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    This Paralysing pitfall will Unwittingly Cause 95% to Fail in Business

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    This Paralysing pitfall will Unwittingly Cause 95% to Fail in Business!?...

    What is it,and how can you effectively stear clear to success?...

    Today we have a very special guest, to give us all an eye opener, and some tools to get

    some better results for you.

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    It has been proven that fewer and fewer people are tying the knot, and a new study reveals just how much marriage rate has declined in the last century. People often wonder why some of us get married, especially now that it is obvious that there is decline in marriage; Dr. Flanagan, an American psychologist suggests that, people get married ‘because we want someone who can be a student of us, and the reason why we get unmarried is that, over the time, the students become teachers and no one is ready to learn, also by forgetting to tend to one another’…. Therefore, it is within our civil responsibility to the society that we address this issue together.

    Many changes in the last half century have played massive effect on marriage and divorce rates...

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    The Reality of Marriage

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    This week's show "The Reality of Marriage" Oliver and Denise will be coming on. They both make up "Marriage is Our Ministry" and will bring insight from their experience and perspective.

    Marriage has become so many things these days. The media paints a fairy tale romance never ending facade, but I'm confident marriage is so much more than that. If marriage were so easy, I'm sure everyone would be getting it right. This is not to say that a couple cannot experience romance and butterflies in their stomachs. I believe one should experience that at times with the one they love. However, those "feelings" are not enough to keep a marriage together.

    If you are a Christian you know that "feelings" are linked with the flesh which is something we cannot trust or make decisions on. We are to be basing our decisions on the holy spirit (what others call intiution) and guidance offered. Feelings flutuate and sometimes fade, but true love with God remains.

    I have never been in true romantic love, but I always admired married couples who truly love each other and have something special. I know those who are married will be able to relate or gain from this show (maybe even give some two cents). Also, there are many who desire marriage, but have no clue all the work marriage entails. Yes, marriage is a blessing from God, but anything good and lasting does not come easy.

    Looking forward to this show.

    Find Oliver and Denise on their website: http://www.marriageisourministry.com/

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    God Establish marriage and the keys to a happy ,and strong marriage

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    Two  people have found each other, pledged to each other a lifetime of commitment, vowed to be devoted and loving, and promised never to leave or forsake each other. vows of faithfululness are bedrock of marriage. Through those vows two people, in a miraculous way, become one.Then begins a lifetime of working together, worshiping together; playing together, loving together, raising children together,building a home together, solving problems together.God's loving reationship with his people is so similar to the marriage relationship

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    "Willing To Fail"

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    Ann Taylor represented our District well in the International Speech Contest 2014 that was held in Malaysia.  She shares her preparation and journey during this intimate interview.  Meet Ann Taylor in the episode "Willing To Fail". 

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Marriage Secrets...

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    Did you know marriage is going out of fashion.The percentage of American adults who've never been married reached a record high during the peak season for weddings in Autumn.  Marriage with same-sex couples is on the rise.

    Why a prenuptial agreement is on the rise.  People are marrying later and have accumulated significant assests.

    Average cost of wedding in the U.S...a whopping $29,858...circa 2014.

    University survey, the bigger the wedding the shorter the marriage.

    Married couples won't tell you that women as well as men had infidelity on the brain.  Many claim they would cheat if they could get away with it.


    Money could keep you...etc.

    Reason why some decline...etc.

    Zero tolerance for...etc.

    On-line cheating...etc.

    Never too old to get...etc.

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    "Why Do Teams Fail?"

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    Have you been stressed, pulling your hair out and trying to understand what happened?  Perhaps this segment will shed light on your your last encounter and help you put the pieces in place.  Our guest Richard Hardon the Power Builder will explain "Why  do teams fail?"

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    The Reason Most People Fail

    in Motivation

    3 Crucial Steps For Creating The Perfect Life | MP3 and PDF Download

    Go to: www.UltimateLife360.com

    You’ll also be able to watch a short video on how you can reprogram your habits of thinking for happiness and success.


    Inspiration of the Day

    “Everything looks like a failure in the middle. You can’t bake a cake without getting the kitchen messy. Halfway through surgery it looks like there’s been a murder in the operating room….

    “So often in life it seems things first get worse on the way toward getting better. Be prepared for that sort of development. Problems belong in the process of success. They are a part of the equation that produces success. They are not proof that your ambitions are futile or that you should give up.”

    Price Pritchett
    author of YOU2


    So Now What?

    The reason most people fail to reach their dreams is because they give up. They get overwhelmed by the issues, circumstances, challenges and problems that invetiably crop up while they make their way toward their dream.

    Yes, sometimes, and maybe even most times, challenges show up on your way to your goals. But delays, mishaps and problems are not the Universe saying “no” to the life you want...

    Continue Reading At MOJO WISDOM

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    Nozer Buchia - Author of “Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail”

    in Entrepreneur

    Writing is second nature to Nozer. He has been writing scripts, letters, and short stories ever since he was a youngster.

    He attributes this to his Mom, Coomi Buchia, who influenced his penmanship in more ways than one. He followed in her footsteps and started writing quotations based on his personal experiences in life. His passion to write short stories, quotations, articles and even plays from his early childhood days, has led him to write this ‘guide’ for the entrepreneur.

    Nozer loves to challenge his readers with his thoughts, and inspire them with his words. He resolutely believes that his book, “Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail, The Road to Success…Always Under Construction” is not just a manuscript, but is a revelation about entrepreneurship—a synopsis of his business career. He is not hesitant to admit that he has made several mistakes and has even failed many times…but has never given up!

    “There is always a way,” he says, “and one must find it. Just because you cannot find it does not mean it doesn’t exist.”

    This book has not been penned simply for the first time entrepreneur. Nor has it been written just for college and university students venturing down the entrepreneurial path as a career after their initial education. It has been written for those that want to challenge the way it has always been done. It is for those that want to rewrite the rules of the game and are not just content to follow—but want to lead. www.whyentrepreneursreallyfail.com

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    Teamwork and Marriage

    in Christianity

    The Masterpiece Marrage

    Good team work requires working together to create a zone of safety in the relationship. Each person needs to feel they can trust the other to give feedback as well as trusting that the other will be open to examining their own behavior. Feeling like your spouse is "on your side" is important for every healthy marriage. You want to be confident that you are facing life's unique challenges together, and that if something especially difficult were to happen, your spouse would not abandon you. Offer support and encouragement to your significant other and receive the same from them by effectively building teamwork in your relationship. Like it or not, vulnerability is necessary in order to resolve differences. Spouses need to be open to examining their own behavior as well as taking in and absorbing their partner's complaints and feedback. However, this is unlikely if the emotional environment between you feels unsafe.

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