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    Marni Ali live on MyRealTalkRadio

    in Pop Culture

    Celebrating Over 100 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio Interviews Singer/Songwriter: Marni Ali 

    Marnet "Marni" Ali, was born and raised in the Atlantic City, New Jersey Area. Marni discovered her talent abilities around the age of six. She participated in dance, drama, gymnastics, cheerleading & various other activities. Out of all of her talents and hobbies she loved singing the most. She discovered her singing talent while singing around the house and it became her undeniable passion. She performed in local plays and musicals. In her teen yrs. she became very rebellious and chose to live a lifestyle of sex, drugs & murder. She started dating Atlantic City's Kingpin Midgett Molley in 1988/89. She had a wake up call in 1989 when she got into a serious car accident and miraculously survived. Shortly after Midgett Molley was taken into custody & sentenced to 20 yrs. in prison. By 1991 she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Still interested in pursuing her passion to sing and becoming a recording artist she jumped from singing group to singing group and finally ended up with a singing partner. They became an urban R&B singing duo. They signed under "Darkchild Productions" with Freddie and Rodney Jerkins. In 1996 Rodney named the duo the "Shortiz" and they signed an exclusive recording contract with "Def Jam Records NYC". Shortly after that Marni received news that she had a celebrity sister, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of the Grammy winning group "TLC". Marni & Chilli appeared on the "Sally Jesse Raphael Show" in 1996. In 1998 due to artistic differences the recording contract with Darkchild/Def Jam Records was mutually dissolved. 



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    The Four Phases of "THE END TIMES!" with Lady Marni Ali & Bishop Charles Connor

    in Christianity

    Don't forget to tune in to CHURCH IN THE RAW BIBLE STUDY teaching on "THE END TIMES" Part 3 with Lady Marni Ali & Bishop E. Charles Connor.He will be teaching on THE CHURCH, THE SATANIST & THE ANTICHRIST, Wednesday  8pm EST (646)652-2912... .... or you can listen from this link. Kingdom Blessings

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    THR Radio with Marni Kinrys

    in Self Help

    Today Treat Her Right Radio welcomes Marni Kinrys.  Marni is a dating expert, author, podcast host and your ultimate Wing Girl! In 2013 Marni released her first self-published book on Amazon entitled "Get Insider Her: The Female Perspective which became a bestseller in the Human Sexuality category. Marni also runs a website that men can e-mail her to get advice on woman. She has appeared on Fox Business News, CNN,  Dr. Drew, and the Jeff Probst show.  A fun and informative show as always!


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    MY PURPOSE??? With Lady Marni Ali and Bishop Charles Connor

    in Christianity

    Do you know what your God purpose is?  Are you frustrated because you know you're suppose to be doing something but can't figure it out?  Do you wonder if God will still use you if you've sinned?  What qualifies you of being ready to step out on faith in your destiny? Are you meant to do it alone?  Well these are some of the questions that concern God's people. Join us in bible study to learn how to get these questions answered.  Don't forget to bring your pen,pad, tablet & bible. Kingdom Blessings <3

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    The "FORM" of Godliness - who's real? what's real? with Bishop Connor

    in Christianity

    There are many people who claim to love God, but are far from Him. Many false prophets and many false religious practices. Many are deceived coming in the name of God but Bishop Connor will teach on how to discern such people and practices, Wednesday @ 8pm EST ... Come join this teaching and be blessed. All questions and comments welcome,

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    in Christianity

    GOD WHERE ARE YOU?! Is the question so many are asking! HURT, DEPRESSION, REJECTION, SUICIDE, ABANDONMENT, BETRAYAL, LONELINESS & FRUSTRATION are just "some" of the negative emotions many of His people are feeling in these last days.  It has caused a loss of hope in so many who are crying out for answers.  Many unanswered prayers & unfulfilled dreams has discouraged God's people to even pray and believe for results any more. God is STILL there!  He is very much aware and He is ready to answer the cries of His children. Join us live, Monday night @8pm EST. with Lady Marni Ali, Pastor Cassandra Payne, Bishop Charles Connor, & Minister Nate Fowler.

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    SO THEY CHEATED - Now What? with PERVIS TAYLOR III, Specialist & Life Coach

    in Christianity

    Yup, They Cheated! So nooow, what do you do?  What was your reaction? Do you Stay or do you Leave? Do you take matters into your own hands?  Why do you feel they cheated? Were they remorseful? Did they leave you for the other person?  How do you heal and move fwd? We are going to dialog with our guest Pervis Taylor III, a Specialist & Life Coach, and Co Author of the book "SINGLE MAN, MARRIED MAN" about this world wide epidemic that is destroying relationships.  Join us Monday @8pm EST (646)652-2912

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    L&C: The Water Cooler Episode 1

    in Television

    The TV Talkers Are Back!!!

    In the next installment of Laughter and Confusion the TV Talkers will be discussing their random thoughts regarding all things TV.  From TGIT to Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce to Mad Men. If it's on their minds, it's up for disscussion.

    Listening to KC and EV is like having a conversation with friends. They're clever and fun. To be a part of the live broadcast call 516-531-9237 on Mondayday at 1:30PM EST.

    To keep up in real-time, follow @TheTVTalkers:

    EV @ExpertViewerTV and KC @CruzMedia on Twitter.

    Like us on Instagram @TheTVTalkers.
    Catch up on previous episodes at www.blogtalkradio.com/tvtalkers. 

    EV and KC!

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    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? with Pastor William Thompson

    in Christianity

    What happens when we die? Is the saying that "Everyone" goes to heaven true? Is there a real place called hell? What does the bible say about crossing over when we die?  Join us Monday night @8pm EST (646)652-2912

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    THE FOUR PHASES OF "THE END TIMES" with Bishop E. Charles Connor

    in Christianity

    Lady Marni Ali presents CHURCH IN THE RAW BIBLE STUDY! NOW Every Wednesday @8pm!!!! Part Two teaching on THE END TIMES with Bishop E. Charles Connor, a global pastor and the Director of Foreign Evangelism for the Church of God In Christ. He has been a pastor for 25+ years. He attended University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.and has taught on the subject of "End Times" for 20 years. Get your pen, pad and bible ready cause you're in for an intensive teaching on Where we are biblically, where we're headed, what's to come and how we can avoid certain tragedy. Be Blessed 

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    THE CONVERSATION: Man 2 Woman, Woman 2 Man with NATE FOWLER

    in Christianity

    MONDAY @8PM, Join us LIVE on our RELATIONSHIP SERIES with Nate Fowler & Lady Marni Ali with CHURCH IN THE RAW...titled: THE CONVERSATION -Man 2 Women, Women 2 Man. Our kings & Queens, we are looking for you to have a conversation with us giving us YOUR thoughts as well on what it takes to keep your relationship together & Spicy! What keeps your interest? Why would a man/woman cheat? What turns you on or off? How do you REALLY know he/she is the right one for YOU? What will motivate you to keep working harder to please your mate? What will encourage you to submit? We want to hear from YOU.. (646)652-2912 — with Nate Fowler.