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    The Power of Peace In You - Guest Marlise Karlin

    in Spirituality

    Marlise Karlin, renowned author, educator, humanitarian and founder of The Simplicity of Stillness Method, is recognized globally for igniting the power of peace in people from every culture. Pioneering a unique new form of meditation, Stillness Sessions are practiced by tens of thousands of people around the world who attest to profound experiences and a new ability to deal with life’s many challenges, from addiction to depression.  Marlise has been featured on NBC, Fox News, Forbes, Women's World and writes for The Huffington Post.

    Every month our show will have different topics on intuition, spirituality, metaphysics and more. I have many exciting new guests lined up who you will love. We are spreading our wings and reaching more and more listeners. Stay tuned for more exciting news on how we are doing this.

    Between Heaven and Earth is a radio show where you can learn some practical and useful tools for helping you connect to divine guidance and assist in your everyday spirituality. Each month we guide you during our show on ways to help you with your day to day spirituality. To find out more about Lisa K. go to http://www.LMK88.com

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    The Simplicity of Stillness Method with Marlise Karlin

    in Spirituality

    The Feminine Soul Radio Show welcomes Marlise Karlin.
    Marlin is a visionary pioneer, author, and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. She’s also the creator of The Simplicity of Stillness Method.
    The Simplicity of Stillnesshas been described as “the most helpful process for self-development and spiritual growth in the digital age”. It is a simple, effective, cohesive method of higher learning that converges intellectual knowledge with experiential wisdom. 
    Dr. William Tiller, renowned scientist of Stanford University noted that, “The teachings of Marlise Karlin’s body of work give meaning to the most important sources of wisdom available to our world.”
    Marlise Karlin is rapidly emerging as one of the most inspiring teachers to come along in the past decade. Described by Wayne Dyer as “a powerful force for facilitating a shift in consciousness, ” her latest book, The Power of Peace in You, chronicles the true-life stories of people around the world who realized their greatest potential by applying her simple techniques.
    Connect with Marlise at http://www.marlisekarlin.com/

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    Marlise Karlin: The Power of Peace In You

    in Self Help

    VividLife Radio’s Ed and Deb Shapiro welcome Marlise Karlin author and Award Winning Filmmaker, to discuss her new book The Power of Peace in You, a revolutionary tool for Hope, Healing and Happiness in the 21st Century.   Marlise Karlin is a visionary pioneer, author, and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body.   Marlise’s journey was fueled by the limitations of her dramatic childhood circumstances – growing up with an alcoholic parent, becoming a teen runaway, substance abuser and then a young single mother. Although she later became a successful entrepreneur and award-winning film producer, few would have foretold the extraordinary shift that would cause her to become a humanitarian, dedicated to expanding peace in the world.   Marlise has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News, spoken at Cesar Milan Events to ignite an intention of peace, is a contributor to The Huffington Post and Malika Chopra’s Intent.com. Upcoming appearances include The Omega Institute, The Kriplau Center, The Ultimate Women’s Expo, and Power Places Tours: Maya 2012. http://www.marlisekarlin.com   Sign Up for Our Free Weekly INspiration in YOUR Inbox!  

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    Marlise Karlin & Mary Williams, Jane Fonda’s “Lost Daughter” Finds Hope

    in Self Help

    CONNECT with Marlise and find out how searching for your soul can actually become a time of self-discovery that you fully embrace. Imagine the polarity of being raised in the revolutionary Black Panther community and suddenly finding yourself in the star-studded surroundings of a celebrity. Mary’s journey reveals a fascinating tale that defines what is possible for anyone regardless of your past. 

