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    Mars, Uranus and Venus in Aries in Trine to Jupiter, Squaring Pluto! Tune in!

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    The inspirational wonder of the planetary changes always excites and illuminates me regarding shifts in conception and reception!Mars, Uranus and Venus are in Aries and froming a triple trine to retrograde Jupiter in Leo and a triple square to Pluto in Capricorn! WOW!

    This Sunday night, Jacqueline and I will be doing live readings on the air! Please have your birth date, time of birth and place of birth ready when you call in! Have ONE specific question for us to focus on so that we may peer into the Heavens and give you valuable insight as you move forward.

    We have so much fun on this show!

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    Zoe Moon Astrology NEW MOON and PLUTO SHOW

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    Our week ahead hosts Pluto going Retrograde easing up on the heavy and giving us a chance to go back over any changes to see what we still need to purge and transform. We also see a NEW MOON in ARIES that is bound to give us all drive and determination to go after what we desire. Finally, the Sun moves into Taurus helping us get more involved in earning, spending and what we do about our possessions. There's a lot to look at for your sign, tune in live with Zoe to hear how your sign should fare!

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    Is it ok for you or your spouse to have opposite sex friends?

    in Relationships

    Today my co hosts and I will discuss if it is appropriate or not for you or your spouse to have opposite sex friends. Is it appropriate for you or your spouse to text, call or even hang out with friends of the opposite sex while not in your presence? Does it matter if they had this "friend" before they met you? What boundaries should you set in your marriage?  See what we have to say about it!  We will also discuss current world and entertainment news.

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    AstroEnergy Astrology April 15, 2015 Pluto Rx

    in Spirituality

    Intuitive astrologer Shelley Overton discusses the planetary influences for the week and teaches about astrology. We are, currently, experiencing great shifts, and transits. Listen in to find out what they are!

    Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love. Shelley helps you through the tough times, and encourages you through the bad. Her sincere, intuitive reading style will give you the tools to be prepared, while her insightful way of explaining astrology will help you to learn and understand difficult concepts.

    Contact Shelley at



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    The Merlot Show- Mars

    in Comedy

    So, how do ya'll feel about leaving here and living on Mars?  Well, that is exactly what they are planning to do.  Do you think you would like to be pioneers of Mars?  Leaving everything you know to start over somewhere else?

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    MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS - Uranus Square Pluto + Eclipse

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    We have been experiencing transiting Uranus squaring transiting Pluto since the end of November 2014.  This starts coming to a close in mid April when Pluto goes retrograde, and the square between the two planets widens to two or more degrees.  For anyone whose chart was impacted by this, changes, likely challenges, have been occuring.  What about in the world?  What does this mean for you?  Our planet?  We also have  

    We also have two eclipses coming up.  The Full-Moon or Solar eclipse on March 20th, and the New Moon, also called the Dark Moon, or Lunar eclipse on April 4th, which created a T-square in the sky for us.  What can this mean for you and your life?

    Listen and find out. 

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    Pluto square Sun and Sirius making sudden changes

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    It's time to utilize your flexiblity with Pluto square sun and Sirius enhancing it, expect sudden changes within this week! Make sure to stay on toes!

    This Sunday night, Aphrodette is on location. Jacqueline and Ariel will be doing live readings on the air! Please have your birth date, time of birth and place of birth ready when you call in! Have ONE specific question for us to focus on so that we may peer into the Heavens and give you valuable insight as you move forward.

    We have so much fun on this show!

    Need more time? Need us sooner? Give us a call!

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    BDSIR NETWORK:Invading Mars Live "Swag Check" Show Summary

    in Pop Culture

    Invading Mars, affectionately known as IVM, is a Relationship and Lifestyle blog Hosted by Admin 1.  IVM started in 2011 as a means to somehow bridge the gap between men and women.  Since we all know men are from Mars and women are from Venus, 

    IVM sought to create a “locker room” styled environment for men that caters to their interests and tastes. 

     However, this locker room simultaneously offers insight to the women on their favorite species.  

    But when we aren’t making love we are making pop culture war.  Reporting local, national, ratchet and random news every single day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and anywhere else cards are accepted!  
    Admin1 is the geeky force behind the blog Invading Mars.  

    She could be considered a Relationship Expert, 

    but prefers to think of herself as a classy lady who has merely seen her share of dysfunctional relationships.  

    Join Invading Mars and Admin1 in our quest to reestablish truth and harmony among the lovers of the universe. Join us every Tuesday Nights 8:00 PM ET call in live 347-637-3859

    Join us Tuesday April 7th for Invading Mars Live where we will be exploring, some alternate methods to finding love. We will also be taking calls to address this week's Liker's Question, digging into the Ratchet Roundup: The Reunion edition!!!!  Current events, celebrity gossip and everything else in between.  See you on Mars!! 


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    ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY Final Uranus-Pluto Square!!!!!

    in Self Help

    We finally meet with the very last Uranus-Pluto square in the week ahead and all the upheaval, the big overhaul to our world, the life and death scenarios, the financial evolution, the challenges in our sex life, through divorce, with reproductive needs, in triangles, with third party sharing and our own personal power, with authority figures like the boss, parent or judge, with our direction in life and career, with our major life goals, and most of all, with our own identity in the world, will finally peak as we turn a hard-won corner. This is by far THE most challenging configuration humans go through, from the summer of 2012 until this completion on March 16th, 2015 we have been in the blender of life with it. The last time was in the late 1960's when humanity rebelled and revised, took the road into death and rebirth, sexual revolution and financial change. The next time will be between the years of 2046-2048 so we do get a breather now. They begin pulling apart from each other after this week. It won't be overnight, they are very slow moving planets, but part they will and day by day, month by month you will see just how much stronger you are now for having  weathered the storm. If there are any last changes to take place, this is the week. Tune in to hear about your sign in the mix.

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    ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY Mercury and Mars show

    in Self Help

    What to say, what to do! The week ahead astrology is about your interaction with Mercury and Mars. The messenger god Mercury is asking for talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, and decisions that are about or for you. The energy favors opening up these doors regarding your body, image, brand, name, title, or personal needs. The warrior god Mars is asking that you get in there physically and do something about making money, dealing with your possessions or making purchases. You may kick up the passion or fighting spirit here. So tune in to hear how and whent these themes will peak for you over the week ahead!

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    Men from Mars, Women from Venus

    in Lifestyle

    Men and Women tend to clash in a relationship. We want different things, we have different expectations, ideas, and understanding. What is the reason for the difference in our views and desires? My guest, Dr. Kathryn Foster, author of :The Naked Truth About Men (And Romance) and What Women Want...Really! will be joining us and sharing light on this subject.

    Listen on WWIN 1400 AM station, online at www.blogtalkradio.com/gfem-radio, phone:347-989-1700. Follow our twit:@gfemradio

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