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    Leonard Marshall

    in Football

    Leonard Marshall joins Joe Lisi on the Weekly Blitz. Marshall played at LSU before being selected in the 2nd round of the 1983 NFL Draft (37th overall) by the New York Giants. 

    Marshall had an amazing career from 1983-1994 with the New York Giants, New York Jets and Washington Redskins. Marhsall played the game with great intensity and had an amzaing work ethic that allowed him to be one of the most dominant interior lineman of his era. Marshall had great speed and strength which forced double teams and allowed the New York Giants linebackers to fill the running lanes. Marshall had great hand technique that would allow him to put pressure on opposing offensive lines and create mismatches on the defensive side of the ball. 

    Leonard played in 177 total games in his career winning two Super Bowls with the Giants (1986 & 1990) and becoming a two-time All-Pro selection along with making three Pro-Bowls during his outstanding NFL career. 

    With all of his great accomplishments on the football field, Leonard has succeeded off the field as well. He is a class act and a positive role model for athletes of all ages. 

    Currently, Leonard is involved with Brain Unity Trust:

    Our mission is to educate children, parents, schools and organizations about the proper prevention, identification and management for sports concussions. Our legal, medical and athletic panel covers all sports and provides the best diagnostic tools, medical guidance, methods and state regulations to ensure a quick return to play and to protect your brain when a concussion occurs.

    To learn more about leonard's latest endeavor visit the website here: www.BrainUnityTrust.com 




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    Author Motivational Speaker Gregory Marshall on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Gregory Marshall to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his book GROWING UP GANGSTER and what he hopes readers take away from it. 

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    Interview With Musician Chris Marshall

    in Christianity

    This edition of Christians Unite radio will feature Christian musician Chris Marshall. We will be discussing where he and his wife are with their music ministry and where they are planning to go with it. We will also be talking about some of the problens facing the Christian church today.

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    Graphic Policy Radio with Guests Keenan Marshall Keller & Tom Neely

    in Pop Culture

    This Monday is a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio with two special guests. Joining us are Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely, the team behind the Image Comic series, The Humans.

    Apart, they are nothing...deemed by society as outcasts, misfits, losers, no good punks! But together, they are THE HUMANS! The Humans is a high-octane, no-holds-barred, ape-biker-gang chopper ride into '70s exploitation genre bliss. Follow Bobby, Johnny, and all The Humans as they fight and fly down the road to oblivion on a ride filled with chains, sex, leather, denim, hair, blood, bananas, and chrome.

    Tom Neely is a painter and cartoonist best known for the cult-hit indie comic book Henry & Glenn Forever, which he created with his artist collective The Igloo Tornado. His debut graphic novel, The Blot, earned him an Ignatz Award. He authored the Melvins comic book, Your Disease Spread Quick, and a collection of comic strip poems called Brilliantly Ham-fisted, and the painted novel, The Wolf.

    Keenan Marshall Keller is a letterer, colorist, inker, penciler, and writer. His work has been seen in Marvel Comics Presents, Henry & Glenn Forever, Eerie, and now he's the writer for The Humans.

    Join us this Monday as we talk to these two about this fantastic new series. We want to hear from you. Tweet us your thoughts @graphicpolicy.

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    Marshall Willoughby: Practicing Permaculture in Gary, Indiana

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Marshall Willoughby, a hard core environmentalist from Gary, Indiana about his permaculture lifestyle. Marshall lives in a 120-square foot geodesic dome and generates his first 1000 watts of electricity using his home built wood gasification unit. He grows much of his own food and considers it medicine since it is far superior to a lot of what is grown commercially in nutrient depleted soil.

    "One day, Willoughby believes, there will be no gas for your cars and your toilet will not flush. If that day comes — and Willoughby thinks it will soon — he will wake again on the floor of his dome, load wood into his generator, and his life will not have changed at all." Excerpted from a Chicago Tribune article. Read the rest here.

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    OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre: Nike Binger Marshall

    in Books

    Writing consistently for a decade, and winner of the 2008 Delaware Art Museum’s Eye/I Witness Gordon Parks contest, Nike Binger Marshall introduces the world to her speculative fiction. A contributing writer in Heed Magazine and contributing writer to various anthologies including Erotic Tranqulity and I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History 3, Nike visits OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre to read what will make you question what lies beyond reality. 

    Nike Binger Marshall's Blog

    Follow @avidreadershows TWITTER 

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    Charlotte Marshall-Murray, Christina Fay, Hiibrid Chyld and Cathleen Angelo

    in Entertainment

    Join TUR Radio Live Monday Night 6pst/8cst/9est when we will have some very special guests including the beautiful Author Charlotte Marshall-Murray who will join us at 6pst/8cst/9est to talk about her contributing articles and how her topics are needed to be read.  Christina Fay CEO of Luxiously Gorgeous will be in the studio at 630pst/830cst/930est to talk about her amazing boutique.  The very talented spoken word artist Hiibrid Chyld will join us live at 7pst/9cst/10est to talk about his writing process and Cathleen Angelo CEO of Fighting for Futures will join us at 730pst/930cst/1030est to talk about how she has gone Beyond the Music with her organization and is changing the lives of so many young kids.  This is a show that you won't want to miss!

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    Boxer Jason Ingwaldson, Angelique Marshall, CEO Diaz Dixon and Sumatra McGilbery

    in Culture

    Join TUR Radio Monday night where our guests will include Boxer and Trainer Jason Derry Ingwaldson at 6pst/8cst/9est.  Angelique Marshall will join us at 630pst/830cst/930est to discuss the film industry and will be dropping a few jewels to newbie film makers.  CEO Diaz Dixon will join the show 7pst/9cst/10est to discuss his program Step3 which is really making a difference in the lives of women.  The very beautiful Sumatra McGilbery will be in the studio LIVE at 730pst/930cst/1030est to discuss her upscale trendy hail salon, De Ja Vu!  This is a show you won't want to miss!

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    SUBLIMINAL PROJECTION/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion


    Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28

    This technology is called subliminal projection by New Age prophet, Aldous
    Leonard Huxley in his utopian book, Brave New World & Brave New World
    Revisited.  According to Huxley, subliminal projection means that an image is
    presented to the sight or words to the hearing for a matter of microseconds and
    superimposed upon visual or auditory entertainment. What is seen or heard in that
    lightning-like interval lodges in the subconscious and tends to be a powerful influence 
    on subsequent behavior. 
    It is author’s contention that children are being programed for the New Age ...

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    Shapeshifting Children/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrinia Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion


    Shape shifting (metamorphosis change the shape of a body to that of an animal) is becoming very popular. I have seen it happen in Christian movies, as well as, secular ones.  For instance, in a movie made by the Christian musician, Carman, “Carman 3:16,” the ending of this violent DVD, he metamorphosed into a different person. In this very bizarre witchcraft-oriented scene, Carman appeared in “enemies’ television building,” and instantly changed himself the evil man’s image.  This witchcraft power enabled him to solve the problem of evil.


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    in Religion

    Lord of the Rings

     Tolkien’s  Lord of the Rings with its strangely witchcraft powers and infusion
    of peculiar mythical creatures empowered by paranormal ability, is accepted as a
    Christian work because he testified of being a Christian. Both Tolkien and C. S.
    Lewis professed to be Catholics. Neither have ever testified concerning of a born
    again (a personal commitment to Jesus) Christians. This man who enjoys drinking in
    an English pub with his friend and fellow Roman Catholic C. S. Lewis and they
    studied the occult together and put these ideas in children “fantasy” books.   



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