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    Xray Report from the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Marseilles, France

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    Peter Symes, publisher of the leading digital scuba magazine, Xray-mag.com, is in Marseilles for the 37th edition of the World Festival of Underwater Pictures as the Palais du Pharo.

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    Tarology Film: The Crew Joins Us to Share Secrets

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    HANDOUT AT: www.donnaleigh.com/tarology.htm
    Tonight, Georgie and DL will be joined by Enrique Enriquez, Chris Deleo, and Kimberlie Naughton, who created the first feature-lenght documentary film on the Tarot, called Tarology!
    Enrique puts the Marseille Tarot into the beautiful context of poetry and stories, revealing the profound effect these stories can have on our lives. In the film, you will follow Enrique through the streets of New York City as he demonstrates the poetic language of the Marseilles.
    In addition to learning about the experience of working with the Marseilles Tarot with Enrique Enriquez, the film features interviews with Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, Sasha Graham, Dan Pelletier, Shawn Nacol, Sasha Graham, Wald Amberstone, and yours truly, DL!
    The film is now available for pre-orders. They expect to begin shipping early June, 2012. Please take a moment and visit the site to find out how you can order the DVD and take advantage of free international shipping.


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    Enrique Enriquez & Filming Tarot

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    Handout for tonight's class is at:
    Chris Deleo and producer Kimmie Naughton are creating the first feature length documentary about tarot. The film follows New York City based poet and tarot card reader, Enrique Enriquez.  Enrique says he is not a fortune teller... you will not find a hint of mysticism or occult thinking here.  Instead, you will experience an artist who uses tarot cards  to craft beautiful stories. 
     Join us on a journey through the Marseilles deck as we discuss the upcoming film that features Enrique.
    Learn more about Enrique at www.enriqueenriquez.org
    and information on his film documentary can be seen at: http://www.indiegogo.com/Enrique-Enriquez-Project

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    Major Tom Schick - Getting Along with the Inner Saboteur

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    Handout: http://tinyurl.com/tomtarot
    Dan Pelletier co-hosts!
    Major Tom  ~ how we can get along with our Inner Saboteur through tarot. He says, "For most of my life I've been my own worst enemy & I firmly believe this is the result of too much living in my own head. I firmly believe that tarot has helped me to get out of my own way and begin to truly enjoy the here and now."

    "For me, the tarot is entirely about getting the information you need to produce the outcomes you desire. The first step to determining your desire is getting to know yourself."
    Now in its 10th year, Major Tom has published the limited edition Tarot Lovers' Calendar as a spiral bound, high quality printed showcase of the most talented artists and writers working with tarot in the world today.
    He  has also created:
    1) Major Tom's Tarot, composed entirely of photo collage created using Paint Shop Pro.
    2) Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles is a deck that demonstrates the Marseilles tradition is alive and well, with an edition published by Schiffer Books.
    Also check out his  monthly Tarot Scopes.
    Major Tom's clients span 5 continents. He is now based in the lovely market town of Framlingham, Suffolk, England, UK and is the leading professional tarot card reader in East Anglia.
    Learn more at www.MajorTom.biz.

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    Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 98

    in Energy

    Carmelo Anthony has been traded away from Denver, and Craig finds himself liking the Nuggets again. To celebrate his new kindled love for his NBA team, he goes over all manner of random topics with Face Ventura and The Whale in Episode 98. The boys discuss breast milk ice cream, proposing at a baseball stadium, and Vampire Hippos just to name a few odd topics covered in this show. This show was the premiere of the "Something to think about" segment, in which we cover a bunch of random topics with pretty much zero structure...perfect segment for the VSR horde. (Oh, and if you see a dead cat, take a picture for Craig's new calendar.) Craig also ticketed a few deserving wankers, including Carmelo Anthony...although not for turning his back on Denver. Craig finished up with a quick discussion of his Oscar picks. Face Ventura seemed rather unpleased that a movie centered around Mickey Ward was up for an Oscar, and snuck in a tiny bit of boxing talk at the wire as a result. Craig did his best to nip that sort of thing in the bud immediately. We finished off with a music recommendation of the song "Rio" by Hey Marseilles.

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    Enrique Enriquez - The Marseille Deck, Poetry, and more

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    The hand-out for tonight's episode is at:

    Join us to meet Enrique Enriquez, taroist and premiere blogger/interviewer, as we learn about the connections between the Marseille tarot and poetry, embodied semantics and the language of the birds.
    See the Marseille Deck at:

    Enrique Enriquez (born April 23, 1969 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a visual thinker and tarot reader. His interest in the tarot began in his early twenties, while studying Graphic Design at the Instituto de Diseño de la Fundacion Neumann, in Caracas. Between 1987 and 2001 he explored a wide array of expressive media, like painting, drawing, writing, performance art, animation and radio broadcasting, before setting on the tarot as a tool to explore the way images work and the dynamics of meaning-making. In 2000 he moved to New York, where he currently works as a tarot reader.

    In 2009 his ‘Gestural Keys to the Tarot’ were published as a prologue for the Jean Dodal tarot, re-edited by Jean-Claude Flornoy. Besides being an active member of the tarot international community, he is currently conducting a series of “Conversations Around and About the Tarot” with several well known authors within the tarot’s world: historians, artist, poets, readers, magicians, publishers, etc.(www.enriqueenriquez.me)The British Society of Mystery Entertainers described his work as one that “challenges many preconceptions about the tarot”.

    Visit Enrique's website at:
    His e-book can be purchased at: