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    Marsha Mendizza - Being Authentic

    in Business

    Marsha Mendizza

    A native of Southern California, Marsha developed training programs for the State of

    California Department of Education.  As an ordained minister she led the creation of

    educational programs at the national level and served as the Director of the World

    Ministry of Prayer for the United Centers for Spiritual Living.  She was on staff as a co-

    trainer for the National Training Labs Institute for Applied Behavioral Science for 17


    She facilitats The Authentic Woman Workshop and coaching individuals and couples into expansive growth and success.

    Website:  marshamendizza.com

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    The primary goal of our show is to promote the sport boxing. At "CORNER TALK", we want to interview the respective boxers and other individuals involved in the sport. Followers will have the opportunity to call in and give their input.  Also, at "CORNER TALK", we will discuss various topics such as upcoming fights,potential matchups and the politics that exist in the sport. Let's help keep the sport alive! With all of this being said, here we go: CORNER TALK, "WE GOT SCRAPS.

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    Women's Rights' Activist: Marsha Jones

    in Health

    Marsha comes forth today talking about what brought her into the passion for the activism for women's rights, what she has done with that time frame, and what her hopes are for the future.  

    To learn more about the activism and women's rights issues:




    and remember to keep #SharingYourVoice

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    Interview with Cardinals Farm-Hand Jonathan Cornelius

    in Baseball

    I interview Jonathan Cornelius. There were technical difficulties in beginning so i discussed (awkwardly, since unexpectedly) the Shields sweepstakes as well as what Max Scherzer means for the 2015 FA class. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mlb_nl_al/2015/02/08/interview-with-cardinals-farm-hand-jonathan-cornelius 


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    Women's Rights' Activist: Marsha Jones

    in Women

    Marsha comes forth today talking about what brought her into the passion for the activism for women's rights, what she has done with that time frame, and what her hopes are for the future.  

    To learn more about the activism and women's rights issues:




    and remember to keep #SharingYourVoice

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    Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! .... The Art Of Political Whining

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to our first show in Prime Time!

    Splash talks about the news of the day, from public to private, Abortion to the XL Pipeline and EVERYTHING in between.

    Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney ..... every issue big and small ..... AND the news of the day.

    In all realms of politics everyone is whining about something. Why do they whine and where does it get them?

    2016 is beginning to heat up. Obama is standing his ground and STILL going it alone. Will the GOP be distracted or press ahead with their own legislative agenda? Will Obama's veto threats become reality? Will they stick? Will he back down? Is this a red line he has the kahunas to stand by?

    It is all up in the air and open for discussion ......

    The Pond is Open. Jump Right In or wade carefully, but remember .... everyone swims at their own risk.

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    "The Moment of Astrology" with Geoffrey Cornelius

    in Spirituality

    The Moment of Astrology takes a thorough look at astrology through examining the arguments against, and attacks on astrology by various people and groups over hundreds of years. These relate particularly to the arguments of St Augustine from more than fifteen hundred years ago, Pico della Mirandola from more than five hundred years ago, and more recently of 186 scientists in 1975.

    Geoffrey Cornelius is a consultant astrologer with a background in philosophy and divination and has been active in UK astrological education since the 1970s. The author is a past President of the both Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society and the Astrological Lodge of London, as well as a former editor of the quarterly journal `Astrology'. He co-founded the Company of Astrologers in 1983.

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    Makeup Marketing & Money with guest Marsha Barnes CEO of the Finance Bar

    in Motivation

    Join us for our Friday Makeup Marketing and Money segment. Are you comfortable with your financial situation or are you settling, Are you spinning your wheels? and making excuses that your actions are a part of your makeup. Get the strategies used by Marsha and I that worked and lead us to success. Learn how you can take the first step in marketing your dream. Talk with CEO of The Finance Bar Marsha Barnes and learn how to manage your money and perfect your makeup. It doesn't have to be entrepreneurship, are you living in a happy place and where do you see yourself in the next 12 months, can you look in the mirror and love the person you see. Tap into the real you and set yourself free from financial hardship and set goals TODAY to market your money plan to a wealthy lifestyle. 


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    On The Move with Marsha Reeves Jews on "Me, God and A Cup of Coffee"

    in Women

    Join me as I have a conversatoin with Ms. Marsha Reeves Jews.  Marsha has over 20 years of executive level work experience; she recently left her consultancy practice, The Bissell Street Group that specializes in business and relationship development, event planning and marketing. Recent winner of WEAA's Talent Search, "Keep It Moving" with Marsha Jews can be heard on Mondays at 7:00pm. WEAA 88.9FM is a National Public Radio Affiliate and can be heard live streaming on WEAA.ORG or TUNEIN.COM. Ms. Jews has formerly held C-Level positions as President/COO/Associated Publisher for Career Communications Group; Executive Director of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Foundation of Maryland; and Vice President of Operations for the Modern Day Marine Force in Readiness Military Exposition, the Capital Marines/Marine Corps League. Ms. Jews' accomplishments include; co-founder of the Women of Color Technology Awards Conference, Black Family Technology Awareness Week and LaFamilia Technology Awareness Week; and former radio talk show host, the Marsha Jews Show on WHCR 90.3 in New York.  We are excited because we know that through connecting and sharing with other women we discover who we are, discover our strengths and confront life head on. In doing so, with I.M.P.A.C.T. (Irreversible Motivation Persuaded and Causing Triumph) we change our life and we can change the life of our sister. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW.

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    Apostle Dr. Marsha Peoples - Daystar Rising Ministries International

    in Christianity

    We are so excited about Dr. People's ministry. She heads up intercessors all over the world to gather and fight in the spirit! She has an intercessor conference coming up in April! If you need breakthrough, CALL IN MONDAY for prayer!  Apostle Dr. Marsha Peoples is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Soon after being diagnosed with terminal liver disease in 1997 and she realized her life was coming to an end. Dr. Peoples cried out to Jesus to save her life. He heard her cry. God healed Dr. Peoples by His miraculous power. From a changed life, she developed a loving relationship with her Father and Savior Jesus Christ. She is a licensed and ordained minister who ministers in the Office of Prophet, as well as, the Office of the Apostle. Dr. Peoples’ prophetic words to individuals quickly manifest within their lives. She also has a Psalmists anointing on her life. Her anointing is known for bringing one instantly into the presence of the Lord, because she allows the Lord to use her. He has given her several spontaneous songs.

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    Patricks Review with Marsha Cornelius - Aug 28,2012

    in Books

    8:00 PM Patricks Review with Marsha Cornelius PODCAST

    Like thousands of others, she thought she could write romance, but soon discovered she was a dismal failure. She did increase her repertoire of adjectives such as throbbing, pulsing, thrumming, vibrating, hammering, pumping . . .

    Her first novel, H10N1, is a thriller about a flu pandemic gone awry, and her latest endeavor, The Ups and Downs of Being Dead, tells the story of a man who chooses to have his body cryonically-frozen rather than face death.


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