    Mary Williams grew up with an often-imprisoned father, an older sister who was a teenage prostitute, and an alcoholic mother struggling to raise six children alone. The silver lining in Mary’s life came when she met Jane Fonda at summer camp. Fonda invited her to become part of her family and was the mother she never had, offering inspiration and encouragement at every turn. Mary found herself grappling with the transition even as she was healing from the wounds of her former life. The Lost Daughter is a chronicle of her reconnection with her biological family. In heartwarming prose, the author explains how she eventually reunited with her siblings, their children and finally her birth mother.  https://www.facebook.com/maryisoutside

    Marlise is the author of two books, The Power of Peace in You and The Simplicity of Stillness Method: 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain & Access Your Highest Potential. Find out more here: www.marlisekarlin.com 

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    Anatoly Karlin

    in Politics

    Anatoly Karlin

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    Marlise Karlin/A Journey into Your Inner Wisdom through Stillness

    in Spirituality

    Guest: Marlise Karlin is an internationally renowned author, recording artist, educator, and humanitarian, recognized for igniting the power of peace in people around the world. The Simplicity of Stillness® Method she founded in 2004 is pioneering new awareness today in the field of healing and consciousness through this infinite energy stream.

    The Power of Peace in You takes you on a journey that leads to the heart of your soul. As you read the true stories of people who walked through a maze of challenges to discover and then share their innate gifts with the world – it will inspire you of what is possible for us all.
    This book of newfound wisdom holds you captive as it describes an energy stream of pure peace that ignites a power within people to recognize their greatest potential, and how you can bring this transformative gift into your life as well.
    We have lost touch with this inherent power we once knew; The Power of The Peace in You shows us that it is not that distant anymore – we can access it now to heal and discover the happiness this knowledge brings. It’s not a concept – it’s experiential; you know it as it expands within you.


    “You can’t create lasting peace in the world, until you know it in your own heart.”


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    Is Fear Cramping Your Potential? Pt2

    in Entertainment

    Join the host NLTH's Michael Piccard & Whodini Blak along with the Vigilantes Circle (Poegossi, Dan Karlin, Sub & Banditti) as we discuss topics, news, music, games, conspiracies and other random things in our own opinions as we sip brewskies! We really don't know much but we like to believe that we do. Tune in!

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    In Other News...Segment 10

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight for an open discussion about artist-backed liquor, beer, chicken, waffles, Maurice White tribute, why is society soooo sensitive & any other topic that may pop into our heads. Dial in at (602) 753-1654 to join in the mix with us!

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    Marlise Karlin - Simplicity of Stillness

    in Spirituality

    If you enjoyed Avatar, you'll love this show. Learn how to "I SEE YOU" shows us that the most essential thing is what is invisible to the eye - the human connection. Marlise will tell us how we can bring that connection back into our lives and connect with our own true essence. Themes from The Avatar will be discussed so bring your questions, thoughts and ideas to share!

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    The Tikko Interview

    in Entertainment

    In tonight's podcast, we discuss music, the album "C.O.T.Y." and the life & times of Tikko, a native of Mississippi & apart of the crew the Reb7rth WorldWide Syndicate. You don't want to miss this as we dive into an in-depth conversation with Tikko. See you guys there, call in at 602-753-1654 or hop on in the mix via Skype, we also broadcast live (audio only) from the browser at www.blogtalkradio.com/onlyonemediagroup & as always thanks for tuning in; all episodes are for free download via www.onlyonemediagroup.com !!!! If you need an interview or music played, email us at nlth@onlyonemediagroup.com

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    Finding Stillness Within the Chaos with Marlise Karlin

    in Spirituality

    Are you tired? Feeling exhausted with so much going on storms, the election, the energetic changes, mercury in retrograde, solar eclipses and the holidays in a little over a week? It is a CRAZY time and the perfect week to have a very special guest on the show!
    Marlise Karlin, author of The Power of Peace in You, is a visionary pioneer and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body.
    Being a teen runaway on drugs then becoming a successful entrepreneur and award winning film producer proved to be the perfect backdrop that inspired more than 25 years of study in ancient wisdom, healing traditions and evolutionary schools of thought.
    In 2001, Marlise had a series of expanded reality experiences that shifted her purpose in life and taught her how to transmit an Energy stream of higher intelligence.
    The Simplicity of Stillness is the groundbreaking methodology she developed, that teaches you how to integrate this profound Life-Force Energy into the practical of everyday.
    In this show we will be talking all about how to find PEACE within lifes storms and sharing some powerful tools to help you find your Still Place within the chaos of life!
    We will be taking your questions so be sure to call in early!