correct," which is the next step in his crossover from Gangsta Rap to mainstream music. He has samples from Jay-z and Owl City on this newly released album. Soc Sosa is a force to be reckoned with putting his all into the passion he has for music.

    “Mr. Soc Sosa is Milwaukee's Original Gangsta...The man's hard work and dedication is commendable. His flow is as gangsta as it gets...and his delivery is as furious as "Mike Tyson", Maurice Beckley a.k.a Dr. B. “No matter where you go, Soc Sosa is the blueprint for how you should do it”, Core DJ Homer Blow. “I Always give them 110%, whether it’s 2, 200 or a 20,000 in the audience, Same Show", Soc Sosa.

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    "Cafe cubano" and some Thanksgiving recipes with Sonia & Marta

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    Guest:  Sonia Martinez, author of "Tropical Taste" & Marta Verdes Darby, editor of "My big fat Cuban family" blog, join us for a discussion of "Cafe Cubano" & Thanksgiving recipes.

    We will talk about "cafe cubano" and share a recipe for Thanksgiving.

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    Rapp Artist King Sosa

    in Hip Hop Music

    Listen in as King Sosa educates us about his grind in the rapp game and at the end of the interview listen as one of his greatest hits "Money Dreams" closes us out. 

    Keep checkin' for Sosa as his music will be broadcast for an HOUR on my show Meloni's Matters which is on one of the largest forums for internet radio Artist First, that has 220 million listeners and is in partnership with CBS News.

    If you are a singer, rapper, musician, and you'd like your music to be featured on 2 radio forums call 443-790-6303 to schedule your interview and you may also visit http://www.melonisworks.com to learn more.

    Also, musicians, register your music on a FREE social site that is just for artists and business owners. Visit http://www.artistbusinesshub.ning.com

  • Eric Czuleger and Immortal L.A.

    in Books

    Eric Czuleger is the author of Immortal L.A. and the forthcoming novels, Eternal L.A. and Farnoosh. He is the resident playwright of Coeurage Theatre Company and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Albania 2011-2013). His plays have been seen in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Louisville and live streamed around the world. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He tweets at @Eczuleger, and you can find his website at EricCzuleger.com. You can also listen to an audio excerpt from the novel free at pseudopog.org.

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    Joanna Kurowska and The Wall & Beyond

    in Books

    Critically acclaimed Polish-American poetess, Joanna Kurowska, immigrated to the USA in 1988 and has a PhD in Polish and English Literature (Joseph Conrad). Her poems have been published widely and written in both Polish and English. Tune in and listen as she explains her fascinating background and the symbolism behind one of her best collections, The Wall & Beyond.

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    USA Today best selling author, Rebecca Forster and Dark Witness

    in Books

    With the just released last (?) novel in her Witness Series, Dark Witness, Rebecca Forster joins Writers Alive again to talk about her writing and, hopefully, future plans as an accomplished author.

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    Phin Bane Sports Talk w/ Packer Backer Cannon (NFL Playoff Week 14)

    in Football

    Its Week 14 and the NFL Playoff picture is coming to form.  We give you a live update on who we think will come out on top and who will fall out of the picture and be watching from there home TV.


    We check to and Speak after The Miami Dolphins if they were able to Bounce back from the Broncos loss to beat the Jets on Monday Night.

    Were they given some help from the Green Bay Packers as they faced the New England Patriots this past Sunday.

    Plus High Five to the Face Segment? Who makes the list this week (Ray Rice, Sammy Sosa, Miami Marlins... Tweet us your picks)

    We look at the remaining schedules and see what games are must wins both all teams in the league to make a playoff run.


    Call in and Join us and give us your opinion of what you expect.


    Follow Phin Bane on Twitter and Instagram at: @eonphaze

    and Follow the EON_Network on Twitter and Instagram at: @EON_Network

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    The Sibe Vibe presents Marta Banat

    in Pets

    Our Sunday the 24th guest is All Paws Animal Massage founder Marta Banat, a small animal massage and Reiki practitioner, and mom to Epi-Husky Rocco. Her website is: http://www.allpawsmassage.ca/#sthash.j9QDnjVG.dpuf&panel1-1

     Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/allpawsmassage

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    Books and Bards Welcomes: Robbie Kaye with Beauty and Wisdom

    in Books

    Marta Moran Bishop welcomes Robbie Kaye. The creator and photojournalist of Beauty and Wisdom. It is a life altering experience for every woman.

    Robbie Kaye traveled across America to create a delightful and poignant photographic essay of women in their 70's, 80's, and 90's at their weekly beauty parlor visits.

    Her photographs reveal the tenacity, fortitude and resolve of women who embrace the beauty and wisdom afforded by their age. It opens a window on a world that has slowly begun to fade. It is dedicated to challenging the perception of aging and beauty, and featuring a cllection of essays by women ranging in age from their 20's to their 70's. Robbie Kaye's new monograph is tribute to a group who has paved the way for generations to come.

    Photojounalist - Altering the perception of beauty - older women are beautiful! robbiekayephotography.

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